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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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67 A Harsh Storm Incoming.

In his first life, Shen Tian did not have it easy. His father was not home most of the time, he worked almost all day, to support the family, and was very tired by his job by the time he returned home.

He could still remember, those days, when his family didn't even have food on the table, there were days when they would only eat something which would barely keep them alive, it was lucky, that he was alone.

Honestly, after more than a billion years, he had forgotten how that felt, but that did not mean he couldn't remember it occasionally, and it always made him shiver, that was a weakness. His only one.

He spent his first life, fighting for the ability to be comfortable in life, however, sadly he died before he could manage to change it, at the age of fifteen, he had not even managed to complete school.

In his second life, he was born an orphan, then, at the tender age of six he was adopted by a middle aged woman, who due to some problems, couldn't ever have a baby, so she decided to adopt one instead.

The woman had not been bad to him, in fact she had loved him dearly, however she also died a few years later, when he was only 12, and had only started to sail on his journey of reaching the apex of cultivation.

At the mere age of 13, he had created a reputation in the entire kingdom he was in, and was hired by many factions as an assassin, with his age and power, he could easily kill any elder or important person.

Age 15, Shen Tian who at the time was called Long Tian, realized that his talent was very low, thus he was forced to train in a technique, which could potentially kill him off! The only thing which kept him increasing his cultivation was the Reincarnation Book of the Undying Cycles!

Shen Tian, held a lot of knowledge, however one of the things he was not really knowledgeable about was the thing called love, and women. In his second and third life, women wanted to marry to him, purely to have a good social rank.

When his father first arranged the marriage between him and Xiao Ning'er, he was really unsure if he wanted to go with it, since he knew that most women… He had known in his life, wanted to only marry him because of his power.

However, Xiao Ning'er had again and again, proven to him that she initially detested the idea of marrying to him, who was Shen Fei's cousin, who was known as a pervert, who had stolen the chastity of many women.

Shen Tian had managed to fix his relationship with women in his current life, although it was still messed up, he was friends with Ye Ziyun, and was going to be married to a girl, called Xiao Ning'er.

He took a deep breath, this fourth life of his was going to be different, when compared to his first,second or third life, he could feel it. In the beginning he felt it was going to be the same, but not anymore.


Fighter Guild.

Xu Rong, roared,"What?! There is a talent on the roam, and our men have yet to make a move to recruit him to our guild?! Immediately, send some elders to recruit him! We cannot miss a talent like him."

Xu Rong was the Guild Master of the Fighter Guild, his cultivation was at the peak of the Legend Rank, and held immense power in the guild, as he was very close to breaking through to the Demigod Rank.

The Demigod Rank was divided into five stars, each more difficult than the later to breakthrough, however the Nine Factions pretty much had the same level of Demigods, besides the top 3 factions.

Xu Rong was a man with silky black hair, and a gentle look on his face, which did not suit his actual personality at all, he was very easy to anger, and actually was even worse than Bai Qing, far worse.

However, he knew what was the best for their guild, and tried his best to improve it under his capabilities, he knew that the Fighter Guild was very limited, since they were not the strongest faction, or in top 4.

Long Shan sweatdropped,"I will immediately ask the Guild Elders to act upon your orders, Guild Master." He cupped his fists and immediately left the Guild Master's Office, to inform the Guild Elders.

Xu Rong had a panicked look on his face, and groaned,"I'm seriously going to be damned, we missed such a good talent during the time I was in seclusion to enter the Demigod Rank! The Ancestors are going to kill me…"

"For now, I have to focus on our new trade deal with the Alchemy Guild, I can't believe we got such a good deal for such a low price… Those old geezers of the Alchemy Guild must be planning something."

The Alchemy Guild and the Fighter Guild, were the strongest guilds among the guilds of the Underground City, thus their relationship was not that good , both wanted to be the strongest guild in the city.


Similar reactions happened around many factions, besides the City Lord's Villa, who deemed Shen Tian, not enough of an attraction for them to send one of their elders to ask for him to join their faction, instead they gave him a letter.

However, the evil affinity factions, like the Devil Seeking School, didn't have much to offer to Shen Tian, who trained in a Neutral Affinity Cultivation Technique, so they already were in a disadvantage from the beginning.

The funny part was that Shen Tian did not plan to join any of those factions, despite them giving him so many benefits, only basing his talent in a fight with several Gold Rank Demon Spiritualists, he found that rather blank.

The boy himself, was silently drinking tea together with Xiao Ning'er who glanced at him several times, and blushed slightly, she had a very cute expression on her face, and difficult emotions surfaced on it.

Shen Tian found the current situation quite amusing, as an one billion years old Immortal, there were few things he had not experienced or seen, but he had never seen a lady blush like this before, for him of all people.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》