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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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68 Chilling.

Shen Tian started to write some techniques in scrolls, after all if he wanted to create a sect, he also required techniques for it. He was not going to reveal his identity as the Sect Master in the beginning, after all he was only 14, but only act from the shadows.

He would create five main techniques, each focusing on an element, which would be cultivation techniques, thus limiting the amount of disciples the Five Elemental Dragon Sect could accept, the Water element, could also be referred to as the Ice element, so it was alright for the Snow Wind Attribute to be used.

The first cultivation techniques, would be able to be cultivated up to the peak of the Black Gold Rank, the second ones could be cultivated to the peak of the Legend Rank, and the third to the peak of the Demigod Rank.

He would keep his identity as 'Shen Tian' hidden, and maybe even join a faction to not attract attention, and use a shadow clone to control the sect from behind, and maybe do the same for the Void Dragon Tower.

Just as he was about to finish the cultivation techniques up to the peak of the Legend Rank, their room started to shake Shen Tian knitted his eyebrows,'There have been a lot of earthquakes recently.'

In the last week, Shen Tian counted a total of twenty three earthquakes, a massive 3 earthquakes per day and more, this was not normal, especially in such depth, he would have to look over it.

This was not natural, he was sure there was some issue with some cultivators in the city, however with his tiny information network as of now, he would have to just work with no information.

Recently, he had started to push his Shadow Clones in every Faction, and even going as far as to make them use Kotoamatsukami on the high rank elders of the factions, so acquire information about them.

He could also just use it on the Sect Leaders, or the Ancestors of each faction, however, that would be too easy, Shen Tian wanted some excitement in his life, and this challenge was just a good way to do it.

He had already used it on several promising orphans, which he bought from a nearby orphanage, and now was planning to buy a separate house in the city, he had enough copper and silver coins for that.

Shen Tian took a deep breath,"Ning'er, can you come with me, since Feng Hao is focused in his cultivation, I want to buy a house… And I don't think that my tastes are the best out there, you maybe can help me with choosing a house for us."

Xiao Ning'er looked at him before nodding," "Sure… But I am not the best person to ask about this either, maybe you should just interrupt Feng Hao's cultivation and take him with you instead." She suggested.

Shen Tian rolled his eyes and responded," "I'm asking for you now come with me, Ning'er." He grabbed her hand and without patience pulled her close to him, earning a yelp from the blushing girl.

"Fine…" She muttered and lowered her head, he opened the door, and tightly grasped her tender palm, earning another blush from her, she was not really used to contact like this with the other gender.

This was going to be a very long walk, she just could feel it, however… Did she really hate that fact? Xiao Ning'er didn't know what was going through her mind at that time, but she didn't dislike this.


The City Lord's Villa

The City Lord, was a very domineering person, being one of the few people to be a Demigod in the entire city, he was also the most talented person in the last few decades, and was only 33 years old.

Despite the fact he was around his mid 30s, he looked as if he was in his 20s, with long silky black hair, and the aura of a scholar, but at the same time he was a warrior, making him very domineering.

The City Lord calmly looked at the document in front of him and raised an eyebrow,"The White Monarch's Dungeon has been opened for the young generation? Odd…" The White Monarch was a very powerful Demigod.

He did not belong to any faction, however he had been part of the Beast Sanctuary, later leaving to create his dream building, and for the last forty years no one had seen him, but he had revealed himself to the world again.

The White Monarch had a powerful cultivation rank, not even the City Lord was sure that he could defeat him, however the ultimate leader of the City Lord's Villa could easily kill him with one attack.

At the same time… There was also the Devil Monarch, who similarly to the White Monarch, had also left a faction, however unlike the White Monarch, the Devil Monarch had left the Great Blood Cave instead.

The City Lord, was weaker than both of them, however he had something that both of them might not have, an Artifact which held Heavenly Energy, a treasure given to him by the previous City Lord himself!

The Devil Monarch, and the White Monarch, were both known for their masteries over their techniques, and also held immense power in the regions outside the Underground city, being the strongest outside.

The City Lord might hold a lot of influence over the Underground City, however when you took that to the other regions of the Underground, the influence was very low, because he couldn't do anything to people there.

However… There was a boy growing in power just under every faction's nose, he was called Shen Tian, and he was going to surpass them very quickly, and become the ruler of this city and region.

The City Lord, sighed, he looked at the man in front of him and gave him orders to start gathering a few people of the young generation, to send them into the White Monarch's Dungeon.

The White Monarch's Dungeon held several types of Demon Beasts, varying in strength, the strongest ones were a problem even for the City Lord, however if it was for the Young Generation, they'd be visibly weaker.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》