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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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69 The Invitation

The Void Dragon Tower was built just recently, Shen Tian decided to create the tower several hundred kilometers away from the Underground City, and used his mastery over the Earth Style to create it with Chakra.

He made sure for it to have a very domineering appearance, after all he had put about a hour of his life building and decorating this tower, not even Xiao Ning'er or Feng Hao knew about it right now.

However, he now had another problem, he had created another five million Shadow Clones, and put them into the Undying Cycles Realm, he now had over 30 millions Shadow Clones, cultivating the Gate of Void Cultivation Technique in it.

He did not fear that there could be a possibility the Spiritual Roots could shatter from the incredible amount of Soul Force used when he bombarded it, after all he had been slowly directing all his Soul Force there with no gain or lose.

According to his notes he found in the Ancient Orchid City Ruins, when his Spiritual Roots opened, he could finally cultivate to the Demigod Rank, and breakthrough through each star with incredible speed!

For the Void Dragon Tower, he already had several candidates for the members of it, a few of the kids he received from the orphanage, promised a lot of talent, and he was also going to hire assassins, at which he would use Kotoamatsukami upon.

He heard a bird's call, and a letter fell into his hand, a scroll, he removed the cloth tying it, and started to read it, Shen Tian had an amused expression, somehow this bird had found out about his location.

"The White Monarch calls every member of the Young Generation, to test his Dungeon, the winner will receive a very good reward, and the Heart of a Fire Dragon, interesting, I might participate."

Shen Tian raised an eyebrow, upon reading further into it,"If anyone wants to participate in the White Monarch's Dungeon Exploring, they'd have to travel over a thousand and five hundred kilometers from the Underground City to reach it."

The White Monarch, who had left the Beast Sanctuary, was forced to leave the Underground City, due to the bad relationship he had with the faction, upon leaving, after all the faction had given him many resources.

Thus, at that time the White Monarch had been a weak Gold Rank Demon Spiritualist, however, forty years later, the White Monarch was a peak Demigod Rank Expert, even the Beast Sanctuary had to be careful around him!

The Devil Monarch was an almost similar case, the only difference being that the Devil Monarch had ruthlessly slaughtered over twenty members of the Great Blood Cave, before finally being exiled, and chased around the city.

The Devil Monarch had used his Blood Arts to exterminate the Iron Blood Division sent to kill him, and had earned fame for him, at the time he was exiled, he was already at the peak of the Legend Rank.

The Devil Monarch, was unlike the White Monarch, he lived in a secluded part of the Underground Region, where not even the smallest animals could live in, and the Demon Beasts in it were very few.

The White Monarch, experimented with both Beasts and Demon Beasts, however he usually used Demon Beasts for his Dungeons, and the one he was going to use for the Young Generation, was one like that.

Shen Tian took a deep breath, at his current strength of the peak of the Legend Rank, he was only a blink away from the Demigod Rank, however he still needed to be capable of cultivating a law and Heavenly Energy.

'I guess the breakthrough to the Demigod Rank, can wait a bit, this Dungeon of this White Monarch seems a bit interesting, I might need this Fire Dragon Heart, to concoct a pill.' He chuckled.

The Fire Dragon Heart, could be used to concoct a pill very valuable for Feng Hao, who used a fire based Demon Spirit, using the heart, he could concoct a pill called,[Soul Recovery of A Phoenix[

This pill, could give Feng Hao an incredible increase in cultivation, the current Feng Hao, wanted to reach the peak of the Legend Rank very quickly, to catch up to Shen Tian, however Shen Tian had solidified his cultivation, thus Feng Hao would need this pill to reach his level of cultivation.

Shen Tian decided to return to the home, who he and Xiao Ning'er had decided was the best house they could make with their current budget, which was decently large, both were satisfied with it, but Feng Hao was a bit pissed that they didn't even ask for his opinion at all.


Shen Tian yawned,"Ning'er, Brother Hao, I found out about something very interesting, that you might like or not." The two people were intrigued and raised an eyebrow,"What did you find out, Shen Tian?"

Xiao Ning'er neared Shen Tian, her face being barely a few centimeters away from his, however there was no reaction from him, making her slightly pout,'I can never catch him off guard but one day I will!'

She felt a slightly shiver from the air coming from the window, which was opened and her body moved forward, slightly, without her realizing, her lips were an extremely small distance from his, her heart started to beat very fast.

Shen Tian had an amused expression on his face,"You really want to take our relationship into the next stage so fast? I didn't know you had this inside you." Xiao Ning'er started to blush madly.

Xiao Ning'er started to blush even more, and jumped behind, and started to shout,"That's not right… I don't want to take it to the next step so quickly! You are wrong!" She was quite embarrassed and started to deny all of it.

" I was only joking… But if you want to take it to the next step, I am not going to refuse it, after all I am a gentleman." Shen Tian said with a neutral expression, Xiao Ning'er was not sure if he was joking or not.

Xiao Ning'er slowly started to calm down,"So… What was up with the thing you wanted to tell us about? I'm ready to hear about it." She said with a sign, her heartbeat starting to return to normal finally.

Shen Tian seemed to not have been affected from the earlier conversation, and responded, telling them of what the letter he received from the bird talked about, and the two were shocked deeply.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》