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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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72 Journey to the Dungeons~

Shen Tian frowned,"Another earthquake, this is the hundredth earthquake this month, there must be some reason behind it, otherwise the citizen of the city wouldn't be this worried." The earthquakes were a daily thing now.

Shen Tian however, didn't have time to think about it, there was the creation of his two factions, the Void Dragon Tower and the Five Elemental Dragon Sect, before that, and also the journey to the White Monarch's Dungeon.

Xiao Ning'er had a beautiful smile on her face as she said,"Shen Tian, are we going to leave yet? There might be some benefits to our cultivation if we manage to complete the dungeon of the White Monarch completely."

Feng Hao nodded, agreeing with Xiao Ning'er,"Besides, I heard that the journey is going to be thousands of kilometers long, we will need to be there in less than one week, we need to be very fast!"

"What are we waiting for then? Let's go!" Shen Tian had a slight smile on his face as he spoke, earning a grin from both of his companions, it was going to be a lovely two weeks, he guessed with a chuckle.


Nie Li took a deep breath, the recent Demon Beast Horde, had exhausted a lot of his stamina, the good thing was that he had recently reached the peak of the Black Gold Rank, the Scout Division had been a massive help.

Luckily, his cultivation had reached a good depth, thus it was far easier than he had expected before, the demon beast horde, however had a Black Gold Rank Demon Beasts, capable of commanding the horde!

It possessed Spiritual Wisdom, and could command the Demon Beast Horde, thus allowing them to dodge the array Nie Li had set up, however with his domineering strength, he had managed to defeat the horde.

Nie Li gnashed his teeth, he felt some anger inside him, Shen Tian, the only member of the Sacred Family with the full bloodline of it, was no in the Glory City, Shen Xiu was still in jail, while Feng Mei was being taken care.

He was sure that Shen Tian would've been a good help to the city, after all he had the cultivation of a Black Gold Rank Demon Spiritualist before he left the city for his first Scout Division Mission, which would take months!

He was very pissed… Shen Tian would have to give him an answer when he meet him again later, for now he had to deal with the Dark Guild, the major threat of the Glory City it seems, he groaned.


Shen Tian felt that someone was talking about him, but passed it for his own imagination, little did he know that Nie Li was very pissed at him, not that he would really care about it anyway.

They were around a day into their journey, they were traveling at the speed of sound, however they took a few minutes to rest every few hours, after all they did get tired running at such a speed.

The Speed of Sound, enabled them to reach the White Monarch's Dungeon almost immediately, however, they had to take into consideration the fact that they took some stops to check the nature of the place.

For example, they stopped in a village, outside the Underground City, it had been a nice visit, and the strongest person there was only at the peak of the Gold Rank, decently strong, but not that much.

The Underground Region, was incredibly large, while not compared to the St.Ancestral Mountain Range, it was indeed quite big, especially since it could be expanded a lot more in the future.

During this time, Shen Tian broke through to the Half Demigod Rank, which was between the Legend and Demigod Ranks, however he was still quite not sure what he had to do to continue, the notes did not explain it.

He believed that to truly enter into that realm, he had to awaken his Spiritual Roots, however, from his look at the Demigods of the different factions, through Kamui, he had noticed that none of them had it awakened, besides the City Lord!

Shen Tian, was going to leave this issue alone for a while, after all as he had claimed multiple times before, he was not in a rush to grow stronger, as he was now, he was quite stronger than in his other lives at the same age.

In front of him was a majestic palace, next to him, Xiao Ning'er and Feng Hao were gasping, lost in thoughts, this palace was indeed massive, and they had never seen something like that, Shen Tian was different.

He had already seen such structures before in his life, but he still did appreciate a good building no matter what, in his third and second life, he had been very picky when he made people

create a building for him.

"Welcome to the White Monarch's Dungeon! Young people, I assume you are here to participate in the fun event my lord created for the young generation, am I right?" A cheerful voice rang out, catching their attention.

They all looked at the source of the voice, and found a very fat middle aged man, looking at them with a wide smile on his face, for some odd reason Xiao Ning'er and Feng Hao felt comfortable in his presence.

However, Shen Tian raised an eyebrow, and frowned. The middle aged fatty in front of them, was not a simple figure, he could feel a mysterious energy from him, he was not a simple Legend Rank Demon Spiritualist.

Most probably, the Demon Spirit he had integrated with, was a very mysterious one, granting him a cheerful aura, which made people around him feel comfortable in presence, but it did not work against Shen Tian.

"My name is Mao Fei, you can call me Fatty Fei if you would like to! I want you to feel comfortable in my lord's Dungeon, after all you are respected members of the young generation!" Mao Fei smiled.

Shen Tian grabbed Xiao Ning's hand and motioned at her not to be so free, Feng Hao did not require any hand sign, and immediately understood that Mao Fei was not as simple as he looked in the surface.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》