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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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73 Another Battle!

Shen Tian did not get affected by the kind look Mao Fei was sending him, instead he coldly glared at him,"You can lead us to the place you have decided to put members of the young generation."

However, just like Shen Tian who did not get affected, Mao Fei was similarly not affected by the cold gaze Shen Tian was sending him, instead a warm and kind expression entered his face and nodded.

He responded with a kind face," The place where the young generation is being gathered at, is inside the palace, I have been given the job of guiding you to the place, please follow me." Shen Tian's eyes narrowed.

For the next five minutes, only the noise of footsteps could be heard, and nothing else. Shen Tian was very suspicious, why would there be no noises ,in such a large palace? He expected at least a slight chirp of a bird.

Mao Fei started to sing to himself, earning a raise of an eyebrow from each of the three teenagers behind him, Shen Tian was getting more and more suspicious, to the point he spread his Spiritual Sense.

Shen Tian walked forward, grabbed Mao Fei's sleeve and snorted,"Where are you leading us? I sensed some life force in the left corner, the way you are sending us, has no life force at all!" He frowned.

Mao Fei froze, not even moving an inch and just moved his neck, to meet Shen Tian's cold glare, there was just one problem in all of this, his neck went backward, and was in a position a normal human would've died due.

"That… You shouldn't have spoken, maybe I would have begged my lord to keep you alive." The smile on his face started to disappear, instead a cold expression replaced it, Shen Tian smirked.

Mao Fei licked his lips, his eyes gaining a ruthless hint," This is not the White Monarch's Dungeon, instead it's where I test the ones who want to go enter my lord's dungeon, those who are unworthy, die."

Shen Tian had an amused expression,"What makes you think, that you are worthy of defeating any of us?" Mao Fei raised an eyebrow, before starting to laugh loudly,"You mean, you think you can defeat me?!"

Mao Fei started to turn to dust and grinned," I am not a human… My body is not made out of cells and blood, instead I have been designed to become one with the White Monarch's Dungeon!"

Shen Tian snorted,"Let's see if you can endure an attack which will destroy this entire palace then." His fists shone, and he raised both of them high, before slamming them into the ground, he had already sent both Xiao Ning'er and Feng Hao into his Kamui Dimension.

Heavenly Fists of Pain!

The entire palace started to shake, Shen Tian raised an eyebrow, he had put the strength of around the early levels of the Legend Rank, but there was barely an effect to the palace's core itself.

Mao Fei started to laugh,"Is that your strength? I must admit that having the power of a Legend Rank Demon Spiritualist, at the mere age of 14 is indeed an amazing achievement, but it won't help you here!"

Shen Tian rolled his eyes,"I'm just starting to warm up, take this…" He took a deep breath, and lightning appeared on his palm, which he extended into the air and smirked,"What about a dragon then?"

Mao Fei widened his eyes inside the Palace's Core, and looked outside the Palace itself, noticing a massive lightning dragon forming outside the palace, at the top of the skies, releasing roars.

"KIRIN!" Shen Tian shouted, just to add more spice to it, as Mao Fei couldn't do much to stop it, and the Lightning Dragon released a final roar as it surged down to the Palace, Mao Fei started to activate every Array in the Palace.

Shen Tian also entered his Kamui Dimension, so that the Kirin wouldn't damage him, and noticed that despite the attack, being around the level of a peak Legend Rank the Palace was still standing strong.

'As expected of the Palace where the White Monarch lives inside, after all he is a Demigod, he probably used materials which are very are outside the Underground City to create this palace.' Shen Tian appeared again.

Mao Fei released a groan,"You caught me off-guard there boy, I did know you were capable of attacks equivalent to the Legend Rank, but to actually manage to catch me in such a fragile situation?"

Shen Tian looked silently at the scene, and noticed that almost every window in the palace was broken, the floor was covered in broken glass, and there were a few broken tiles in the floor, deeming it still safe, he brought back his companions into this dimension.

"What happened…" Xiao Ning'er and Feng Hao were confused as they looked at the scene in front of them,"Basically, the 'nice' looking guy, Mao Fei was sent here to check who was worthy and unworthy of exploring the White Monarch's Dungeons."

Xiao Ning'er had an angry expression on her face, which instead of showing her anger, just served to increase her cuteness to the audience, Shen Tian sighed,"So did we pass your test?" He asked.

Mao Fei grinned, and licked his lips as he appeared in front of the three, now his kind and happy looking expression on his face, was replaced with a serious one," You are one of the few, that I have to agree, that you are dangerous!"

"Very well, as my lord, the White Monarch ordered me to do, you three have passed the tests! I can sense than the adorable girl, and the other boy are not as normal and average as they look in the surface, you all pass!"

"You, are a Adamantine Rank Adventurer, ranked by our Dungeon's Rankings, the other highest ranking Adventurers in the Dungeon, are merely Gold Rank, maximum." Mao Fei revealed some information to them.

The ranks were the same as the cultivation ranks by a certain degree : Bronze,Silver,Gold,Black Gold,Diamond,Adamantine,Demigod. However, due to the difference in Demigod and Legend, there were 3 ranks between the two ranks.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》