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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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74 In the Dungeon

Mao Fei, send them to another part of the palace, it turns out the part they had been previously, was merely the starting point of the palace, and there were many other palaces, and they were sent to one of them.

Shen Tian started to immediately look for the ones he recognized, the total number of the ones he recognized from personal experience was a total of 0, but he did know about most of them through his Shadow Clones.

There was the Young Lord and the Devil Young Master among the many to participate in this event created by the White Monarch, his creations were very famous even among the factions of the Underground City.

The Young Lord looked like a carbon copy of the City Lord, just a younger version of him, while the Devil Young Master had a devilish appearance, and looked as if he did not care about the other people.

The Devil Young Master, was called Jing Ye, despite attracting a lot of 'laughs' for the name, no one dared to make fun of it in front of him, besides the Young Lord and the Beautiful Maiden, because they would die.

There was also the beautiful maiden of the Black Lion Family, who was called Zhi Ruo, and was only 15, and was also nearing the Gold Rank, she was greatly treasured by the Black Lion Family.

Zhi Ruo indeed looked very beautiful, however Shen Tian could with all his power say that Xiao Ning'er was more beautiful than her, way more beautiful, and he did like the orange color, and she was still only 14.

The Devil Young Master noticed Shen Tian nearing the location they were, and also noticed the Token he was given by the White Monarch's Staff, and jealousy entered his heart, igniting a fiery anger.

"Look who we have here, a pretty boy, who is that pretty lady next to you?" The Devil Young Master, Jing Ye smirked as he neared the two, he tried to take Xiao Ning's hand and kiss it, but was refused.

"Go away, I do not need your presence, and don't insult my boyf- friend here!" Xiao Ning'er immediately changed her words upon realizing where she was going, and responded to Jing Ye, who snorted.

Jing Ye looked at Shen Tian, exploring his body, from toe to head, and then sneered,"This boy is very skinny, I don't think he has ever reached the Silver Rank, what qualifications does he have to stay next to a beauty like you?!"

Shen Tian had a calm expression on his face as his footsteps were heard, he was walking towards Jing Ye, who started to feel a bit of intimidation coming out from Shen Tian, and twitched.

The next moment he froze,his eyes staring at red ones, the boy who once looked merely pretty, now had the look of a killer on his face, and his eyes… had something inside them which spun,Tsukuyomi.

The Devil Young Master, Jing Ye, was grown, used to being spoiled and had most of his wishes accomplished as he liked, however this had not been always the case, and Tsukuyomi, brought out those hidden memories.

Shen Tian grabbed him by his collar and into the air, his feet no longer having contact with the ground, however Jing Ye couldn't care less, he was not even looking at Shen Tian, instead his eyes looked very unfocused.

Two streams of tears, came out of his eyes, earning a frown from Shen Tian, he had wanted to get anger and hatred from Jing Ye, not sadness, this was not what he wanted to do, it was certainly unexpected.

Looking around, Shen Tian saw that Mao Fei did not want to interrupt this, and in a moment, he slammed Jing Ye into a wall, finally earning his focus,"Eh?" Jing Ye said, his tone of voice sounding very confused.

"First, do not ever approach Ning'er again, she is the orange haired girl you have set your eyes upon, she is my fiance, and my soon to be wife, second, do not think of me as some random pretty boy, you will regret it."

"I'm…. Sorry." Jing Ye was very confused as he answered, earning a widen of eyes from everyone, the Devil Young Master, someone was was a devilish figure among the Young Generation, and very stubborn, had just apologized!

"Good, now get out of my sight." Shen Tian snorted as he shoved Jing Ye away, throwing him into the ground, and he immediately tried to balance his body, but looked rather miserable as he did that.

Zhi Ruo felt that Shen Tian was very mysterious, she knew that a guest elder her family had invited was named Shen Xian, maybe there was a connection between the two, if so she could use that connection.

The Young Lord was as calm as always, keeping the appearance of a scholar, he was not affected by Jing Ye's sad appearance in the slightest, in fact it was as if nothing could affect him at all.

Mao Fei finally decided to interrupt the scene in front of him, his hands intertwined together behind his back, and his eyes half closed,"Welcome, the Young Generation to my lord's palace!" He said.

The entire young generation's eyes were focused in Mao Fei, who grinned,"You are the strongest and best candidates to be selected to test my Lord's Dungeon!" He said as he extended his arm forward.

"You might be wondering right now, where in hell is the White Monarch right now? Well… I can answer the question for you, he is not here obviously. Instead, he gave me a job, to rank all of you here, some were disappointing, while some were greatly underrated."

His eyes scanned Shen Tian and some others, and showed approval in his tone,"However, all of you now have access to the White Monarch's Mortal Rank Dungeon!" He said with a very serious tone.

"You have all been deemed worthy into stepping into the White Monarch's weakest Dungeon he has ever created, and test it!" Mao Fei's eyes showed coldness, as he spoke, Shen Tian was sure that was the true him speaking right now.

"Some of you might die while here, and no one can blame the White Monarch for your deaths, it was merely you being weak which lead to your deaths, thus… Be careful with how you act here." He gave a warning.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》