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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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75 Elder Sheng

Mao Fei lead them to a separate section of the Palace, leading to a door, a massive door, he stopped walking, and turned towards them, his expression was now one of calmness,"Beyond this door, is a portal, which you will pass through to enter the Dungeon."

The Young Lord, opened his eyes, revealing eyes of wisdom and calmness and raised his hand to speak,"If I may, is there any way for us to leave the Dungeon, upon entering it, Elder Fei?" He said.

Mao Fei looked at the Young Lord, and responded almost immediately,"Each of you will be equipped with what our White Monarch calls ' Escape Stones' if you crush them, you can leave the Dungeon."

The Young Lord was quiet afterwards, and stopped asking questions to Mao Fei, who then looked at the doors and said,"Then, I will open the doors for you boys and girls, be careful inside it."

Mao Fei raised an hand and waved it, the doors initially did not respond, however a moment later they started to shake, and were opened almost immediately, slamming into the walls of the palace.

They revealed a purple portal, large enough to fit all of the present people inside, without any worry, Shen Tian started to walk towards it, Xiao Ning'er and Feng Hao followed him almost immediately.

The Young Lord, Jing Ye, Zhi Ruo and the rest of the young generation almost immediately followed. A total of around a hundred and fifty people entered the Portal to the Beginner Dungeon!

Mao Fei looked at the vanishing figures of the members of the Young Generation, his eyes starting to show coldness,"The danger is nearing our world, who knows if you can fully mature before it reaches us."

"They are in the move… And there is nothing we can do about it, we cannot stop them, but will he move to stop the sleeping beast from awakening again, or is he still healing old wounds?!" He muttered to himself.

"Now my Lord, you have the young people, just where you wanted them, what will you do now, will you entertain yourself? Will you find a new way, a new path? Show me… My Lord." Mao Fei said.


Shen Tian opened his eyes, and noticed that his clothes,cultivation and everything was almost the same, however, in his Interspatial Ring, everything besides a single stone had disappeared, astonishingly.

Xiao Ning'er and Feng Hao had an astonished expression on their faces, as they also checked their Interspatial Rings, Shen Tian was in deep thought,'They tried to copy an Inventory Design..'

Shen Tian knew that his current body, was not his true one, merely a copy created through a system, which made Shen Tian feel very astonished ,as this required knowledge of the atomic particles!

"No." His eyes narrowed, this was the job of a law, it seems that to enter the Demigod Rank, one required to have connection to a law, but he was not sure of which law this weird system belonged to.

"The Time and Space Law, perhaps, there seems to be connection to the dimensions, I can sense a distortion in time and space dimension, maybe the White Monarch cultivates such a law." He guessed.

Shen Tian had not understood any of the laws as of yet, as they were completely different than the laws in his homeland, however he knew that those laws were less mysterious than the ones in his homeland.

One of the requirements to enter the Demigod Rank, was understanding one of the laws, however, that was why many Legend Rank Demon Spiritualists, were stuck at that point, unable to understand a single law.

The White Monarch was a very formidable figure it seems, Shen Tian had underestimated him greatly, if he truly was capable of using the Time and Space Law, then he was very powerful and mysterious!

"How can I help you?" An old man appeared in front of them, with torn and worn out clothes, walking with a cane,"Young Heroes, welcome to the Village Of Hope!" He coughed and said, Shen Tian raised an eyebrow.

"You are in the Dungeon created by our Majestic Lord, here you can buy common gear, to fight the goblins and orcs." The old man with a cane started to cough even more, Shen Tian walked to him, noticing that only Xiao Ning'er and Feng Hao were around.

"Elder, I have noticed that you have contacted a strange disease, I might have a way to cure this, do you want me to try my method on you? It might hurt a bit but there is a chance you can be healed." Shen Tian said calmly.

The elder coughed violently," You can call me Elder Sheng, and you can find a way to cure my disease… Are you sure youngling? Not even the White Monarch himself could manage to heal my disease."

Shen Tian immediately knew that this elder, was very close to the White Monarch, however he did not have much intel into the White Monarch's trusted men, so he was not sure about who he was. In front of him was.. Ziyu Liansheng!

Shen Tian smirked," If I cannot heal your disease right here, I will change my name to Chuan Wei! That's an oath to my name, Elder Sheng." He said, and Elder Sheng chuckled at his resolve.

"Well, if I was scared of a youngster trying to heal me, I would be ashamed to appear in front of my old friends, very well then, if you manage to heal me, I'll give you everything I can possibly sell to you." Elder Sheng grinned.

Shen Tian moved forward, stretching his limbs and Xiao Ning'er frowned,"Shen Tian… Are you sure you can do this, don't risk your reputation and name into something this stupid." She was very worried.

"Now, Elder Sheng, if I manage to heal you… I want you to also answer every question I ask, and also gear up me and my friends with everything you have in your store." Shen Tian smiled as he neared Elder Sheng.

Elder Sheng smirked and nodded,"Everything you want, just heal me from this disease, but if you don't manage to do it… I believe you might have to use that Escape Stone you were handed by the White Monarch."
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》