An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
76 Healing And Fighting A Man.
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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76 Healing And Fighting A Man.

Shen Tian walked towards Elder Sheng, who was looking at him with a lot of expectations, he did not really believe Shen Tian could heal him, however, at his old age, he had plenty of time he could waste.

He was going to use the Healing Technique, which he had learned in his second life,[Absolute Healing], with it, there was practically no disease or injury it couldn't heal, no matter what, but there were always some which were not healed.

His hands shone in a green light, this was a sign he was using Medical Ninjutsu, mixing the two together, the chance of him not healing Elder Sheng, was almost zero, and the chances of him succeeding was almost a hundred percent!

Shen Tian looked at Elder Sheng, his eyes showing a hint of resolve and seriousness,"Are you ready, Elder Sheng? Like I said before, this might hurt a bit, so be ready to be covered in pain." He warned.

Elder Sheng smirked, opening his eyes fully,"Like I said before… Young boy, I would be ashamed of myself, if I was scared of a mere surgery!" Shen Tian chuckled as he put his hands in his back.

Elder Sheng felt blood rush to his face, Shen Tian was not lying about the pain, due to other people not possessing Chakra, it would be extremely painful to have it pass through their body like this.

Elder Sheng took several deep breaths, he no longer was violently coughing like before, instead he felt his vitality return to his body, in an instant, he felt his body become a bit younger, Elder Sheng was only in his eighties, as a cultivator that was not that old.

He was at the peak of the Legend Rank, and could live beyond his expectations of five hundred years now, in fact he had hopes of reaching the Demigod Rank, again in his life, instead of looking fragile, Elder Sheng now looked to be filled with an aura of a warrior.

His appearance which was like that of a seventy to eighty years old man, was replaced with that of a younger man, who was around fifty to sixty, which was a massive change in his appearance,"Haha!"

Elder Sheng let out a laugh,"I must thank you, Tian Boy! Now, I shall help you with your demands, here is my best gear in this dungeon to help the three of you conquer this dungeon and meet the Final Boss!"

Elder Sheng was brimming with vitality, Shen Tian had a calm expression on his face, as he responded to Elder Sheng's energetic sentence,"I must thank you for your generous act,Elder Zheng."

"However, do not forget, you also accepted to answer every single question I ask you, this is where… I outdid you, Elder Sheng, I never specified about what I would ask you about." Shen Tian said calmly.

Elder Sheng's narrowed his glare and then relaxed, starting to laugh loudly,"You really caught me off guard with that, Tian Boy! It seems I will have to answer every question you ask me now, or… Should I ?"

Xiao Ning'er frowned, Feng Hao grabbed Shen Tian's sleeve and whispered into his ear,"Shen Tian, are you sure you want to do this? If he wants to kill us, I'm sure that we will barely stand a chance." Shen Tian chuckled,"Don't worry."

Elder Sheng relaxed his muscles, before stretching them, revealing that he was not as thin and fragile as he looked before, instead his body looked sharpened beyond what a man in his eighties could manage to have.

"Now… Elder Sheng, why are you being so aggressive? I thought we had a deal between the two of us, didn't we? I heal you, and you give me answers about my questions." Shen Tian coldly exclaimed.

Elder Sheng's half closed eyes looked at Shen Tian, silence covered the surroundings, before he finally answered,"I might have agreed to that, but even I don't have the right to reveal information about my lord."

Shen Tian sighed,"So be it, then I won't ask you any questions about the White Monarch, and his creations. However, you must reveal anything under your qualification, about this dungeon." He said.

Elder Sheng licked his lips,"Tian Boy, I've heard that you are very talented, and maybe the strongest among the Young Generation, I also know that you did quite a number of our little palace controller, Mao Fei."

"Your point being?" Shen Tian raised an eyebrow, it seems information traveled rather quickly in this place,"Let's say that… I am quite curious how strong you are, and how strong I am now that I healed."

Elder Sheng cracked his knuckles,"I suggest we have a little spar, to compare our strengths, me, a peak Legend Rank, and you, a weak… Gold Rank Demon Spiritualist?" He said the last words with ridicule.

Shen Tian looked at Elder Sheng,"I assume your real name is not just Zheng, is it?" He asked the old man who raised an eyebrow,"Does it even matter right now Tian Boy? Very well, my name is Ziyu Liansheng."

Shen Tian looked around their surroundings, it was only brightened by some purple lamps, which hovered in the sky, and the top was very dark, it was just like the Dungeons in his first life's fantasy games.

"Shall we start this spar, then?" Shen Tian said, not even waiting for a signal, Ziyu Liansheng launched a barrage of punches at Shen Tian, each surpassing the speed of sound, however the boy was responding with ease.

"Come Tian Boy! Show me your true power!" The old man started to shout, resolve in his eyes, he shot his leg forward, slamming it at Shen Tian, who blocked it with his forearm, only to earn a punch at his head.

Shen Tian frowned,'He is using speed to confuse me, his agility is beyond what a Legend Rank can reach, he's not holding back at all against me, interesting, then I shall return this honour back fully!'

Shen Tian was thrown backwards, but he used his hand to stabilize his body in midair, and jumped forward, strikes his foot at Ziyu Liansheng's stomach, making him cough blood slightly, however the old man moved forward, lowering the impact.

"Kekeke… Tian Boy, you are stronger than what I expected, the rumors indeed do not lie about you, you are a worthy person to fight me at full strength, you should be proud, young boy." He spit some blood and took a stance.

"World of Purgatory!"
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》