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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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77 An Amazing Battle.

Ziyu Liansheng exploded with power, his Soul Force taking the shape of ominous ghost like creatures, and surging out, his eyes changed to a gray color, and his muscles started to widen greatly.

"Most cultivators, focus on their Demon Spirits, which they use to cultivate, and fight other fellow Demon Spiritualists and Fighters, however I am a different breed, I use special techniques to fight others! And this is one of my greatest creations! Behold, World of Purgatory!"

Shen Tian felt the urge to reveal his Susanoo here, however he was deeply afraid that it would break the Time And Space Dimension, and destroy this entire dimension, so he decided to hold that off for now.

Instead he simply released, the First Gate, the Gate of Darkness, increasing his physical and spiritual strength to another level, earning a frown from Ziyu Liansheng,'That is oddly… Close to my techniques.'

Shen Tian coldly looked at Ziyu Liansheng, and then into his ominous ghosts, created from Soul Force, and stated,"It's true that you have a very odd way of fighting Demon Spiritualists and Fighters, however, I am not what you can call ordinary."

He clasped his hands together, and to add spice to this entire situation shouted,"Wood Style - God's Palm!" The ground shook, as the roots of the different trees started to gather, to create a ugly looking palm made out of wood.

Ziyu Liansheng frowned, and started to laugh,"Indeed, this is very peculiar, and I have never seen something like this before in my life, but… Do you really think it's going to effective against me… Tian Boy?"

Shen Tian did not respond immediately, merely revealing a grin on his face,"It's not about whenever you think it's going to be effective or not, it's certain, that it's going to be effective, as simple as that!" He said.

The Wood Palm shook, and flew towards Ziyu Liansheng, who after a moment finally realized that if the Wood Palm hit him, there was a chance he could be defeated, so he raised his arms upwards and roared,"World of Purgatory - First Move - Flames Of The Ghosts!"

The ominous ghosts started to cry in anguish, and turned to flames, the flames of death and time, and Flew towards the Wood Palm, the two attacks collided with each other, and Shen Tian jumped backwards.

He was not taking this as seriously as Ziyu Liansheng was, after all he had so many moves he had yet to reveal, but for now he was going to stick to a rather familiar technique of his, Shen Tian started to go through several hand seals.

Ziyu Liansheng was a bit annoyed, upon noticing that Shen Tian was planning something, he could easily destroy this Wood Palm, however if Shen Tian used a second move, he'd have to use the second move of his technique.

"You can deal with a Wood Palm so easily, congratulations, but what if I told you, I could create a thousand more just with a thought of my will." Shen Tian's cold orange and silver eyes oversaw Ziyu Liansheng.

For a short moment, Ziyu Liansheng mistook Shen Tian, for 'Him' the supreme leader of the Underground City, and the Underground Region at that too, no one could defy his will and orders, absolutely no one.

Ziyu Liansheng destroy the Wood Palm, and threw the small fragments of it aside, and the flames turned back to his ghosts, who released screams of anguish,"So what now, Tian Boy?" He asked.

" I definitely did not choose the wrong person to test my power upon, Tian Boy, you might be just 14 years old, but you are certainly stronger than most people I've meet in my life." He let out a strange laugh.

"World Of Purgatory - Second Move - Gate Of Hell!" Ziyu Liansheng roared as blood came out of his mouth,'Seems the sickness is still affecting my techniques for now. I should've waited a bit.'

The ground shook, and a massive iron gate, with two Human Skulls peeking out from each side, appeared. The Human Skulls had red eyes, as if they were actually looking at the scene in front of them, however Shen Tian was not affected by it, instead Xiao Ning'er and Feng Hao were.

Shen Tian did a final hand seal, and smirked,"So what will those Gates do, in front of a meteor?" Ziyu Liansheng raised an eyebrow, where the hell would he get a meteor, did he mishear what he just said?

"Tengai Shinsei." Shen Tian muttered, Ziyu Liansheng barely heard him, but widened his eyes, as the space higher than them started to split apart, and created a massive hole,"If I Cannot bring one here, I SHALL SUMMON IT HERE!" Shen Tian grinned as his eyes changed to the EMS.

Thankfully, he was capable of stabilizing this space through the use of Kamui, otherwise the Time and Space Dimension which was created recently, wouldn't be able to endure this techniques, which he had deciphered, and managed to use it with his EMS.

"What about this...Elder Sheng, or should I perhaps call you Ziyu Liansheng, will you be able to defeat the Shattered Heavens or not?! Show me the capability of your powers, you old relic of the past!"

Shen Tian might be very cold and calm most of the time, however there were times when he fought , that he couldn't contain himself, and started to get battle thirsty, an example was this scene right now.

Ziyu Liansheng roared as he clasped his hand together, creating a shock wave, his Soul Force containing the ominous ghosts, surged towards the Gates of Hell, forcing it to slowly open, to reveal a massive roar.

"World Of Purgatory - Second Move - Gates Of Hell - SERPENT OF FLAMES!" Ziyu Liansheng's eyes and ears bleed, as he continued to keep his hands tightly connected to each other.

The Gates shook, as a serpent flew out of it, with red eyes, and it was covered in flames, which shone brightly, the size of it was massive, it could probably encircle the meteor several times quite easily.

The two attacks collided with each other, creating shock waves which could be felt dozens of kilometers away, luckily no one was inside this distance, otherwise if they were weak, they might die.

Shen Tian was coldly looking at the scene in front of him, his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan was being used to stabilize the Space and Time Dimension, so it did not fall apart from this amount of strength.

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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》