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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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78 The End Of The Battle!

About two hundred kilometers away from the place where Ziyu Liansheng and Shen Tian were fighting, was a middle aged man fishing with his fishing rod, calmly looking at the peaceful river in front of him.

He was wearing a straw hat, however you could see his face,you could notice a trimmed beard, and dark black hair, it was the White Monarch, feeling the shockwaves from two hundred kilometers away, he raised his head and frowned,"What are you doing…. Elder Sheng?!" He muttered.

Ziyu Liansheng was sick, and rarely bothered to fight someone else due to his disease, in fact the White Monarch himself had seen Ziyu Liansheng fight only for a grand total of less than ten times in his entire life!

"It seems I have to interrupt this fight as fast as possible, I can feel the Space and Time Dimension in this Dungeon start to shatter...What is this, it's repairing itself?! Odd… Very Odd…" The White Monarch started to speed up.


Dust and smoke covered the massive flat surroundings next to Shen Tian,Xiao Ning'er and Feng Hao, the latter two were very shocked at the scene in front of them, it was very destructive.

"Don't tell me that killed you, old man Zheng!" Shen Tian shouted out, but received no answer, he frowned, he was quite sure that the meteor wouldn't kill Ziyu Liansheng, maybe wound him, but kill?

"HAHAHAH! Tian Boy, you are quite a few years away…" Ziyu Liansheng came out from the dust, covered in blood, his clothes even more torn out, and coughed blood,"From being able to kill me!"

Shen Tian rolled his eyes, it was quite visible that Ziyu Liansheng was bluffing, however he couldn't bring himself to tell that to him, he was already in a very bad shape, after all he had just recovered from his disease.

He was about to take out a pill from Interspatial Ring, but remembered that he had no access to the original one, so he could just shrug and look at Ziyu Liansheng who took out his own pill to recover.

"So? You lost the spar it seems...Old Man Zheng." Shen Tian neared Ziyu Liansheng, who gathered enough strength to respond almost immediately,"Peh! I was only going easy on you, Tian Boy!"

"What happened here?!" The figure of the White Monarch appeared, and he instantly went towards Ziyu Liansheng, giving him a pill to recover, one of a higher grade than the one he previously used.

"Boy… What did you do to Elder Sheng? Your power is incapable of actually defeating him, how did you manage to actually do this to one of the strongest of the White Monarch's Dungeon?!" The White Monarch looked at Shen Tian.

"The boy did nothing, My lord, I asked for a spar with him… After he healed me, and he managed to beat me fair and square." Ziyu Liansheng said, interrupting the White Monarch, who widened his eyes.

"You are healed?! What sorcery is this, we went around the Underground Region searching for the best healers, and the best cures, but never found one which could heal your disease!" The White Monarch cried out.

Ziyu Liansheng coughed, as blood was stuck in his throat, he forced it out and said,"He did make me go through some massive pain, but the most important thing was that I was healed." He sighed.

Shen Tian rolled his eyes,"I healed one of your people, why are you being so angry at me? He was the one who wanted the fight, I also warned you that it was going to hurt a ton already!" He responded.

The White Monarch sighed,"Elder Sheng… You already have messed up with the laws and rules I set up for this Dungeon badly, how will I fix this now…" Shen Tian had a slight smile on his face," He promised to give me and my buddies here all the gear we wanted."

The White Monarch narrowed his glare, and looked at Shen Tian first, and then at his friends and finally at the wounded Ziyu Liansheng who had a sheepish expression on his face,"Ooopsie?"

He sighed,"Fine, because you healed my friend here, I will give you the best gear of this Dungeon, and even give you lots of gear, but do not misuse it, I have yet to accomplish the goal for why I called all the Young Generation here."

'Could this boy in front of me,called Shen Tian, be the one who stabilized the cracking and chaotic Space and Time Dimension here… He is far more mysterious than he appears to be, and he is only 14.'

The White Monarch had his suspicion about Shen Tian.however, he wouldn't act about it for absolutely no reason; he had to maintain his reputation as a famous monarch who created Dungeons.

Shen Tian,Xiao Ning'er and Feng Hao suddenly shone in a white light, as the White Monarch waved his hand,"The gear I'm giving you is capable of fighting Demon Beast of the 90th Level." He said.

"That'll easily bring you to the ninth floor, which is the highest floor the Young Generation's Beginner Dungeon you have entered can bring you to, I shall wait for you all there." The White Monarch said as he gently grabbed Ziyu Liansheng and left.

"Do not forget to get that throne comfortable before I sit in it, boss!" Shen Tian shouted, just before the White Monarch used his Space and Time Law to leave the first floor almost immediately.

Shen Tian was covered in a dark black armor, which could be considered light armor, Xiao Ning'er wore an orange light armor, Feng Hao had a dark red light armor, and they all were comfortable with it.

Shen Tian, however was not satisfied with all of this yet, after all Ziyu Liansheng had not finished all of his promises to him,when he healed the old man, he still had to answer his questions.

Just when he was starting to get annoyed, a book fell into his hands, titled,"Dungeon Manual". Shen Tian snorted, it seems that they had not forgotten the last promise after all, his opinion of them improved slightly.

Shen Tian looked at Xiao Ning'er, who looked far more beautiful with this orange armor, it was as if it was made for her, and Feng Hao,"You guys, let's go kill some monsters I guess…" He noticed that he had a mountain-like amount of money in his inventory.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》