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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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79 Continuing The Dungeon.

Jing Ye slashed at a goblin, not really appreciating the ugly appearance of the green skinned creature in front of him,"DIE DIE DIE DIE!" He started to shout madly, absorbing all the blood inside the goblins.


He took several deep breaths, as a figure appeared in front of him,"Pussy Lord, what the fuck do you want here?" He looked at the Young Lord and snorted, the two never had a good relationship between each other.

Jing Ye took another deep breath, and the Young Lord opened his eyes,"You want to get revenge against Shen Tian, right? My father warned me not to make an enemy out of him, so I'll warn you the same."

Jing Ye gained a tick mark on his forehead,"What is that supposed to mean, ya fucking brat?!" He observed the Young Lord, who was not affected by his attitude towards him,"It means exactly what I said."

"I'm just trying to warn you that making an enemy out of Shen Tian, merely for a beautiful woman is not worth it." The Young Lord sighed, sometimes he really felt annoyed by Jing Ye's stupidity.

Jing Ye thought for some time before rolling his eyes,"He only caught me off guard, if I was already prepared, I would've reacted in time, and beaten that guy so much, he wouldn't even recognize him own appearance!"

The Young Lord sighed,"It seems you do not understand what I mean, fine, but I won't be responsible for whatever happens to you, if you dare to defy him, you are weaker than him, Jing Ye."

Jing Ye started at the vanishing figure of the Young Lord, and cut through another goblin,"Shen Tian… I shall eventually conqueror you, and let you beg below my feet, you insect." Reminded of his past, he snorted.


Unknowingly to him, Shen Tian and his companions, had already left the first floor behind, and were nearing the fourth floor of this dungeon, they were proceeding at a very fast speed, without any stop.

"Those armors are really comfortable, I wonder if the White Monarch can give them to us in real life too?" Shen Tian smirked, he could definitely imagine the monarch coughing blood at what they were demanding.

Xiao Ning'er sweatdropped while Feng Hao rolled his eyes,"Shen Tian, we both know that even him giving us those armors, was a great annoyance in his eyes, but to ask for them forever? You can only dream about it!" The latter said.

Shen Tian rolled his eyes,"A man can dream Feng Hao! A man can dream! Besides, I was only joking, if I actually wanted some armor, I could make it myself, it's not that hard." As an immortal he had a ton of experience with smithing.

Xiao Ning'er had a slight smile on her face,"I do agree with Shen Tian, those armors are clearly very comfortable, and it's as if they were made exactly for each of us only! It's very weird." She said.

Shen Tian noticed a Demon Beast near them, and he took out a bow, given to them by the White Monarch, and used it to shot an arrow at the Demon Beast, the poor creature did not even notice him before it died.

"There you go, we secured our lunch for today." He cheerfully neared the Demon Beast's corpse and started to remove it's blood and parts which couldn't be eaten, the rest he would cook for the group.

Xiao Ning'er and Feng Hao treated this scene as something usual, Shen Tian was usually given the job of killing Demon Beasts to cook, since he was the better cook and better hunter of the three.

"Now let's go, the ninth floor is waiting for us." Shen Tian, using the Dungeon Manual given to him by the White Monarch, managed to dodge most difficult parts of the dungeon, thus it was very easy for him to pass through the floors.

"Now for the top floor… Wait for us!"

All of this, was being done so Shen Tian could make the[Soul Recovery of A Phoenix] using the Fire Dragon Heart they would be given upon becoming the first to complete this Beginner Dungeon.


The White Monarch groaned, as Ziyu Liansheng removed the dust from his clothes,"Geez, my Lord couldn't you be a little more gentle? Your Space And Time Law is before confusing and weird to pass through."

The White Monarch, rolled his eyes and just ignored him, instead he flicked his fingers, and several people started to come out from the doors to this room, immediately going to help heal Ziyu Liansheng's wounds.

"You will have to explain every single detail to me later, Elder Sheng, you owe that to me, definitely." The White Monarch wiped the sweat from his forehead and said with an annoyed tone.

"Trust me, I will my Lord, but for now let me heal, you have other issues to attend, also Mao Fei told me to tell you that… They are in the move right now, be more careful My Lord, alright?" The older man said.

The White Monarch's eyes widened,"They are in the move?! That's why we were having so many earthquakes recently, they want to remove the seal, and make him appear again!" He frowned.

The doctors around them were really confused, who were their lord and his most trusted advisor, speaking about, who were 'they', it seemed that they were very important to the two from what they could gather.

"Now, I have to return to the Beginner Dungeon, if there is an issue just contact me through your Soul Force, goodbye." The White Monarch said as he opened another portal for him to pass through.


Shen Tian smirked, as the three of them finally reached the ninth floor, also called the top floor of the Beginner Dungeon, he and his friend AND girlfriend, were the first to manage do achieve it from the current young generation.

"Now we just have to aim for the Temple Shrine in the core of this floor, and we can reach the final boss, if we defeat that boss, we will get the rewards for completing this Dungeon, which was the aim of our journey here in the first place."
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》