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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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82 The End of the Figh

"You have no way to escape my grasp now, Shen Tian ,just surrender." The White Monarch's cold glare oversaw Shen Tian who had a nervous expression on his face for a moment, before grinning,"You got the wrong me, bud." And exploded in smoke.

The White Monarch widened his eyes, however it was too late and a fury of punches slammed into him,The White Monarch released a surprised shout in surprise as his face was slammed into the ground.

Heavenly Fist of Pain!

"YOU BRAT!" The White Monarch roared as he rose from the ground, dirt falling from his body, He shot his fist forward and continued to roar, he was going to use the Time and Space Law again!

Heaven And Earth, Time Acceleration x4!

Shen Tian blocked the White Monarch's fist, however he was unable to even dodge his next one, and he was sent flying, but before he could go backwards, the White Monarch caught his leg and started to throw punches at him.

Shen Tian groaned as he used EMS, to use Amaterasu on him, the White Monarch groaned in pain, and removed himself from Shen Tian,'What weird flames, I've never seem black flames in my life before.'

No matter what the White Monarch did, he couldn't remove the flames, thus he did something ruthless, he formed a knife with his other hand and cut the hand which was covered in flames, Shen Tian chuckled, The White Monarch was really ruthless to himself.

Shen Tian, however wouldn't let such stuff affect him so he started to gather oxygen inside his lungs, and send a massive amount of fire from his mouth, towards the White Monarch who frowned,' He can use normal flames too?!'

Shen Tian used Kamui to appear behind the White Monarch and shot his foot forward, kicking him away, he continued to do this for several times, covering the White Monarch in wounds and blood.

The White Monarch groaned in pain, before gathering his resolve, and with his remaining arm he struck Shen Tian's face, sending him flying away,'He still hasn't given up,troublesome.' The latter groaned. However the White Monarch flew towards him and grabbed him.

"Space and Time Law - Dimension Lock!" The White Monarch had a dark expression on his face, as his grip on Shen Tian's face increased, white and black energy coming out of his body at incredible amounts.

Shen Tian's right eye bleed, to fake a tired appearance, and he let out a painful scream out, making it seem as if he was very tired and exhausted from Soul Force due to overuse of Kamui and the other abilities.

The White Monarch slowed down his technique, letting out a proud laugh, as if his victory was already set on ground," I guess this is where it indeed ends, you were a worthy opponent." He said.

Shen Tian grinned, stopping his facade of actually being in pain, and he looked at the White Monarch through the gaps of his fingers, his eyes covered in a hint of coldness and a smug feeling engulfed him.

"You sure mate?"

The White Monarch suddenly felt two massive spheres attack him from behind, he looked behind revealing two figures behind him, Xiao Ning'er and Feng Hao both in their Demon Spirit Form.

If the White Monarch had been in his peak form, he wouldn't even feel those two attacks that much, however he was lacking a hand, had most of his body covered in small cuts due to the Rasenshuriken, and had exhausted his Soul Force reserves a lot, so he felt the damage a lot now.

"White Monarch, you also forgot one thing, since I knew from the beginning that the final boss was you, of course I would prepare a plan before I fought you, I made you think you would only fight me from the beginning, and this was the result of it."

In fact, Shen Tian could've dealt with the White Monarch at his peak with a bit of difficulty, however he wanted to test how strong the man was, and to give his two companions some confidence in their abilities.

Shen Tian took a deep breath and took one of his pills, which he created using the resources and raw materials in this Dungeon, and most of his wounds immediately healed, the White Monarch was almost unable to even move.

"White Monarch, the most important thing you forgot when it comes to me and my companion is that,I, Shen Tian am never alone, I have my dearest companions… No Friends to support me from behind!"

The White Monarch closed his eyes,"You won this fight, however… I must give you my best congratulations, you yourself managed to defeat me at almost 50% of my true power, congratulation."

Shen Tian threw a pill at the White Monarch who accepted it with a nod, and ate it in one go, Xiao Ning'er and Feng Hao both had a wide smile on their faces, showing their new found confidence.

Shen Tian looked at the White Monarch, expected something from the man, who continued to be silent,"So, when are we going to be given the rewards? I don't have time to waste in this place forever."

The White Monarch took a deep breath, pondering other something, before looking at his hand,, there was a ring in one of his fingers, he took that ring out and threw it towards Shen Tian who caught it.

Shen Tian had a small smile on his face as he nodded," I suppose the Fire Dragon Heart, and the few other stuff you wanted to award to us are all here right?" He asked, and the White Monarch nodded,"Due to you managing to push me this far, I also included the reward of the Intermediate and the Advanced Dungeons."

Xiao Ning'er and Feng Hao were deeply shocked, while Shen Tian more or less expected all of this,"Good, I thought that you wanted to be shameless, and not give us the right reward. After all I did fight both you and Ziyu Liansheng, how is the old man speaking of that?"

The White Monarch had a small frown on his face," I don't know how you managed to heal his disease, but you did damage his inner organs terribly. You really did a number on poor him." He rolled his eyes.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》