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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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83 Jing Ye“s Anger

Jing Ye took a few deep breaths, upon being teleported back to from where they entered. 'Had someone completed the Dungeon?' was what entered everyone's mind, and that question was about to be answered.

He felt very angry. He had been unable to even reach the fifth floor of this Dungeon, due to wasting time together with the Young Lord. He also was unable to find Shen Tian, who he wanted to defeat.

Blood rushed to his face, which turned red in color. Shen Tian had dirtied his reputation, obviously a man with a name like his didn't really care about reputation, but who the hell was Shen Tian to him?!

"I promised myself I would never fall to someone else like this again… So why the FUCK DID HE SO EFFORTLESSLY DEFEAT ME LIKE I WAS SOME STUPID RAT!" He kept slamming his fists onto a wall, without stop.

Jing Ye might be called the Devil Young Master, he might be beyond spoiled by the Devil Seeking School but that was far from the actual truth, Jing Ye was actually bullied when he was young!

When he was four years old, Jing Ye was bullied by the members of the 'Inner' Devil Seeking School, as he and his family came from the 'Outer' Branch of the Devil Seeking School, at age six, it was revealed that he was actually very talented.

Obviously, the Devil Seeking School who were in need of a talent to surpass even the Young Lord, started to feed resources to him, however Jing Ye never forgot the shame he was given by those kids.

The feeling he had, when at age 10, he crushed those kids under his feet was very pleasurable, he felt excited, and a thought had run through his mind,'If I get strong, can I do this to everyone?!'

However, time after time the Young Lord continued to surpass him, he had only forced one tie between him and the Young Lord, but since then the gap had only continued to grow and grow, leaving him angry.

He had courted Zhi Ruo due to her beauty, but the main reason was to win over the Young Lord in something, but both of them utterly failed, Jing Ye, was very angry when another person who could defeat him appeared.

Jing Ye was an accomplished boy, at age 15 he had entered the Gold Rank, but was still behind the Young Lord by a star, which made him grow in anger, Shen Tian then proceeded to give him a beating.


The people around him started to retreat. While none of them wanted to be on his bad side, none of them wanted to help him either. It was just simply sending oneself to danger. Jing Ye looked around with red eyes, and growled.

He finally saw Shen Tian and started to madly laugh. He walked towards him, and since his Interspatial Ring was back to place, took out a very long spear, about twice as big as Jing Ye himself.

Shen Tian just glared at him with the corner of his eyes. The rest thought he was doomed, as the spear neared his head, almost ready to pierce it, Mao Fei was nowhere to be seen to stop this from happening.

Shen Tian raised just one finger at lightning speed, stopping the spear, essentially in a lazy attempt. Jing Ye felt veins pop out around his face,"You… WANT TO MAKE ME A JOKE?! SHEN TIAN?!"

Shen Tian took a deep breath, his eyes moving to meet Jing Ye's making him shiver for a single moment before regaining focus and the previous bravery,"I can feel your hatred, I can feel your sufferings."

He pushed the tip of the spear down, and Jing Ye did not react, instead he felt as if he was put inside an illusion, he couldn't help but stare into Shen Tian's reddish black eyes, he was drawn to those eyes involuntarily.

"Show me… Why do you hate so much? Tsukuyomi." Shen Tian's red eyes spun as he whispered in his ears, and both of them entered another world, in the outside world just a mere fraction of a second passed, but inside, over 72 hours had passed.

"I… Don't know anymore." Jing Ye looked his eyes expressing sadness and emptiness, he truly was a kid in the body of a teenager, he was very unstable. Shen Tian smiled weakly and extended a hand.

"Then, let me help you, I will be your light, just grab my hand, little fellow." Shen Tian, to Jing Ye right now looked like a saint, the poor boy extended his hand and grabbed Shen Tian's hand,"Now… I shall help you."


Mao Fei walked into the scene, clapping openly,"Well Done little Tian, I didn't want to interrupt, since I wanted to see how far our boy here could go, Jing Ye, you have disappointed me, I'll let your school know about that."

Shen Tian looked at him,his expression did not easen, his face only showed coldness," I don't have time to waste with you. Jing Ye, you know where you can find me. Ning'er, Feng Hao follow me please." He did not even bother to see what Mao Fei had to say before leaving.

The latter did not look affected by Shen Tian's attitude towards him, instead he ignored it and started to speak to those who were present. Jing Ye did leave almost immediately after Shen Tian did though.

Mao Fei was one of the highest ranking people inside the White Monarch's Dungeon, however that did not mean he had the right to do whatever he wanted. He couldn't stop Shen Tian from leaving anyway.


The Underground City was a very tiny part of the Underground Region, however it was the one with the highest population, and also the strongest cultivators inside it, but it certainly was not the only large faction.

One of the largest factions besides the Underground City was the White Monarch's Dungeon, but there was also the Devil Monarch's Kingdom, which was at the same level as the other monarch's faction!

The Devil Monarch was similar to the White Monarch, also a Peak Demigod Rank Demon Spiritualist, however he commanded a far larger amount of men than the White Monarch, due to him controlling a Kingdom.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》