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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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84 Last Resort!

"I see that you have grown quite a lot, my dear Little Devil!" A voice rang out in a very dark room, this made a pair of dark violet eyes to open, revealing slitted eyes,"What do you and your disgusting group want from me?"

"Kekekeke… We both know what I want from you, Little Devil. The date when our Sovereign is awakened, is not that far away from now. I want the key to his seal, and we both know… That you are the one who has the seal's key, Little Devil!"

The Devil Monarch's face was revealed, as he walked towards a window. He had two white horns on his head, pale white face and dark azure hair which extended to the middle of his back.

"The Seal's Key to his...Jail I presume? 'We… We…', That's what you keep saying, but the truth is merely that you used me for your own personal gains, and you still want to continue doing the same thing."

The aged voice, continued to rang out, despite the fact that there was no person inside the room besides the Devil Monarch,"Awww… Don't be such a meanie, I didn't force you to leave your little family in the Underground City."

The Devil Monarch was not affected by his words, instead he continued to stare at the scene beyond the window," You plan to destroy the White Monarch's Dungeons, do you not? He's a thorn to your plans,right?"

Silence engulfed the room, before the voice finally responded," I might, or might not, the White Monarch is indeed troublesome with his Space and Time Law. My leader might be a Demigod, who has achieved the gate to the Spiritual God Realm, but he is not as slippery as him."

" I do not care, if you want to kill the White Monarch or not. However,I find it weird, why would you even do this? If your 'sovereign' is unsealed, you can do whatever you want, instead of this." The Devil Monarch pondered.

The voice chuckled,"Our aim is not to unseal our Sovereign to merely make him get rid of all his enemies. It's to make everything as easy as possible to him, which is what we are trying to do right now."

"Now… Boy, tell me. Will you give me the Seal's Key or not?! I know you have it, you got it from that fool's hands. Now hand it to me, otherwise… I won't be responsible for whatever happens to you and your people."

The Devil Monarch was silent, however that was enough to answer the hoarse and aged voice,"Fine, if you want to play like that,I shall show you what happens when you anger the Demon Sanctuary."


Shen Tian groaned, he was being forced to hold both Feng Hao and Xiao Ning'er on his back, simply due to them being tired, that to him, was just pure bullshit, however he couldn't exactly refuse them either, they had ust dealt a massive blow to a Demigod Expert!

With his speed, he could return to the Underground City in a flash, but he didn't want to go that fast, since he had already depleted a decent amount of his Soul Force, and he could accidentally hurt either Feng Hao or Xiao Ning'er.

He now had to deal with another issue since he was returning home, he had to breakthrough to the Demigod Rank, sooner or later he would have to get that boost in power, and that day was tomorrow.

His eyes flashed with a hint of ruthlessness, he was going to bombard his Spiritual Roots with the soul force of over 50 million Shadow Clones, a number which he had been slowly increasing daily.


A day quickly passed, Shen Tian used that little time to recover his last wounds, and also recover his Soul Force using the Shadow Clones from the Undying Cycles Realm, he had gathered over 50 Million Shadow Clones recently.

He was finally alone as the darkness ignited the night, Shen Tian sat on top of his bed at his room in the house he had bought, and was sitting with his legs crossed with each other and closed eyes.

His focus was inside his Soul Realm, despite being separated by an entire realm, Shen Tian could feel the incredible amount of Soul Force inside his Shadow Clones, in the Undying Cycles Realm.

Each Shadow Clone, had the first,second and third gate opened, and were absorbing Soul Force at a crazy rate, he was confident that with this amount, Shen Tian could've technically created over a trillion Legend Rank Demon Spiritualist.

However, his focus was elsewhere at the moment, Shen Tian held an item in his hands, a Red Crystal, the one he had chosen when he was given a chance by Chen Linjian back at the Ancient Orchid City Ruins.

In the beginning, he had not been very sure of its use, but after a lot of studying, he had finally noticed that it had gathered an incredible amount of Soul Force inside it, not comparable to his reserves with the Shadow Clones, but quite decent.

The Red Crystal, was very durable, the Ancient Orchid City Lords had noticed that, and every generation they would use it to gather an incredible amount of Soul Force, however they were unable to use it due to the Age of Darkness.

Shen Tian did some research about this Red Crystal, and found out it had been used in other parts of the Sacred Empire Era too, however this was probably the last existing Red Crystal remaining.

The best thing, was that there was no need to break the crystal to acquire the Soul Force inside it, Shen Tian could such suck the Red Crystal dry from Soul Force, and it would help him into unlocking his Spiritual Roots.

He took a deep breath, and absorbed the Red Crystal's Soul Force in a flash, he controlled the Soul Force to go towards his Soul Realm and did the same for the Soul Force of his Shadow Clones.

"The time to enter the Demigod Rank is now!" Shen Tian had a solemn expression on his face, however no matter how much Soul Force he sent towards his Spiritual Roots, it didn't seem to work out.

He had to resort to the last trick he had up his sleeves,"Screw it!" Shen Tian said as he also mixed Spiritual Energy and all his various Foreign Energies into this bombarding of his Spiritual Roots.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》