An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
85 Two Things to be happy for.
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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85 Two Things to be happy for.

His Spiritual Roots started to shake a lot, Shen Tian started to gnash his teeth as an extreme pain registered inside his body,'This is the side effects of doing something so forcefully, I guess..'

"Just fucking open!" Shen Tian let out a mad roar, as he gathered all his Spiritual Energy and Soul Force, and all various energies and did a final bombard on his Spiritual Roots which started to shine.

The Spiritual Roots started to blossom, and started to explode with Heavenly Energy, similarly his cultivation started to soar, from the Half Demigod Rank, to the Demigod Rank, 1st star and the peak of the 1st star.

His cultivation still continued to soar, until it stopped at the peak of the fourth star, Shen Tian could've broken through to the peak of the Demigod Rank almost immediately, but he wanted to take it easy for now.

He could feel the power travel through his body, Heavenly Energy was far from the Soul Force he was used to absorbing, he could get used to this very quickly, it was a nice feeling, and he felt more powerful.

He had considered also cultivating a law, but at the moment he didn't require it, the Sharingan granted him a massive understanding of several laws, mostly of the Illusion Law and the Space and Time Law.

He was confident, that if he had to fight the White Monarch at his peak now, he could effortlessly defeat him through the use of merely his Physical Strength, albeit his Space and Time Law would be troublesome.

He felt as if he was reborn right now, he was one of the few dozens of Demigods in the Underground Region, and if he went to the surface, there would be no Demigods besides him perhaps.

His skin was removed of all impurities, he looked even more handsome than before, instead of a young 14 years looking body, he now looked around fifteen, despite being younger than that, he liked it.


Xiao Ning'er yawned as she woke up, she rubbed her eyes and looked around, she noticed the sunlight entering her room,"How long did I even sleep? I wasted so much time I could've spent cultivating…"

She stood up from her bed, still feeling a bit weak from the amount of sleep she had, and wanted to check the others, upon opening the door, she went straight to the main room, and found Shen Tian reading a book there.

While Shen Tian could just use Shadow Clones to read it for him, every once in a while, he read a book just to experience how it felt to read it in the first place, Xiao Ning'er felt he was more handsome than before.

"Shen...Tian?" She called him with a confused voice, not very sure if it was really him or not, he looked way more handsome than just a day ago, seeing him even more handsome was really confusing to her.

Shen Tian turned his head, to look at her, only to see Xiao Ning'er blush,"Is there anything wrong with my face, Ning'er?" He asked as he tilted his head in a similar confuse as her, she did not respond.

Instead, she groaned and facepalmed herself,"It's you… Shen Tian, what happened to you though, you looked way more handsome the way you are right now?" She asked with a curious tone.

Shen Tian had a slight smile on his face, it was time for him to show off his newly found power," I reached the Demigod Rank, it took some drastic means, which also is one of the reasons why my appearance is so different now."

Xiao Ning'er widened her eyes,"You reached the Demigod Rank?! Does that mean you are now in the same level as the White Monarch or the City Lord?" Shen Tian looked at her for a moment and nodded.


Xiao Ning'er was speechless, at her current state, she had entered the fifth star of the Legend Rank using the various herbs Shen Tian had used to make some pills for her and Feng Hao to increase their cultivation.

However, just when she thought they had catched up to Shen Tian, he crossed another major rank, to increase and deepen the distance between them and him, it seems she had to work even harder now.

A single look into Shen Tian's eyes, made her sigh in defeat,"Uwaa… Just when I thought I had catched up to you, you are a bad person!" She pouted, Shen Tian just rolled his eyes,"Whatever."

Xiao Ning'er was in deep thoughts, before finally pointing her finger at him and shouting with a blush,"You owe me a date!" Shen Tian looked with a weird expression before responding,"Sure." Making her freeze.

"What? You wanted a date and I compromised to make it happen, nothing wrong here , besides we are going to marry sooner or later, a date would be a good way for the two of us to know each other better."

"Then… Let's go on a date tomorrow!" Xiao Ning'er bit her lower lips before shouting, making Shen Tian chuckle,"I Don't see why you are rushing it but sure, tomorrow I'll come and call you from your room."

Xiao Ning'er rushed towards her room, to decide on what dress to wear in this date, while Shen Tian continued to read his book in silence, he had his fifty and counting million shadow clones gather Heavenly Energy for him.

With his current power level, he was confident that even if a Heavenly Fate Realm expert appeared in front of him, he could easily defeat him using half of his current strength, which was incredible.

However, without actually fighting one, he could only just use bare estimates he had, which weren't exactly the best thing to count on when working on the power level of different realms.

Shen Tian's eyes flashed with a hint of amusement, it was time for him to continue working on the Five Elemental Dragon Sect and the Void Dragon Tower, for the latter, he had put Jing Ye on charge of assassination.

For the Five Elemental Dragon Sect, he only had two Sect Branch Masters, Xiao Ning'er and Feng Hao, he had to work on finding the other three Sect Branch Masters, which he wanted to do right now
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》