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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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86 Demon Sanctuary

Demon Sanctuary.

The Demon Sanctuary was located hundreds of thousands of kilometers away from both the White Monarch's Dungeons or the Underground City, and quite a large distance from the next human civilization.

The Demon Sanctuary resided inside a massive mountain range, which did not touch the sky, but was decently massive on it's own. The Sanctuary, had over three million members alone. Each possessing a certain degree of cultivation.

Unlike the Underground City, the defenses of the Demon Sanctuary were very formidable and easily noticeable, the Demon Sanctuary had put over a thousand different Inscription Patterns to protect their base.

The Demon Sanctuary's only purpose to exist was to free it, their Sovereign, that was their only purpose. Their Sovereign was sealed by the Supreme Leader of the Underground City several hundred years ago.

The Demon Sanctuary had dozen Demigods, and their strongest expert was someone who had nearly entered the Heavenly Fate Realm, merely standing at the gate between the Demigod and Heavenly Fate Realm.

The aged and hoarse voice the Devil Monarch had a conversation with, was one of the strongest Demigods of the Demon Sanctuary, and similarly to their Supreme Leader, was only a very thin line away from the Heavenly Fate Realm.

In total the Demon Sanctuary could hold their own to the Underground City for a while, but if the Supreme Leader interrupted the fight, it would be one sided, with the Underground City easily winning the battle.

Deep inside the Demon Sanctuary, the Demon Council had been gathered, which had several dozens of Demigods and Legend Rank Demon Spiritualists participating, waiting for their leader to come.

"The Devil Monarch does not want to give us the Seal's Key, we need to destroy the Devil Monarch's Kingdom now. They will be a problem to our future plans, my fellow members of the Sanctuary!"

One of the Demigods put forth his opinion, while another one shook his head," While that indeed would be a good idea, with our current power, if we put our troops to thin, we will be exterminated by the enemies."

" I agree with you, the White Monarch's Faction is just waiting for us to lower our guard, while the Underground City might look silent, but they are also a dangerous faction to look for in the future."

The strongest experts, had the most to say, and their words were the ones which were usually listened to, but the other experts could also have a say here, the Demon Sanctuary had many experts, which caused this.

In the most grand looking chapter in the middle, was a man with red skin, as if someone had burned it, and closed eyes. There was no noticeable hair, the man was probably bald, however he had a very mysterious aura.

No one dared to look at him, in fear of pissing him of, the man was blind, but he could still sense everyone in this room, it was said that he purposely blinded himself to sense the Soul Force more carefully!

The man finally opened his mouth, and told his opinion,"I think that we should first destroy the White Monarch's Dungeon, and then deal with the Devil Monarch's Kingdom, we do not require the Seal's Key immediately."

The rest looked at him with widened eyes, the man rarely revealed his opinion of the issue,"After all, we are still not sure where the Seal where our Sovereign was sealed inside is located, the key can wait."

"Tong Zhong, you might be right after all… As the Leader of the Torture Department, I believe your opinion should be considered the highest here, since the Vice Patriarch and Patriarch are not present."

Tong Zhong, looked at the one who spoke, he was a very loyal person to the Demon Sanctuary, who more than anything else wanted for the Sovereign to be unsealed, and for him to lead them to glory.

"Then we have decided, first we will destroy the White Monarch's Dungeon and then the Devil Monarch's Kingdom, we have to be fast and effective, we don't want them to get ready for us!" The rest cheered.


Shen Tian frowned, Xiao Ning'er was still not ready for the date,"Ning'er can you be a bit faster? We don't have the entire day for ourselves!" Feng Hao was in his room, laughing at the couple, much to their dismay.

A moment later, he started to hear footsteps, he looked up and saw Xiao Ning'er, who had changed into some clothes, which really suited her and added a certain charm to her beauty, he nodded.

A slight smile appearing on his face,"You look even more beautiful today, Ning'er." Xiao Ning'er blushed slightly, Shen Tian wore the clothes he usually wore in Glory City, with different colors and accessories.

Xiao Ning'er smiled," I thank you for the compliment." She walked towards Shen Tian, and intertwined her hand with his, and they left the mansion to go to the Underground City and into a restaurant to have dinner.

After a while, they decided to enter the Solar Wolf Restaurant, one of the most highly rated Restaurants inside the Underground City, with top notch quality meat of various Demon Beasts.

"Shall we go sit there?" Shen Tian pointed into a corner of the Solar Wolf Restaurant, to a table next to some windows, revealing a wonderful sight of the Underground City in it's full glory, she nodded.

Xiao Ning'er sat into a chair, and looked at Shen Tian, who sat at the chair at the other side of the table. She felt attracted to him, and now that he had become even more handsome due to the breakthrough, it was even higher.

"So Ning'er, I've been wondering for a while, but… Do you miss Glory City? I mean you haven't seen your father in what could be considered to be around a month and more." Shen Tian looked at her.

Xiao Ning'er had a sad expression on her face," I do miss my father, however I also do realize that we have a mission to discover the limits of this city in middle of the Dark Ruins." She sighed in sadness.

Shen Tian said,"Then, since you miss the city, and there isn't really an use for us to stay here for a very long period anymore, I will lead us to leave the Underground City after we settle our issues here."

Xiao Ning'er brightened, her expression showed happiness,"Let's hope we get rid of all the problems here as fast as possible then!"
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》