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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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87 City Lord“s Birthday.

"Young Lord, we have lots of different tables for you to choose from, please do not hesitate to tell us if you find something not to your pleasing or low in quality!" The Young Lord had arrived inside the Solar Wolf Restaurant.

The Young Lord had a polite expression as he responded to the restaurant owner with a lot of respect,"There is no need for any of this, I am here to pass a message to a person here, now if you may excuse me."

He then started to walk to Shen Tian, confusing the restaurant owner, since it was extremely weird for one of the most important people of the City Lord's Villa to go and walk to a random person for no reason.

"Shen Tian, I hereby invite you to my father's birthday party, tomorrow. I hope you and your friends can participate into this event, my father would be more than happy to receive you." The Young Lord smiled.

Not even once, did he glance at Xiao Ning'er, Shen Tian had a favorable opinion of him for that, he was not swayed by beauty, the City Lord's Villa had a good successor it seems. "I'll participate there, thanks for the invitation."

The Young Lord nodded, slightly bowing before saying,"Then, I'll leave, I see that I've interrupted an important meeting between you and miss Ning'er here." He then proceeded to leave the Solar Wolf Restaurant.


The City Lord's Birthday was a very big event in the Underground City, members of the young generation would occasionally test their skills against the members of the other factions, and at the same time it was a battle of superiority.

It also proved to serve as a reminder to the other eight major factions, that the overlords of the Underground City were none other than the City Lord's Villa, it served as a proof of their supremacy!

However, Shen Tian after returning from the date with Xiao Ning'er had other problems to take care of, which included the changes inside the Undying Cycles Realm, a very interesting change to say the least.

The Undying Cycles Realm had started to change from the moment his Spiritual Roots were awakened, he felt different energies enter his realm, mainly the Heavenly Energy was spread over the realm.

The Heavenly Energy which had spread in the Undying Cycles Realm, was not his, while he did have a bit of that energy, the amount was rather low, it could not create such a reaction from the realm, it had to be from somewhere else.

In fact, after a bit of research, he found out that the Heavenly Energy in the realm started to take a solid form. Judging from the shape and size of it, Shen Tian immediately recognized it as a Spirit Stone.

Using it, he found out that his cultivation was becoming faster and faster, he merely absorbed the Heavenly Energy inside the Spirit Stones, it reminded him of the Spiritual Stones back in his homeland.

After a few minutes of experimenting, he also found out that he could take out those Spirit Stones from the Undying Cycles Realm into the Underground City, he could share the Spirit Stones with Feng Hao and Xiao Ning'er too it seems.

He was not sure how many Spirit Stones the Undying Cycles Realm could create, however he could think of it as an infinite supply place of it, due to the fact he could make the realm as big as he wanted.

Shen Tian felt the memories of one of his Shadow Clones return to him, causing him to widen his eyes in surprise and shock," I see… No wonder I had my suspicions, my father is actually still alive."

The Black Lion Family. He did have a few spies inside that family, however none of them were actually that high of a rank inside it, he'd have to meet his father directly, but for now he was not in a rush.

Father or not, the truth was that Shen Tian had put most of his emotions towards his death into the grave he supposedly was buried in, while there still existed an attachment to him, the emotions were running thin.

Of course, if possible he'd like to meet with him and see how he felt about all of this, he was sure he'd be very surprised about his current cultivation rank, it probably was far above his father's.

After all, there was a chance that his buried love to his father could emerge upon meeting him again, and Shen Tian who rarely had experienced fatherly love, might experience it once again.


Without him realizing, after a day of cultivation, it was time for him and his two companions to go to the City Lord's Villa. It was going to be a very long day, however Shen Tian had to show some respect for the City Lord.

Xiao Ning'er wore a long red dress, while Shen Tian and Feng Hao wore their usual clothes, none of them cared about appearance, since their only focus was in cultivation, and for Shen Tian it was also Xiao Ning'er.

Shen Tian noticed, that many people were staring at her, so he gave them a cold stare, which made them all shut up, and direct their sight somewhere else easing his anger slightly, Feng Hao chuckled.

"Isn't that Boss Tian?!" Jing Ye walked towards them, his appearance looked far less wild not, in fact he looked as docile as a puppy, however his eyes were covered in loyalty towards Shen Tian, even calling him a boss.

Shen Tian, had worked with Jing Ye in the shadows, and in the 72 hours they had discussed with each other, they decided that he should join the Void Dragon Tower, because he was very suitable for it.

Xiao Ning'er and Feng Hao were not really surprised at the actions of Jing Ye, but they were indeed a bit stunned by the respect Jing Ye had for Shen Tian, that was really surprising to them.

"Jing Ye, come with us since we are heading at the same path." Shen Tian invited Jing Ye, who separated himself from the Devil Seeking School group, leaving them a bit dumbfounded and walked with him.

"Jing Ye, come back here immediately!" The elder who was responsible for the Devil Seeking School group reprimanded him, he had a thin body with a large mustache and a bald head, he had the cultivation of a Legend Rank Cultivator.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》