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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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88 Losing Face

Jing Ye looked at the elder and shook his head, stubbornly refusing to return to their side, the elder felt anger enter his body,"You stupid disciple,! I shall report what you've done to the Old Ancestor."

The elder felt that he had lost a massive amount of face here, after all their main disciple, the one who supposedly would gain face for them when fighting against the Young Lord, refused to follow them.

"You brat over there, tell Jing Ye to follow me, it seems he is listening to you. I don't think you want trouble to appear in front of you right…?" The elder threatened Shen Tian, who rolled his eyes.

He looked at him with a cold expression and said,"Why should I help your Devil Seeking School with your own problem? You can't even control your own disciples, that's extremely sad." The elder was pissed.

"Fine, so be it! However do not blame me for the problems which will follow to come for you, you brat… Our Devil Seeking School is not so easily offended like this,." It seems the Devil Seeking School had done a bad choice in who to chose to manage their disciples in this event.

Jing Ye did not react to the provocation the elder sent Shent Tian at all, since he knew that it wouldn't affect him, but if he had the power to, he would probably have killed the elder for the disrespect he was showing to him.

A disciple of the Devil Seeking School, who had been in the White Monarch's Dungeon a week ago, immediately recognized Shen Tian and whispered into the elder's ear as they left the group alone.

The elder gave Shen Tian a last glare before they left, despite being rather rash, the elder was not a fool, since he had started a fight with Shen Tian, he'd gave to either take it to the end, or apologize.

Shen Tian ignored him, while Feng Hao smirked,"You really like getting in trouble,don't you Shen Tian?" The mentioned person remaining unfazed by the mention of 'trouble' however he did agree with him.


The group of four, entered the City Lord's Villa, and were immediately welcomed by the people of the said faction, they were also sent to a certain table, where the four could sit alone without anyone to interrupt their discussion.

The Young Lord did not interrupt them, since he saw that they were comfortable being there alone, he did not want to ruin his father's birthday, as it could also affect his chances of succeeding him.

Jing Ye scared anyone who wanted to near them anyway, the only one who was not affected was the Young Lord, Zhi Ruo wanted to near them too, but with Jing Ye there she felt uncomfortable.

The Devil Seeking School was very uncomfortable, Jing Ye, their main star was not even in their table, instead he was sitting with some rogues, who did not belong to any faction in the Underground City.

The Young Lord acted as if he did not care, but secretly he was very happy, after all his relationship with the Devil Seeking School had never been a very good one in the first place anyway.

After all, in the long history of the Underground City, the Devil Seeking School and the City Lord's Villa have never had a proper relationship between the two, which continued even to today.

The Young Lord decided to move to the main stage and start a speech, most people were paying attention to him, after all they had to show a certain degree of respect to the City Lord's Villa.

He frowned, no matter how much he could ignore the ones who had no respect for the City Lord's Villa, the people were creating chaos in his speech, not even allowing him to be heard across the hall.

Those people were from the third largest faction besides the White Monarch's Dungeon and the Devil Monarch's Kingdom, which was only a small village of people who had considerable talent outside the city.

The village was not known for their manners, and they were extremely arrogant, mainly due to rarely leaving the village to explore the Underground Region, they did not have much respect for the Underground City

The Young Lord was thinking of ways to make the youngsters pay for their actions towards the City Lord's Villa. The disrespect was simply too high for him or any other member of the City Lord's Villa to ignore it.

The Young Lord sent a pleading look towards Shen Tian, who immediately understood what he was meaning, he wanting him to help him take care of the people of the young generation of that village if given the opportunity, he nodded.

Honestly, Shen Tian did not even have to make a move himself, as the strongest person in that young generation was merely at the peak of the Silver Rank, however the Young Lord himself couldn't fight, and he didn't want to ask Jing Ye to do it either.

Shen Tian, who was not part of any faction inside the Underground Region, was the perfect choice to ask . After all, Shen Tian was also getting disturbed by the noises they were making. However, Shen Tian shook his head and pointed at Feng Hao, he would let him take care of them.

The Young Lord frowned slightly, he knew that Shen Tian's friends wouldn't be weak, and that the fact they couldn't sense his cultivation also made Feng Hao much more mysterious, but… Would he be enough?

The Young Lord no longer focused on that part, and decided to continue his speech, ignoring people from that village. The village was called,[Ancestral Spirit Village] because their ancestor protected the village from attacks.

The strongest person of that village was merely at the peak of the Demigod Rank, the reason it's 'merely' is because there are only about three Demigods in that village, which is really a tiny amount.

However, they have an Ancestral Spirit, which has protected them from any invasion,despite their population being merely twenty five thousand, they live in peace and harmony, safe from Demon Beasts.

This resulted in their Young Generation being spoiled and arrogant. Despite their elders warning them, they chose not to listen to their warning, and continued to act as if they were above everyone else here.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》