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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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89 Gaining Face

The Young Lord finished his speech soon after, he then told everyone that they could start having a few spars to compare their strength, obviously the other faction were covered in excitement.

After all, while they did come here due to respect for the City Lord, the true reason was to compare their strength with the members of the young generation of another faction. Shen Tian was not interested however.

The Ancestral Spirit Village's Young Generation did not pay any attention to those fighting, and did not even have a thought about challenging someone, so Shen Tian had an evil plan to force them to fight.

He started to point at them and laugh, he started to murmur together with Feng Hao, much to Xiao Ning's confuse, she did not understood why they were laughing at that certain group, she just shrugged.

After a while, the Ancestral Spirit Village's people noticed what they were doing and frowned, they were used to laugh at others, but not to get laughed at, it was a new experience for them.

Looking at each other, they decided to challenge Feng Hao, they might look stupid, but they knew Shen Tian was the strongest of the four there, the rumors said so. They wouldn't want to embarrass themselves.

Feng Hao snorted upon hearing the challenge at him, after all he was an existence at the peak of the Legend rank, it would be simply called bullying to defeat some Silver Rank juniors at his level!

The Young Lord was talking with some rather important people, but a few times he secretly looked at the battle which was about to start between a member of the Ancestral Spirit Village and Feng Hao.

Feng Hao, easily destroyed the member of the Ancestral Spirit Village, without even using his Demon Spirit, while every member he fought used their Demon Spirits, it really angered them, that it seemed like Feng Hao was going easy on them.

Shen Tian had a cold expression, as if he found everything happening natural, this greatly angered the Ancestral Spirit Village, so one of them decided to challenge him, earning a chuckle from him.

The one who challenged him, was a sturdy young man, around the age of seventeen to eighteen, Shen Tian looked at his cultivation and was a bit astonished. The young man was at the peak of the Silver Rank, however inside him resided a mysterious energy.

He did not notice this mysterious energy at the other members of the Ancestral Spirit Village. He might be worth recruiting, this young man did not look to have an ill intent towards him either, just a bit of anger.

"What is your name?" Shen Tian calmly asked,surprising the young man slightly,"My name is Jian Yu." Shen Tian had a slight smile in his face, Jian Yu might be worth recruiting to his factions.

Looking more closely into Jian Yu, he noticed he had bronze colored eyes and dark brown hair which extended to the middle of his back with bushy eyebrows, and a very muscular physique. He was also very tall.

"A nice name indeed, Jian Yu, I am going to fight you with the power of a peak Gold Rank Demon Spiritualist. Please do your best… Do not disappoint me." Without waiting for a sign, Shen Tian suddenly shoot forward towards Jian Yu who widened his eyes.

'He did not even integrate with his Demon Spirit, is he crazy?!' Jian Yu thought as he saw the boy's fist hit his forehead with an extremely potent physical strength, sending him flying away immediately.

'He is seriously not joking around! I could sense that was the power of a peak Gold Rank Demon Spiritualist, the question is how is he so precise with controlling his Physical Strength?!' Jian Yu gasped.

Shen Tian's cold eyes expressed Killing Intent, he send a bit over 1% of his Killing Intent at Jing Yu who started to sweat, the pressure upon him was growing each moment, under this pressure the Mysterious Energy did not react at all.

Shen Tian narrowed his eyes, and sighed," If that is how you want to play, then I won't be able to afford to hold back." Jian Yu started to sweat even more, was he going to use even more power now?!

He exploded with the power of an early Black Gold Rank Demon Spiritualist, making Jian Yu start to sweat heavily,"Wait...WAIT!" Before he could declare his surrender, Shen Tian slammed his fist at him.

'If you won't appear now, I will just force you to appear by almost killing Jian Yu… No I will attack with the intent to kill him, how will you ask, mysterious thing?' Shen Tian was slightly amused.

Jian Yu roared as he entered his Demon Spirit Form, a Snow Wind attributed Demon Beast, which had the potential to enter the peak of the Legend Rank, he was going to go all out against Shen Tian, even if he knew he would lose.

Shen Tian created a Rasengan on his hand, making everyone else widen their eyes, he was using pure Soul Force Manipulation to create a spherical ball, which had been never seen before in the city.

Jian Yu put his hands forward, and started to gather the cold air in the hall, and make it far more cold, Shen Tian raised an eyebrow, he had never seen such an odd attack being used with a Demon Spirit before.

"Ice Blast!" Jian Yu shouted as he shot the Ice Beam gathered in his hand forward, straight at Shen Tian who supposedly couldn't dodge it with the close distance between him and Jian Yu currently.

Shen Tian put the Rasengan aside for a moment holding it with one hand, while he put his other hand forward, he did not want to use Kamui right now ,because it would show his special abilities for no reason.

He gathered the air around the hall, however he then compressed it into a very tiny space, and let it burst out when the Ice Blast was enough near him, making the two attacks collide with each other.

The hot steam started to scatter around the space, and Jian Yu used his eyes to look at where Shen Tian could possibly be, his awareness at the maximum it could be, when suddenly he heard some noises behind him.

"Too late!" Shen Tian snorted as he almost slammed the Rasengan into Jian Yu's back, note 'almost', the Mysterious Energy inside Jian Yu finally started to act and appeared to protect him from it.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》