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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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90 Surprising Ending

"It took you a quite long time to appear, didn't it? Are you sad I hurt your precious host?" Shen Tian chuckled to himself, as the dense and massive amount of the white energy started to surge out of Jian Yu.

Shen Tian noticed the discomfort Jian Yu had on his face, and his eyes made contact with the Young Lord, before he slammed his hands together, and an Array was formed, so that the damage did not spread further out from the arena.

Jian Yu had lost consciousness, he had reverted to his human form, while his eyes turned from their usual color, to a full white, pure white energy surged out of him, Shen Tian thought it was really similar to Soul Force, but at the same time also to Heavenly Energy.

Maybe it was a mutation between Soul Force and Heavenly Energy? But that did not really make much sense, he would have to research a bit more about it, it was very interesting right now.

Shen Tian felt that Jian Yu's cultivation rank had risen from the Peak of the Silver Rank, to the peak of the Gold Rank, and it was not not about to stop rising either, it seems it had good effects on him.

Jian Yu suddenly burst forward, White Energy enveloping his body, as he sent a fist forward, aiming at him. Shen Tian looked at the fist in slow motion, and he easily was capable of dodging it.

Shen Tian shot his foot forward, hitting Jian Yu, who slightly moaned in pain, before throwing a fist at him, Shen Tian rolled his eyes,'It seems he is not affected by pain when in this form.' He thought.

Jian Yu burst out with even more power this time, sending a storm of fists at Shen Tian, who easily blocked every punch, however Jian Yu surprised him by going forward for a headbutt, which he similarly blocked.

"Alright Jian Yu. You have done enough for now, I've seen enough of your Mysterious Energy." Shen Tian waved his hand, and a portion of the Mysterious Energy cut itself from the main part, and surged inside his Undying Cycles Realm.

"Although, I would not be uninterested in knowing where you possibly gained such a mysterious energy, it would progress my cultivation and knowledge to another level it seems." Shen Tian mused to himself.

Jian Yu growled, as even more Mysterious White Energy started to appear out of his body, Shen Tian knitted his eyebrows," It also seems to possess a regeneration ability, it's as if I never cut a part of it."

"His power rose to the peak of the Black Gold Rank… This is simply astonishing, I need to keep him as my companion. He is simply too precious to be left in a tiny Ancestral Spirit Village." Shen Tian chuckled.

Shen Tian did not doubt that Jian Yu could grow even more in terms of power, however he was not willing to test the limits of this mysterious white energy in middle of the City Lord's Birthday Event. That was pushing the limits.

"This is very interesting, however it's a shame it has to end so soon, I am sorry Jian Yu, but I cannot test the limits of your powers here." Shen Tian extended an arm as a massive amount of Soul Force burst out and engulfed Jian Yu.

While he was indeed not being affected by pain, when one was knocked out, pain did not matter at all. Jian Yu let out a last groan as he fell to the cold floor. Shen Tian gave a last glare at him, before flicking his fingers, disabling the array.

The crowd was looking at the arena, their faces covered in seriousness, they couldn't see beyond the array, so they did not know what was happening inside it, Feng Hao and Xiao Ning'er were not worried at all though, they knew nothing would happen to Shen Tian.

When they saw that Jian Yu was on the ground, knocked out while Shen Tian was standing on the ground and very fine, they sighed in relief slightly. The Ancestral Spirit Village's members did not rush to walk up to the boy.

It didn't seem like they had a very good relationship with Jian Yu, maybe it was related to the Mysterious White Energy Jian Yu possessed, it was an extremely weird energy, Shen Tian had never seen something like it before.

"Shen Tian!" The Young Lord fastened his steps as he ran towards Shen Tian, he was visibly worried about him, the City Lord had made a strong point into not making trouble in this birthday event.

The City Lord had yet to appear, even most of the elders were not here, only a few were in the hall, to oversee whatever problem appeared, the City Lord was discussing with the other elders about something in another room.

The Young Lord felt a headache starting to appear. Why did all of this have to happen to him of all people… Shen Tian looked at him and nodded," I did not suffer any injury, instead look at Jian Yu, he is wounded."

He nodded, and after a last look at Shen Tian, walked towards Jian Yu, he noticed the slightly dire state of him, and gave him a few pills, Shen Tian covered his eyes with his hair, before activating the EMS, putting a Genjutsu inside Jian Yu's mind.

He would want to have a little chat with Jian Yu later on, Tsukuyomi would also work, but he wanted to use a different approach to this issue, after all it was not like with Jing Ye, who had hated him.

"Boss Tian!" Speaking Of The Devil, Shen Tian immediately saw Jing Ye rushing towards him, slightly sweating from his forehead, it was obvious he had been a bit worried about him, but not that much.

"I'm fine Jing Ye, we can go back to our table, I want to drink something cold to make myself comfortable once again." Shen Tian had a slightly troubled expression as he walked to their table.

Xiao Ning'er and Feng Hao were waiting for them, the former slightly frowned,"What the hell were you trying to do there, mister?! You do realize that was very dangerous even for you, so unexpected."

"I would've taken my own life if I were to lose to him…" Shen Tian rolled his eyes, Xiao Ning'er sighed in defeat while Feng Hao had a grin,"So can you tell us what happened there, Shen Tian?!"
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》