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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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91 City Lord“s Appearance

"The City Lord is coming finally!" The City Lord and the various elders of the various factions present today walked into the hall, none of them found the current sight unusual, after all it was common for the stage in the middle to be damaged.

"My son, I see that you have done a good job to keep the people satisfied." The City Lord told the Young Lord who nodded happily, he had done his best to keep the crowd silent, and was happy with the results.

He looked around, and noticed he quiet attitude of the young generation members Ancestral Spirit Village, which was very unusual, the elder of the Ancestral Spirit Village knitted his eyebrows unsure of what had happened.

He looked at Jian Yu, and his eyes widened Shen Tian noticed it almost immediately. It seems this elder knew about the secret behind Jian Yu's mysterious energy, and noticed that it had been unsealed.

After learning what had happened through a member of the young generation of the Ancestral Spirit Village, he frowned even more deeply, and looked at Shen Tian with a slightly upset expression.

It seems that Shen Tian and his friends wouldn't have a good relationship with the Ancestral Spirit Village, since he wanted to make Jian Yu part of the Void Dragon Tower anyway, he did not care.

What was an Ancestral Spirit Village to him anyway? With his current strength, let alone that village, even the White Monarch and the City Lord were several levels below him at this moment.

The City Lord noticed the strange way the Ancestral Spirit Village Elder was looking at Shen Tian, however he did not think too deeply into it, after all it was not his issue and it did not seem like it was very deep anyway.

"Alright, I believe the Young Generation has had enough with sparring with each other?" The City Lord took the role of the main person from his son, the Young Lord and started his own speech.

The night continued for several more hours, however nothing special happened, after all the Young Generation was merely the Young Generation, they did not have the qualification to know what the older people discussed.

After a while Shen Tian,Xiao Ning'er,Feng Hao and Jing Ye decided to leave the birthday event, as there was nothing happening, and they couldn't really waste all of this time for absolutely no reason.


Fighter Guild.

"THIS IS ABSOLUTELY SHAMELESS! How dare those alchemist from the Alchemy Guild ask for so much for merely a few pills they created with the raw materials we secured for them?! Shameless!"

Xu Rong felt steam come out from his nose as he shaked a lot while reading the scroll on his hands. Long Shan was sweating,'What could the Alchemy Guild have possibly done to create such a reaction from him.'

It was known that the Fighter Guild and the Alchemy Guild did not have a very good relationship, but the two had recently created a deal between themselves, a pill trade agreement.

However, it was shown that the deal was simply a way for the Alchemy Guild to earn more money off the Fighter Guild, thus Xu Rong who thought they could profit out of this was very angered.

The Alchemy Guild merely wanted a raw material only the Fighter Guild possessed, known as the [One Thousand Years Old Snow Lotus], which could only be found in dangerous regions, and only the Fighter Guild currently had it.

The One Thousand Years Old Snow Lotus was something the ancestors of the Fighter Guild had found several dozens of years ago, and treated it as the ultimate treasure of their Fighter Guild!

This Snow Lotus, had a certain effect, which could raise the cultivation of a person who cultivated using a Snow Wind attributed cultivation technique, by a single star, which was a massive difference for Demigods.

Unfortunately, the Fighters of the Fighter Guild, couldn't use it obviously, thus they kept it, in case they eventually had a powerful Demon Spiritualist of that attribute, but the chance to use it never came.

Seeing this as an opportunity, the Alchemist Guild had decided they wanted to exchange a massive amount of pills for the Snow Lotus, however the quality of the pills was extremely low, it was not worth the deal.

The Fighter Guild obviously refused the deal, and suggested another alternative, however the Alchemist Guild refuse to change the deal, only wanting the Snow Lotus above anything else for the deal.

Obviously, The Fighter Guild started to slowly get angry, they had looked forward to this deal, but now they had to refuse it due to the Alchemy Guild being very shameless for no reason.

Not to mention, recently their strongest Demon Spiritualist, Elder Zheng who was at the peak of the Black Gold Rank, had been smacked around by Shen Tian, a boy who did not belong to any faction.

After all of this, the Fighter Guild had hit bottom rock due to all this lose of face in front of public. Which was one of the reasons why Xu Rong was extremely angry at this moment, after all this all was happening while he was the Guild Master.

This was completely normal. Xu Rong had spent so many years of his life, dedicating it to the Fighter Guild, only for the guild to be severely affected by the Alchemy Guild and a mere brat who did not belong to any faction.


Shen Tian was completely oblivious to the struggles of the Fighter Guild, instead he was heading to the Alchemy Guild to sell a few pill formulas to them, after all there was no use in keeping the same pill formulas he sold to Glory City.

Xiao Ning'er and Feng Hao had returned to the mansion, to cultivate and try to reach the gateway between the Legend Rank and the Demigod Rank, they may have a bit of luck and break through to it.

Jing Ye, much to his dismay had to return to his home, where he probably would face punishment for leaving the Devil Seeking School's group not like he really cared about it anyway.

Shen Tian would take care of that issue later, the Devil Seeking School wouldn't kill their only star who would allow them to fight the City Lord's Villa head on merely for such a small issue, that was stupid.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》