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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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92 Alchemy Guild

The Alchemy Guild was made of alchemists, which would do anything to improve their pill making, which was one of the reasons they were so shameless about the Snow Lotus of the Fighter Guild.

Unlike the Glory City's Alchemy Association, which ranked Alchemists by 3 ranks, the Alchemy Guild had a few more levels, corresponding to the cultivation ranks, up to the gold rank, and then the Emerald Rank,Diamond Rank and finally the Guild Master.

Shen Tian, judging by his previous rank of a Grandmaster in the Alchemy Association, could only qualify to be at the 3rd rank, the Gold Rank Alchemist, making him not that bad, but also not good enough.

Shen Tian had researched the Alchemy Guild for a while, and he was quite surprised with the knowledge of alchemy they had, it seems they had preserved the alchemy before the Age of Darkness quite well.

The Alchemy Association in Glory City was inferior to the Alchemy Guild in the Underground City in so many levels, any average alchemist in the Alchemy Guild could easily concoct the pills they used.

The difference in their construction style was rather massive too, the Alchemy Guild was much more grand, and their buildings were very large, since the Alchemy Guild had thousands of members.

The crowd were looking at Shen Tian with surprise , most of them did recognize him as the strongest members of the young generation in the Underground City as of now, but none of them knew he was an alchemist too.

After all, Shen Tian was only 14, no matter how much of a prodigy or no matter how much of a genius he was, there was a limited amount of things he could focus upon at that age only, it would be very hard for him to be both at the same!

The crowd only continued to be surprised, as Shen Tian actually entered the Alchemy Guild Headquarters, it was obvious that he was here to apply to become an alchemist… Or maybe to ask for a pill.

Probably the latter, is what most people in the crowd thought, they waited and waited… For hours, until Shen Tian finally came out of the Alchemy Guild, with a single difference in his clothes, an Emerald colored badge.

"Shen Tian… Is no longer just a monster like prodigy… He is now also a very talented alchemist!" The crowd started to spread the news, while Shen Tian was completely oblivious to all of this.


Shen Tian slowly enter the building, his eyes expressing calmness, as if nothing could affect him. The alchemist inside the guild raised an eyebrow at him, they did not really recognize Shen Tian.

Walking up, Shen Tian glared at whoever seemed to be responsible for accepting new members to the guild, Shen Tian wanted to use the Alchemy Guild, to gain access to more raw materials and more money.

Obviously, the Alchemy Guild had the highest influence in raw materials, since they were the ones who needed them the most, after all they were a vital part in concocting pills, which was the point of the guild.

Shen Tian required some raw materials, and the best way to gain them would be to join the Alchemy Guild and get their people to get the raw materials ready for them for a massive discount.

The receptionist was a young and beautiful woman, and when she saw, she misunderstood him for a kid who was lost,"Did you lose your parents? Do you want me to help you find them?" She started to sent a fury of questions at him.

Shen Tian gained a tick mark on his forehead,"I'm not lost or anything, be careful with your words. I am here to take the exam to become an Alchemist…" He growled slowly, the people of the Underground City were really annoying sometimes.

The receptionist had a sheepish expression on her face as she apologized,"Aren't you too young… To participate in this exam? Are you sure you want to do this in the first place anyway?" She asked.

Shen Tian returned to his previous calm expression, and he made a step closer to the receptionist as he glared at her," I am fully confident in my abilities to be an alchemist, miss." He said the last word with a higher tone.

The receptionist slightly sweatdropped as she responded,"Fine… Please come with me, I'll show you where you can hold the exam." She stood up from her desk, and lead him to another section of the headquarters.

Shen Tian gained another few looks from the alchemists of the Alchemy Guild, who were curious to know why the strongest members of the young generation currently was here, it was a mystery to them.

Shen Tian was told to enter a white room, and he did so. He took a few glances around, and he immediately noticed the amount of Inscription Patterns in the room, they were also far more knowledgeable about them here.

Several cloudy images appeared in front of him,[Identify the Herbs shown] the image also showed a few words, Shen Tian was slightly amused, this reminded him of the Sect back at his homeland.

Shen Tian did not wait for much longer, before starting to identify each herb, saying the name of the herbs loudly each time, it was extremely easy for him, since his memory was way better than of most people.

[Part 1 of the Exam, completed, 100/100. Part 2 - Starting…. How do you create the Spirit Nourishing Pill?]

Shen Tian started to mention the ingredients of the Spirit Nourishing Pill, which was a very incredible pill for people below the Demigod Rank, in which the effect of the pill was not that high anymore.

He was asked to show the formula of over fifty five pills, after which the images started to lessen. It seems he was about to reach the limit of this exam, Shen Tian thought it was too easy, really.

[... Part 2 completed, you have been promoted to Bronze Rank Alchemist, do you want to continue the exam, to become a Silver Rank Alchemist or not?]

Shen Tian nodded, obviously he wanted to have higher discounts, the higher his alchemist rank would be , the less he'd have to pay to the Alchemy Guild, no matter how rich he was right now, he still lacked a massive amount of money.

The receptionist outside the room, was patiently waiting for Shen Tian to leave the room, with a depressing aura on him, she did not believe that he could complete the exam to become a Bronze Rank Alchemist.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》