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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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93 Snow Lotus...?


The receptionist only stared at Shen Tian's badge,"Are you kidding with me…" She started to talk to herself, she did not understand how Shen Tian was capable of becoming an Emerald Rank Alchemist.

Shen Tian had a smirk on his face, as he walked towards the Alchemy Guild's Mission Table, where all the missions were put on it, he then started to check which he liked the most,"Getting a Snow Lotus."

Shen Tian knew that a Snow Lotus, was extremely are in the Underground City, and from his spy network, only the Fighter Guild possessed one currently, he could steal it using Kamui, not that hard.

The receptionist just continued to stare at him, still very confused about how Shen Tian managed to complete the exam, and even became an Emerald Rank Alchemist of all ranks he could've gotten.

Shen Tian was about to take the Snow Lotus Mission, however he just decided on simply stealing it, why give it to the Alchemy Guild, when he could sell it a very high price at the Black Market anyway.

He put the mission's scroll in another corner and he choose a random mission, to concoct a pill, he did not really care but he was required to complete at least one mission before using the Alchemy Guild's Trade Market.

The Trade Market, was mainly owned by the Alchemy Guild, although there were different markets, the one the Alchemy Guild owned was considered the most popular and famous one of the bunch.

Also, that was the only reason Shen Tian was even considering joining the Alchemy Guild, since it offered several discounts for people who were members of it. As an Emerald Rank Alchemist, he would get a nearly 60% discount in price.

The money he received from the several people he had made a joke out of, was not that much. He had wasted most of it into buying a decent sized mansion, so now he could sell pills to get that money back.

Shen Tian left the receptionist with an expression of shock, and she authorized his mission, without even bothering to look at it, simply because she was in a state where she couldn't think or read.

With him, having one of the highest ranking people of the Fighter Guild under his fingers, it was very easy for him to find out where the Fighter Guild was hiding the Snow Lotus, and he had the way to steal it too.

The Thousand Years Old Snow Lotus, was being protected by a Demigod Rank Fighter of the Fighter Guild, unfortunately it was inside his interspatial ring, so if he wanted to get the Snow Lotus, he had to either steal his ring, or fight him for it.

At the moment Shen Tian wanted started to seek the last remaining seat for his Five Elemental Dragon Sect, the Earth Seat, unfortunately it seems it would be a long time until he could find a seat for it.

As for the Void Dragon Tower, there was Jing Ye, who was the one directly below him in terms of power in the tower, and several orphans he choose himself, who had talent in the Dark Element.

The two factions put together, still were still weak if you took Shen Tian out, however they were growing steadily, while the nine top factions still remained oblivious to their rise, how much they would regret that in the future…


The Fighter Guild was covered in panic, as their Demigods continued to look for the Interspatial Ring, their Strongest Ancestor had lost, after all there was an One Thousand Years Old Snow Lotus inside it.

Shen Tian had sneaked into the Fighter Guild, using Kamui, and there was absolutely no way they could stop him from stealing the Interspatial Ring which contained the Snow Lotus, since he was far more strong than them.

Shen Tian was very sure that the Fighter Guild would blame the Alchemy Guild for stealing the Snow Lotus, and this might create a fight between the two factions, he could use his 'puppets' inside the factions to make it grow even more.

Shen Tian had already created a pill with most of the Fire Dragon's Heart, however with the remaining parts and with this Snow Lotus, he could create a pill which would help Xiao Ning'er into breaking through to the Demigod Rank.

Shen Tian himself, did not require any pills, he only did this because Xiao Ning'er was having a bit of trouble into breaking through to the Demigod Rank, as her future husband, he had an obligation to help her.


Xiao Ning'er yawned, as she walked into the kitchen with only her pajamas, since it was very early in the morning, she did not think that Shen Tian or Feng Hao would wake up this early for now.

She wanted to drink some water, when suddenly she heard a voice call her,"Ning'er what are you doing here so early? Go sleep." Looking behind, she saw Shen Tian with a smirk on his face.

Xiao Ning'er looked at her appearance, and immediately blushed, while the pajamas covered most of her body, they did show a bit of skin, it was not exactly the best way to talk with someone else.

"Here, I wanted to give you this pill I made for you. It'll help you in cultivation." Without even waiting for her to respond, Shen Tian took out a red pill from his Interspatial Ring, and shoved it in Xiao Ning's hand.

"This isn't really that much to be embarrassed about, Ning'er. Don't you remember that we had a date just a few days ago?" Shen Tian rolled his eyes as he reminded her,"Okay, since you still are so embarrassed, let's go for a date tomorrow!"



Shen Xian took a deep breath, the Black Lion Family had started to make it way more difficult for him to hide the fact he was an 'outsider' simply because he showed signs of wanting to leave them.

Shen Xian was currently at the first star of the Demigod Rank, he did not fear the Demigods of the Black Lion Family, since they were barely one or two stars above his own cultivation rank, but they were higher in numbers than him

He was simply stunned, when he learned that his son, Shen Tian was one of the most promising prospects of the Underground City, he did not even understand what he was doing in this place in the first place!

He was now in front of his home.

He wanted to get answers from him, and finally reunite with him after several years of Shen Tian thinking of him as a dead person, maybe he'd finally be able to create another family, a happy one at that.

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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》