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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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94 A Decoy.

The Demon Sanctuary's Tong Zhong coldly stared at the scroll in front of him,"So they want me to lead a siege to destroy the Underground City, funny." He felt his body slowly get covered in fury and anger.

Tong Zhong was originally part of the Underground City, being a soldier of the City Lord's Villa, he only left due to bad living conditions, however there was still a hint of loyalty for the city existing in his heart.

Due to this, he requested that he was not sent to his battlefield, since he would hinder the Demon Sanctuary's plans, and that was not what any of them wanted, since it was going to affect the chances of them winning.

Obviously, this was only going to serve as a decoy to the Demon Sanctuary, since their main army was attacking the White Monarch's Dungeon, this was only to cover their invasion of the dungeons!

Tong Zhong was the strongest expert besides two others, so he was the one who had to lead this siege, since he could fight the Supreme Leader for a short time, and similarly fight the City Lord.

He had about thirty thousand men under him, and another seventy thousand people they had forcefully recruited to their cause, Tong Zhong used his Law of Blood to control their bodies, they were like alive puppets.

He was an expert in the Law of Blood, being the best out of the bunch in that law, which made people usually misunderstand him for a member of the Great Blood Cave, a funny misunderstanding.

However, his ability to control the blood inside others was way higher than that of any person in the Great Blood Cave, it simply was not even comparable, he was controlling seventy thousand people at the same time!

"Today, my men." Tong Zhong sighed as he wore his helmet, walking in front of the army,"We are going to have a very interesting day, maybe the last day for some of us." He looked at the city, who were oblivious to their army. Despite being blind, he could sense the city's peaceful situation.

The army was silent, the other thirty thousand out of the one hundred thousand men of the army were able to move their body, however their faith to the Demon Sanctuary stopped them from leaving!

"I will not blame any of you if you want to leave our army." Tong Zhong switched from his usual cold personality, to a personality he was used to seeing in his captains in his days at the City Lord's Villa.

"I might be blind, but do not think I won't notice you shamelessly leaving the battlefield when we are in middle of the war! I shall not permit a move like that." Tong Zhong opened his white eyes as he growled.

"Now… I also want to include, that I am proud of every single one of you! Today, we shall either break the walls of this city, or fall to the city's army. FOR OUR SOVEREIGN WE SHALL FIGHT!" He roared, as the army's roar followed.

"Now… Will the gates be opened until we reach it or will the Underground City notices our massive army is here? Or will the Array we set up hold on for the several hours which are coming." Tong Zhong was in deep thoughts.


The Underground City usually closed their gates when the sky started to darken, the time for that was nearing, the dozens of guards outside the gate, signaled at the other guards to close the gates.

One of the guards noticed a growing dark shadow, so he rubbed his eyes,"Thomas, am I seeing something, or is there a massive dark shadow in front of us?" He asked his mate, Thomas who rolled his eyes and checked what he was seeing.

"Holy! Charles, you are not wrong, there is indeed a massive growing shadow coming towards us! Hurry up, tell the other mates to close the gates faster! They might be an army which wants to invade us!" Thomas shouted in panic.

They were on top of the wall, so they could easily signal it to the other guards, who similarly panicked upon realizing they were getting invaded by a foreign army. The one who remained unfazed, quickly acted as the protocol suggested to.

"ATTACK!" Tong Zhong roared as he threw his arm forward, suddenly a massive amount of water in a nearby lake started to change to blood, and similarly several guards started to explode, only leaving blood behind.

The Underground City's walls were about to close, when Tong Zhong used the corpses and blood of many guards to stop it from fully closing, and used his blood law, to slam the gates open again.

The guards of the city used cannons to slow the speed of the Demon Sanctuary's Army, however Tong Zhong used the blood and corpses of their fallen comrades to stop the cannon balls.

Most of the Demon Sanctuary's army was riding horses, thus their speed was way faster than that of the Underground City could react to, however due to their massive numbers, they were nowhere near the maximum speed.

They were extremely near the entrance to the Underground City, if they were freely allowed to enter the Underground City, havoc would be created inside the city, and most likely the Supreme Leader who was in seclusion would not interrupt it.

However, the City Lord had made a major mistake, due to it being his birthday, he had retreated most of the men who protected the city, and for the last several days, they had been partying in the villa.

Thus, the amount of men left behind to protect the walls of the city were less than a thousand, the difference in number was simply too high, it was obvious that the city was going to fall unless they did something.


Shen Tian felt the presence of a very powerful being, way higher than that of the City Lord appear outside the walls of the Underground City, he knitted his eyebrows,"The City was caught unprepared."

He looked at the sleeping Xiao Ning'er, and cast an Inscription Pattern to keep her safe and make her sleep for a few hours, and put a similar Inscription Pattern over Feng Hao's room, the latter was busy cultivating.

"Now I got to make my move." Shen Tian cracked his knuckles , he had some people to kill and defeat it seems.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》