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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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95 His Move.

In several steps, Shen Tian reached the walls of the Underground City, and from it he could see the extremely fast army of the Demon Sanctuary nearing them, he knitted his eyebrows ,not recognizing the army in front of him.

Shen Tian indeed had heard about the Demon Sanctuary, however he merely thought of it as the Dark Guild of the Underground City, nothing more, but it did seem they were in a whole new level.

Upon reaching the top of the walls, Shen Tian frowned, he noticed the lack of guards on the walls,"It seems I will have to make a move myself, the man leading the army is the most dangerous, he has comprehended the Law of Blood."

He raised both of his hands,his eyes flashing with silver for a single moment, and ripples appearing with the silver color for a slight amount, he then muttered with a calm expression,"Shinra Tensei."

An invisible pressure was released from both of his palms, Tong Zhong did not notice it immediately, however a moment later, he saw several of his 'puppets' get pushed back upon encountering an invisible pressure.

"What is this.." He muttered to himself, as he pushed his blood before the invisible pressure, but was unable to slow it down, as the blood itself was pushed behind, Tong Zhong sent his energy forward, but faced a similar ending.

Shen Tian, was currently capable of using the Rinnegan for a very slow time, such he could only use a technique like Shinra Tensei in a very short time, but it still had a very high effect, thus around thirty to fifty thousand people of the army were pushed behind.

The fifty thousand men of the army, took the other fifty thousand men together with them, and thus their march was delayed, they were unable to enter the city, Shen Tian's Shinra Tensei had also cleared the gates from the blood and corpses.

Tong Zhong had an calm expression on his face, he did not seem to be that influenced by the strange pressure which pushed them behind, and thus halted their invasion,"This destroyed our plans."

He removed his helmet and shaked his red head, he did not look that amusing to look at, instead everyone who looked at him felt a hint of fear enter their hearts and bodies, it was just that terrifying.

"Very well, you have forced my hand, as the Leader of the Torture Department, I shall respond to this with my full power!" Tong Zhong unleashed an immense amount of Law Energy, The Law of Blood!

Shockingly, Tong Zhong was not a Demigod, neither was he a Legend Rank Demon Spiritualist… Instead he was a Spiritual God of the Law of Blood! He was comparable to the power of a Heavenly Fate Expert.

Shen Tian could defeat Tong Zhong, however it would be an extremely interesting battle, since Shen Tian could also see the difference between the Demigod Rank and the Heavenly Fate Rank.

He took a deep breath, if the Supreme Leader of the Underground City was serious about protecting the city, then he would've already appeared and would have already defeated the invaders.

It seems that he was in deep seclusion, and probably wouldn't interrupt the fight, unless it seriously was concerning the core of the Underground City, however Shen Tian was still here to deal with Tong Zhong.


Let's return to a few hours before all of this happened, Shen Xian was covered in anger, just as he was about to enter Shen Tian's mansion, he was stopped by Zhi Ruo, who wanted to have a chat with him.

"Uncle Xian, I want to talk with you about Shen Tian… Is he the son you were looking for?" Zhi Ruo smiled excitedly, as she asked Shen Xian who raised an eyebrow before nodding,"He is indeed my son."

"What is your point here Niece Ruo?" Shen Xian was very suspicious of Zhi Ruo, since while she did seem like an innocent girl, she was in fact a very smart and a woman who could easily stab you in the back.

"You see, Uncle Xian… It just happens to be that I am very interested in him, I kind of… love him I guess? You can call it that." Zhi Ruo replied with a wide smile, while Shen Xian frowned,"So what do you want? I'm sure there are a lot of girls and even BOYS who are after him."

Zhi Ruo rolled her eyes, as she waved her hand,"Stop teasing me, Uncle Xian. I love your son… I want someone dependable to live with, and he is the perfect candidate unlike the Young Lord or The Devil Young Master. The two are too… Boring."

Shen Xian frowned,"As far as I remember, my son Isn't that creative either, he is both too cold and too calm, he is not that interesting, at least not that much as the Young Lord or the Devil Young Master."

Zhi Ruo rolled her eyes again and responded to him,"But he is far stronger than both of them, it is something which means that he will surpass even the current City Lord in terms of strength, Uncle Xian."

Shen Xian snorted,"Please, I know that you are thinking of doing something through your thick head, I won't allow you to use my son for your own personal gains, Niece Ruo, be careful with what you say."

"We will see about that then."


Shen Tian made a massive jump towards Tong Zhong, slamming his fist at him, who blocked it with his forearm,"You are very quickly boy… Retreat before I am forced to kill such a talented boy like you."

Tong Zhong snorted, he clearly was underestimating Shen Tian too much, after all he was only a small 14 years old teenager, who would take him seriously? Especially in such a massive stage.

"Not so sure about the part where you will kill me though, old man." Shen Tian snorted as he created a shadow clone, which slammed a Rasengan at Tong Zhong who was hit by it with surprise on his eyes.

"This is indeed a bit of an astonishing creation, manipulation of pure soul force? I have never seen that before, you are indeed talented boy." Tong Zhong did not seem to be very affected by the damage done to his body.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》