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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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96 Underestimating.

Shen Tian did not seem to be affected by the fact that his blood was slightly being affected by the Law of Blood Tong Zhong used, he was using his Chakra to stabilize the blood inside his body.

He extended a hand into the air, and the wind gathered to create a Rasenshuriken, Tong Zhong frowned,'This boy is showing power far beyond the level of a normal member of the young generation… He is dangerous, I have to eliminate him before he becomes a true threat to our sovereign!'

Tong Zhong was thrown away, as the Rasenshuriken slammed into his stomach,'How the hell did he suddenly appear in front of me out of nowhere, I'm sure he was several meters away just a moment ago…'

Several wounds appeared on his stomach, with several cuts. Tong Zhong did not care about the pain he was currently experiencing, his eyes looked at Shen Tian, be could not see him, but he could definitely sense him.

Shen Tian slammed his foot on Tong Zhong's head, crashing him into the ground, creating a small crater, the army surrounding him were sent flying, there wasn't much they could do to affect the battle.

"Brat, you are indeed not as bad as I thought you were, how many people have you surprised with moves like this? Pure Soul Force Manipulation, I have never seen something like this before."

Shen Tian, did not even respond to him however, instead he took a deep breath, before exhaling a massive amount of fire at Tong Zhong who frowned and waved his hand, allowing blood to stop the fire.

"What is this? This is even more interesting… if I remember correctly, you also used wind in your previous attack, while you used fire in this attack. You are so interesting!" Tong Zhong snorted.

Shen Tian rolled his eyes,"You speak too much." He took a deep breath,before opening the first gate of the Gate of Void, and his body surged with an increase in power. Tong Zhong widened his eyes.

He waved his hand, and a massive amount of blood surged out of the corpses, to form a massive wave of blood, Tong Zhong made it go forward, hitting Shen Tian why slammed his fist at the wave, completely destroying it.

'This boy is very weird, I can't use his blood, in fact there is something preventing me from even having the slightest effect on his blood. I've never see something like this before either.' Tong Zhong frowned.

However, he was unable to dwell too much into it, as Shen Tian suddenly send a wave of Soul Force towards him,"You might be strong boy, but your limits dwell in the Demigod Rank… Now tell me which law did you comprehend?" Tong Zhong asked as he responded with his own wave of soul force.

"You want to know which law I have comprehended… There are too many to count, so let me just show you an example." Shen Tian decided to play a bit with Tong Zhong, since he could technically use many laws right now.

Shen Tian looked around before jumping on top of the highest structure here, a cliff of a mountain, his eyes changing from orange and silver, to red, he was going to use the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan it seems.

"Behold, I shall show you the power of a God." Shen Tian smirked, when he used this technique of Ziyu Liansheng, he was barely able to stop the first meteor, but fell down to the second meteor,"Tengai Shinsei." He said as the sky suddenly started to darken.

Ziyu Liansheng had the advantage of special techniques, where as Tong Zhong merely cultivated the law of blood, the difference was major. While Tong Zhong was stronger, in different skills Ziyu Liansheng was had the potential to go beyond that!

Tong Zhong did not see the meteor, however he felt it. His eyebrows knitted with each other,"You indeed are crazy young man, how the hell did you even make a meteor appear here? We are not in the surface."

Shen Tian yawned,"That's the difference between me and you, foolish man. Just because you are going to die soon, I'll explain, I used the Space and Time Law, to teleport it to here." He lied to him.

"Ah, just in case you are capable of stopping that, don't worry, since you will die anyway, just let the meteor gently kill you, that's the best death I can offer you, creepy man." Shen Tian said calmly.

Tong Zhong looked around, and noticed that most of the men who were puppets had already died out of soul force exhaustion, something had sucked them dry, and the real army, was full of despair upon seeing the massive meteor in the sky.

"It seems that you indeed caught me unprepared, didn't you?" Tong Zhong shook his head, before starting to laugh madly," Do not think a mere meteor can stop me boy, I am far stronger than that!"

"I am not a Spiritual God for no reason boy!" Tong Zhong revealed this fact, making Shen Tian raise an eyebrow, he was sure he had heard that title being used before in the ancient notes he read in the Ancient Orchid City Ruins.

Tong Zhong used his comprehension of the Law of Blood, and over seventy thousand people, who were already practically dead exploded, leaving only their blood behind,"THIS IS ENOUGH TO STOP IT!"

The blood gathered from the corpses of over seventy thousand men formed a massive golem, which extended its arms, trying to desperately stop the meteor from falling on the ground, which would inflict massive damages to them.

The meteor collided with the blood arms, however it was obvious that the golem couldn't stop the meteor in the first try, and the blood which formed the arms started to separate itself from the golem.

Shen Tian rolled his eyes as the golem slowly managed to slow down the meteor, he clasped his hands together, and the meteor started to crack, separating itself into several smaller pieces, which obviously couldn't be stopped now.

Tong Zhong's expression turned grim, while he wouldn't die from the hit of a single piece of this meteor, the army of a hundred thousand, now only merely thirty thousand, would be damaged quite a lot from it.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》