An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
97 Being as Shameless as possible.
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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97 Being as Shameless as possible.

Tong Zhong looked at the golem of blood, which was slowly being stopped by the massive amounts of fragments of the meteor, he waved his hand and the golem dispersed, only leaving blood behind.

Honestly, Tong Zhong was not going all out, but it would hurt his pride to go all out to fight a mere brat, who was several decades younger than him, it would be a wound to his pride for his entire life.

"You have done something astonishing, I shall report this to the Vice Patriarch and the Patriarch." Tong Zhong looked at Shen Tian, connecting his eyes with his red eyes for a moment, making him freeze.

The next moment he snorted and moved forward, not affected by Shen Tian's cold glare, the latter chuckled,'The plan is in the move now, it's only a matter of time before the two factions will arise.'

Tong Zhong gathered the incredible amount of blood, and formed a shield, Shen Tian did not bother to interrupt their retreat, since there was no meaning in chasing the wounded soldiers, they had won the war.

Shen Tian was given a medal of honour, and several titles for protecting the Underground City from threats, although it was simply stunning that he had managed to stop the invaders, the City Lord thanked him.

After all it was only due to his foolishness this had happened in the first place. While this invasion was simply a decoy to hide the fall of the White Monarch's Dungeon, they could've dealt severe damage to the city.


White Monarch's Dungeon.

The White Monarch, a peak sixth star Demigod Rank, was covered in wounds, as he was being attacked by both the Patriarch and the Vice Patriarch of the Demon Sanctuary, both being Spiritual Gods.

Ziyu Liansheng was being attacked by the combined power of every member of the Demon Sanctuary besides the two strongest, which was still a considerable power to fight against for him.

He grinned,"Show this elder your power! Muahahah! I've been excited to fight someone ever since I recovered from my wounds! World of Purgatory Third Move - Serpent King Of Hell!" He roared.

Suddenly the Gates of Hell behind him opened, allowing a massive serpent made out of fire and red scales to surge forward, slamming at the several tens of thousands of members of the Demon Sanctuary.

"You truly are a bit annoying!" The head of the Demon Experiment Department, someone who focused on human experiments to switchings pieces of their body with demon beasts pieces, shouted.

However, he was not even bothered to be listened at, since the Serpent King of Hell pierced his body, one of the strongest members of the Demon Sanctuary, was not even able to resist a single hit from it!

The Vice Patriarch of the Demon Sanctuary, was a Spiritual God who had comprehended the law of fire, thus he could use fire to it's full potential, he was a very high threat to the White Monarch.

The Patriarch of the Demon Sanctuary, was an even more powerful Spiritual God, who comprehended the rare Law of Darkness, and could enter the darkness to attack him sneakily at any moment.

The White Monarch, however was far more troublesome, but he was merely a demigod, thus if he wanted to fight the Patriarch and the Vice Patriarch of the Demon Sanctuary, he had to give his full attention to them.

Due to the limitations of the amount of the Space and Time Law he could comprehend, he could barely fight the Patriarch and the Vice Patriarch of the Demon Sanctuary, since he was only a Demigod!

Despite being far weaker than the two, the White Monarch comprehended the Space and Time Law, which was an incredibly annoying law to fight against, especially with the Space and Time Dimensions.

That was one of the reasons why the Demon Sanctuary wanted to deal with the White Monarch as soon as possible, both he and Ziyu Liansheng were extremely eccentric and very powerful, they were a huge threat to their plans.

The White Monarch kept entering the Space and Time River, thus it was extremely hard for them to kill him, or even capture him. The Demon Patriarch tried to capture him with Darkness, but failed.

"It seems we have to proceed with that plan." The Demon Patriarch was a man with dark brown skin, almost three meters tall and a very muscular physique, he also had dark red eyes with slits, resembling a snake.

The Vice Patriarch, who looked to be in his forties or fifties,was the one who had talked to the Devil Monarch, who had a connection with the Demon Sanctuary, he was very thin with a weak looking physique.

The Vice Patriarch nodded,"Seems we have to do that… The White Monarch might just be a Demigod, but he is an expert in the law of Space and Time." The Demon Patriarch took out a black stone from his Interspatial Ring.

"What is that?" The White Monarch raised an eyebrow, he had never seen such an odd stone with weird runes over it, however he raised his guard, who knew what those people could do to him.

"Oh you have no idea…"


Shen Tian licked his lips, as he dried the Demon Sanctuary's treasury, after a bit of thinking, he already had realized that the main army of the sanctuary was probably not at the city, and after searching the memories of one of the men he already found out where it was.

In total, he was as rich as the Underground City put together, he could already see the Patriarch and Vice Patriarch and the several grand elders of the Demon Sanctuary start to cough blood due to it.

Honestly, his Interspatial Ring had not even been enough to fit all of them together, but after a bit of thinking, he decided to use the Undying Cycles Realm, where it actually worked to put everything inside of!

Xiao Ning'er was astonished to learn that he had literally robbed the Demon Sanctuary of all of it's treasury, in fact he had even looted the most secret areas they had put the treasures inside of!

However, Shen Tian did not care, after all the Demon Sanctuary did not have a good relationship with him, after all he had fought Tong Zhong, one of the strongest members of the Sanctuary.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》