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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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98 Scheming

Shen Xian had a deep frown on his face as he thought with hatred ,"Zhi Ruo… You truly are someone to carefully look at, I've never seen a snake like you before, even in Glory City my brother was far less scheming than you."

They had talked for a total of two hours. To him who was used to Shen Hong, it was obvious that Zhi Ruo did not truly love Shen Tian, but merely wanted to marry him for the benefits of it.

Shen Xian already knew that his son had successfully fallen in love with Xiao Ning'er after hearing about their frequent sightings together, and he was very happy that his son had managed to hold to the marriage he had desperately tried to create between the two families.

He had assumed that with his death, the Sacred Family, mainly Shen Hong would try to stop the marriage, or at least arrange it in a way that Shen Fei or Shen Yue were married to Xiao Ning'er instead of him.

However, somehow Shen Tian had managed to keep the marriage alive. It was either due to Shen Hong not caring about it, or him showing his massive talent at an early age. He did know his son had an Indigo Soul Realm, but he certainly did not expect him to be a Demigod at such a Young age!

He had seen how venomous Zhi Ruo could be, and he certainly hoped his son wouldn't be seduced by her beauty. Yet, he felt worried since Shen Tian was only 14, he could be enchanted by her beauty, and fall in love with her.

If only he knew that Shen Tian would only stay calm in front of her beauty he wouldn't have lost his cool. The boy had not even cared about Huyan Lanruo, while she was not as beautiful as Zhi Ruo, there was not that much of a difference. He was to the extent that he initially accepted Ning'er in his heart after a grueling introspection

Shen Xian had resolved to meet his son today, and he had even asked for a day off the work he had in the Black Lion Family just for that. He knocked on the door of Shen Tian's Mansion and took a deep breath.

The door was slowly opened, to reveal Xiao Ning'er, who was wearing some casual clothes, Shen Xian smiled at his prospective daughter in law while recollecting about the past ,'This is Xiao Ning'er… She has grown a lot from the little kid I knew from the Winged Dragon Family.'

Xiao Ning'er knitted her eyebrows, the man in front of her seemed familiar, as if she knew him. After a bit of recalling her memories, she finally realized that he really resembled Shen Tian a lot,"It can't be… Are you Shen Tian's father?!"

Shen Xian chuckled and then smiled,"You really remember me well, don't you? The last time I saw you and your father was more than eight years ago. Time does pass very quickly, especially when you are supposed to be dead."

Xiao Ning'er started to beam, her face showing a wide smile,"Shen Tian! Please come here quickly!" She excitedly called for Shen Tian, who had already sensed Shen Xian entering the home from afar with his Spiritual Sense.

Shen Tian's orderly steps could be heard as he neared the door, Shen Xian started to feel the excitement running through his veins. He had not seen his son in more than eight years, and he now wanted to see him badly!

Shen Tian calmly looked at Shen Xian. The two's eyes connected with each other. They did not talk, they did not hug each other, they had a connection between each other with mere looks- a far more advanced way of connecting.

After a moment, Xiao Ning'er could feel the common feeling of acknowledgement between the two, when suddenly Shen Xian hugged Shen Tian who returned the hug,Xiao Ning'er smiled innocently at the spectacle.

That was fatherly love!

Xiao Ning'er felt happy that the two were finally reunited, especially after knowing that Shen Xian was alive. She had been looking forward to them reuniting again, and the day was the current one.

Shen Tian was overwhelmed by the response of his father, the loosening emotional attachment was starting to appear again. He bitterly smiled, it seems that in this life he couldn't escape these feelings.

"Now come inside father, we have a lot to discuss between the two of us, don't we?" Shen Tian said with a sigh, he had to explain to his father what had happened in his life and to Glory City in the last 8 years and why he was here. He hated info dumps but had to increase word count since it was necessary. People would bash him if he didn't provide any info.


Zhi Ruo started to smile, as she looked at the massive portrait of Shen Tian, she softly touched the figure with her fingers,"I don't know why your father doesn't believe me...Tian… I really do love you deeply!"

"Your rarely seen smile is enchanting… Your orange and silver eyes… Just attract me a ton I want to just glare at them all day they are so beautiful. Your hair… I've never seen such a perfect man before!" Zhi Ruo had a lewd expression on her face as she caressed herself between her legs with her free hand.

"My dear… My dear Tian, I love you so much, but I cannot even see you when you sleep, I cannot even see your cute face when I wake up in the morning… I need you… That wench can go fuck herself!" Her voice started to rise alongside the trembling of her body, and soon reached a crescendo. Towards the end of the monologue, her mind suddenly went blank as her brain was attacked by the combined sensation of the peak of anger and the peak of pleasure. All that remained was a heavily sweating, deeply obsessed girl that was lost in the afterglow of climaxing just to a picture of a boy. Yes, Zhi Ruo was a yandere.

Unknown to any other, Zhi Ruo was extremely obsessed with Shen Tian, his father, Shen Xian was deeply wrong what he thought of her. She was indeed in love with Shen Tian, but that was very complicated since she had to always don the facade of thinking for the family .

"Zhi Ruo, our Demon Sanctuary was told that the defenses of the City were as low as they could possibly be, why the hell did our troops get pushed back… By a single man at that too?!" A shadow appeared out of nowhere and growled. Zhi Ruo inwardly gritted her teeth, vowing to crush the intruder's body into innumerable pieces if she gets a chance, for the heretic disgusting bastard had disturbed the afterglow granted by him, who reigned supreme over her heart.

It was the Demon Patriarch of the Demon Sanctuary. Zhi Ruo regained a calm expression on her face as she noticed him enter,"It's not my fault that your men are incapable of defeating a single kid."

Shockingly, Zhi Ruo was a spy for the Demon Sanctuary,"Our ultimate wish is to remove the seal holding back our Sovereign, and you are simply screwing all of our plans you idiotic bitch!" The Demon Patriarch growled.

A massive amount of pressure started to engulf Zhi Ruo, who started to sweat slightly,"If you dare to mess up our plans again, I swear that the Black Lion Family getting suspicious will be the last out of your concerns!"

Zhi Ruo nodded, the Demon Patriarch was not something to joke with around ,after all despite her being a Gold Rank Demon Spiritualist, he could snap her neck with a mere thought from his mind. The only thing supporting her right now in the face of the pressure was the portrait of her love, which seemingly gazed caringly and lovingly at her shivering back, about to creak from the tremendous amount of pressure.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》