An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
99 Mysterious Energy...Experimenting Maybe
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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99 Mysterious Energy...Experimenting Maybe

While most of the city did not know that Zhi Ruo was a spy for the Demon Sanctuary, the same couldn't be said for the Void Dragon Tower Shen Tian had created, after all he had put spies inside every major faction.

Shen Tian, had robbed the Demon Sanctuary out of most of its treasures if not all, and at the same time had gone through all their paperwork to realize what their plans for the future were. The results were surprising.

After Shen Xian left the mansion, Shen Tian smiled, he now only needed a spot for the Earth Sect Branch. He had Xiao Ning'er, Jian Yu, Feng Hao and Shen Xian for the Five Elemental Dragon Sect and Jing Ye for the Void Dragon Tower.

A few days after the fight with Tong Zhong, the Underground City was informed of the fall of the White Monarch's Dungeon, which shocked a massive amount of people, and was also informed that the siege of the Devil Monarch's Kingdom was starting.

The White Monarch and the Devil Monarch, were both existences at the peak of the Demigod Rank, even in the Underground City, there was perhaps only one or two equals to them in power.

The City Lord immediately called for the gathering of every expert in the city, in those dire times, they had to be united more than anything else, and the City Lord wouldn't risk it for anything else right now.

With this, over fifty Demigods of various factions were gathered, and over three hundred Legend Rank Demon Spiritualists of the various factions of the Underground City were all gathered at the same place.

However, the Five Elemental Dragon Sect and the Void Dragon Tower both ignored the call for it, since Shen Tian wanted to keep both factions in the shadows for the current days since they were still weak.

Shen Tian himself, did not go there, he had his spies inside each faction which could inform of him about the recent changes done by the City Lord to the Underground City, there was no need for him to go there.

However, it seems that there would be a storm to endure forward. Not for Shen Tian though, he was already at the peak of the fourth star of the Demigod Rank. Xiao Ning'er and Feng Hao were both at the half Demigod Rank, while Jing Ye was advancing quickly with the new cultivation technique Shen Tian gave him.

Jian Yu, who was at the Ancestral Spirit Village, had received Shen Tian's cultivation technique, and had considerably advanced, he had created the cultivation technique after trying his best to modify it to use the Mysterious Energy to the maximum it could be potentially used, he was about to enter the Legend Rank.

The Fighter Guild, was still seeking an explanation from the Alchemy Guild for what had happened to them, after all they had lost an One Thousand Years Old Snow Lotus. Raw materials like that were extremely rare in the Underground Region, let alone the Underground City. But the Alchemy Guild was as silent as possible, they did not answer the Fighter Guild at all.

Shen Tian did not really care, but he did rob the Fighter Guild of it's Snow Lotus, so he was slightly amused by the situation. However, he currently did not lack Snow Lotuses, after robbing the Demon Sanctuary, he found out that they had several dozens of One Thousand Years Old Snow Lotuses in their treasury.

With so many Snow Lotuses, he could create several different pills, using Pill Formulas from his homeland. Although they wouldn't really be useful for him, since he was beyond what a single Snow Lotus could help, they still be of use to Jing Ye or Jian Yu, maybe even to Feng Hao and Xiao Ning'er

He wanted to work on the Void Dragon Tower and the Five Elemental Dragon Sect, but the current situation did not really promise much for the progression of his two factions. Shen Tian had an evil idea, to use the chaotic situation to make both of his factions arise in middle of it. At the end of the war, most factions would be exhausted, if not destroyed, it was perfect for them to show up.

After the meeting in the City Lord's Villa, Shen Tian came to understand what they had discussed about. They were going to declare war on the Demon Sanctuary and gather all the troops of the Underground City to smash the Demon Sanctuary, which would be rather easy, since they lack resources.

Xiao Ning'er started to get more and more attached to him, demanding a date every two to three days, Shen Tian not being an gentlemen, tried to refuse several times, but he sadly could see the resolve on her eyes, he could only smile weakly and agree to any demand the adorable girl set up for him.

Feng Hao, had started to get closer and closer to a girl, Shen Tian felt it was slightly funny, after all the girl was from the Devil Seeking School too, that was like a double smack to the Devil Seeking School's face, and it obviously seems the girl had a very great background in the school too.

After all, when the Annoying Elder of the Devil Seeking School came here to take the girl back, it only took a single sentence by her to make him sweat and return back empty handed. Her relatives probably all have a very high rank inside the Devil Seeking School, at least higher than the annoying elder.

Shen Tian currently wanted to breakthrough to the fifth star of the Demigod Rank, just in case it got too troublesome and he required more power, after all while he was undefeated inside the Underground City, there were many more experts beyond the walls of the city, the Underground Region was fast!

With a flick of his fingers, about twenty thousand Shadow Clones sent their Heavenly Energy towards Shen Tian, he rarely cultivated for Soul Force now, Heavenly Energy was far more effective. Currently, he was experimenting with the Mysterious Energy he found inside Jian Yu's body, it was very strange.

In his life of over a billion years he had never seen something to strange as this energy, and the weirdest thing was, why the hell was something like this inside a member of the Ancestral Spirit Village, a village which was not really considered that strong among the Underground Region's factions.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》