An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
100 Demon Sanctuary declares war!
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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100 Demon Sanctuary declares war!

The Vice Patriarch of the Demon Sanctuary was tending his wounds, they had fought the White Monarch's Dungeon- a very strong faction. Besides the Patriarch of the Demon Sanctuary, most members were either heavily wounded or already dead, killed by Ziyu Liansheng's strange techniques.

In fact, it was not even sure if Ziyu Liansheng or the White Monarch were even dead, in a last attempt to survive, he had grabbed Ziyu Liansheng and entered the Space and Time River, thus their fate would probably be never known, perhaps they'd end up in the past or even in the future, no one knew.

However, upon returning to their Main Headquarters, every member of the Demon Sanctuary were covered in laughter and a cheerful expression was visible in the faces of most members, they had just defeated one of their strongest opponents against unsealing their Sovereign, which was glorious.

The Demon Patriarch of the Demon Sanctuary, gestured for one of the elders to go take some food for the tired members to eat. The elder nodded and walked towards the treasury where they kept most of their food reserves, after all it was the strongest defense the Demon Sanctuary had.

The elder slowly walked towards the treasury, not in a rush. After all, he was in the Demon Sanctuary's Headquarters, who would dare to attack him here? He opened the massive gates leading to the Demon Sanctuary's Treasury and started to walk towards the secondary gates, and also similarly opened them.

"This…" The Elder widened his eyes as he let out a blood-curdling scream,"NOOOO!!" The various members of the Demon Sanctuary were alarmed, and immediately ran towards the Treasury Upon reaching there they all fell silent. The elder was unconscious, but there was a far larger problem to deal with right now.

The Demon Patriarch walked in front of them, his entire body shaking from anger. His face turned red as he coughed blood. " Patriarch!" The various members cried out as the Demon Patriarch started to lose consciousness, who would've expected that he of all people would faint!

Before fainting, The Demon Patriarch regained consciousness for a single moment, his eyes turning incredibly red as he roared,"WE SHALL EXTERMINATE THE UNDERGROUND CITY, THOSE FAGGOTS ARE PROBABLY THE ONES WHO…. ROBBED OUR GLORIOUS TREASURY!"


Shen Tian felt that someone was talking about him indirectly, and an evil smirk adorned his face. He was not a prankster, but orchestrating shitstorms like these satisfied the depths of his soul, it was an obscene feeling. However, his focus was immediately brought back to Xiao Ning'er, they were having a date and he felt it was disrespectful to get distracted for pointless reasons. People wouldn't like ramblings of a dude more than description of a date..

This was probably their tenth date as of today, and Xiao Ning'er was not about to stop any time soon. She just felt their relationship was far more stable and safe when Shen Tian was closer to her, she felt that she could only catch hold of her prince if she tries to not let him get out of her sight any time. The latter obviously could guess what she was thinking from her facial expressions, but did not interrupt her thought process.

Shen Tian sighed at the naive girl possibly coming to a misunderstanding, and patted Xiao Ning'er on her head, making her flinch slightly,"Shen Tian, what the hell are you trying to do to me?!" She shouted feeling her face slowly turn red-hot, and a blush emerging on her face. Shen Tian rolled his eyes amusingly,"Calm down, Ning'er, what is wrong today?"

"W-w-w-what's w-w-wrong with me?... N-Nothing, why a-are you e-even asking such a q-question, Shen Tian?" Xiao Ning'er raised an eyebrow, she truly did not see anything wrong with her today, not realizing how she stuttered through her response. Shen Tian shook his head in response."No there is definitely something wrong with you today, Ning'er." He replied in disagreement.

"Why are you being so stubborn! I keep telling you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with me today, it's merely your imagination." Xiao Ning'er frowned in stubbornness, she did not like what he was saying. Suddenly she felt a pair of soft lips on her own lips, making her widen her eyes in surprise.

Strangely, she did not refuse Shen Tian's lips, instead she embraced them, she wanted to devour him. The kiss lasted for several minutes, Xiao Ning'er did not want to separate from Shen Tian, the blush which was previously on her face reappeared again, this time even more deeper.

"We can continue this later you know…" Shen Tian joked, however he didn't know how Xiao Ning'er took it far more seriously than he'd thought she would, far more seriously… However Shen Tian did not really care, a kiss did not matter to him, even if it was probably the first one in all four lives he had lived through. He hadn't yet felt the overbearing hormones crushing his reasoning due to being single for as much as he could remember.


The City Lord frowned, this issue was becoming larger and larger. There was no other choice but to go ask the Supreme Leader for advice, after all he was the first City Lord of the city which hadn't experienced a crisis, most of the other city lords were either dead by assassination or in deep seclusion, not wanting to be interrupted.

The Supreme Leader was the oldest existence in the Underground City maybe even in the Underground Region and probably they strongest existence in the entire Underground Region. He was a Heavenly Fate Realm Expert, not even the City Lord knew how strong he was exactly, he never revealed his strength to anyone.

In fact, the City Lord was only allowed to interrupt the Supreme Leader's cultivation only if the Underground City was in a dire situation, and if they were about to fall. The Supreme Leader was extremely focused on his cultivation, in fact sometimes he even put it before the Underground City's situation.

This was one of the times, he had to interrupt the seclusion of the Supreme Leader, as it concerned the future of the Underground City. After all, the Demon Sanctuary had a total of three Spiritual Gods, and had even managed to destroy the White Monarch's Dungeon a massive faction outside the city.

Despite what many people thought, the Supreme Leader did not cultivate inside the Underground City. It was not even close, instead he cultivated in an abandoned castle in middle of nowhere, more than twenty to thirty thousand kilometers away from the Underground City itself.

The City Lord, however could reach the abandoned castle the Supreme Leader cultivated inside of, in less than a minute. He could walk faster than the speed of sound, and his running speed was way faster than that, however when compared to the Supreme Leader, he could only be considered decent.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》