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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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101 Sit back and enjoy.

Shen Tian looked at the clock on the wall of his mansion, and worriedly raised an eyebrow. Xiao Ning'er was running late and their eleventh date was supposed to start five minutes ago… Had something happened to her? Did she get angry the last time?

He paced to and fro. Cold sweat slid on his face , and he was about to go and search for her at the room he had prepared for her in the same mansion. However, the door was closed, he furrowed his eyebrows, his worry slowly increasing.

"Ning'er, are you there?" He called for her, unaware of his tone turning apologetic -just like a guardian knight asking from a favor from his beloved princess.

It was not rare for Xiao Ning'er to close the door to her room, but she would at least tell him if she would do it in advance however he heard no response, maybe something had indeed happened to her. If anyone from his previous lives would see his state right now, that person might even fall unconscious from suspension of disbelief!

He took a deep breath and opened the door, through the usage of Soul Force.

"I'm entering, even if you are not ready!" He warned her before selfishly pushing the door open.

He didn't see her in the room and turned around, only to find a half naked Xiao Ning'er on her bed, blushing heavily while playing with her fingers. She was wearing a very thin nightgown to cover her body.

"Welcome… To my room…"She said with a blush in a trembling voice. Her eyes turned misty from trying to forcibly stop herself from running away from this ridiculous situation.

Shen Tian felt a part of his body slightly harden up, but he downplayed the situation with a calm expression. He was not going to allow himself to be defeated by a 14 years old teenager so easily.

"Well... this was certainly... totally unexpected.." He said as his face turned blank desperately trying to hide his growing lust. His heart almost stopped beating, when Xiao Ning'er invited him to sit next to her on the bed.

"Please… sit here for a moment." She requested Shen Tian who obliged and sat next to her. He was not exactly sure to what she was trying to achieve, was she perhaps… trying to have sex with him? Shen Tian shook hard from thinking obscene things involuntarily. He felt himself losing control over his emotions which he had forcibly maintained using his soul power.

He internally groaned, she had misunderstood what he had meant after that kiss yesterday, however he was not going to refuse her, if she wanted to do it, who was he to refuse her body?

But the two were only 14 years old, albeit, Shen Tian had a soul of a billion years old man, but that didn't mean that he was any more experienced than Xiao Ning'er when it came to things of sexual nature like this. Shen Tian didn't realize how he somehow was justifying himself- allowing him to lose himself to the control of hormones and pleasure.

Shen Tian, truthfully did not mind having his first time with Xiao Ning'er, merely there was the issue of their age. However, after feeling Xiao Ning'er close the distance between her and him, he changed minds, instead he also made the distance smaller, unable to maintain his poker face any longer. And, unbeknownst to himself, he started slightly shivering in anticipation.

They crept closer and closer to each other, looking into the eyes of the other. Simultaneously blushing, they each felt the desire towards each other leaking from miles away. They noticed their trembling bodies and found themselves staring lustfully at each other. Xiao Ning'er decided to take initiative and whisper tenderly in the unassuming boy's ears, 'Will you be my guardian knight forever, my prince?' and without waiting for an answer, proceeded to kiss the boy of her dreams.

The boy felt his heart almost explode as their lips connected with each other. Shen Tian could feel the rosy and fresh lips of Xiao Ning'er and her sweet saliva, even as the inexperienced youth tried to clumsily nod, afraid of his princess misunderstanding him . His blood started to pump faster, and he couldn't help but want to taste her more, pushing his tongue even further into her mouth.

Xiao Ning'er opened her mouth slightly, allowing Shen Tian to push his tongue inside her. Him taking initiative made her widen her eyes in surprise, however she did not refuse it, and did the same, their tongues intertwining with each other.

Their makeout session continued for several minutes and none of them wanting it to stop here. Shen Tian could last for nearly a hour without oxygen, and Xiao Ning'er was the same, thus the two indulged in the kiss for a very long time, almost as if trying to cement their position in the other person's heart.

Feng Hao wouldn't interrupt them, as he was cultivating in his own room, and it was the middle of the night. Who would dare come to Xiao Ning's room besides Feng Hao or Shen Tian? A total of zero people. And even if he did find someone trying to get in the way, he could simply order his shadow clones to deploy an illusion inscription.

Shen Tian's breath shortened while his hand explored the her body, touching her slender and beautiful body, and started to kiss her neck, earning another blush from the inexperienced orange haired girl soon to be woman who started to mean a world to him. He was starting to lose himself in the tsunami of hormones after seeing this Beautiful Goddess so submissive in his arms.

Finally, Shen Tian unclipped her bra, and gently put it aside, and started to gently knead her perky breasts, earning a moan from blushing Xiao Ning'er. Looking at her for a short moment, he felt an urge to make her feel more blissful and submissive- deciding to take it to the other level, by touching her nipples and twisting it.

This earned another moan from the beautiful girl, and Shen Tian started to feel a hand clamp his dick, it seems that Xiao Ning'er was still not fully lost in ecstasy and pleasure, he smirked and started to think about devouring her whole.

He bit into her left breast's nipple, eliciting a rather loud moan. Shen Tian rolled his eyes and casted a silence Inscription Pattern, and started to play with her right breast, Xiao Ning'er felt pleasure coarsing through her body and her eyes rolled backwards.

She tightly hugged him, unconsciously starting to grind her hips against his dick, receiving a rather surprised look from Shen Tian, who did not mind it one bit, he however, wanted the main dish to be devoured later, deciding to slip his hand under her nightgown, making her moan.

"I'll make you a woman today... but you will always be mine… Ning'er." Shen Tian moved his body and huskily whispered at her ear, earning a ecstatic moan from Xiao Ning'er who was in no position to answer or refuse his statement right now. A rising flame of possessiveness towards each other consumed the duo.

Instead, she started to massage his dick even more, she was not sure if everyone had dicks this big, but Shen Tian's definitely was over eight inches… She could only awe at it as her hand massaged it. Suddenly, she was lost in thinking, 'Was I always this perverted?'

Shen Tian looked at her, and noticed she was no longer paying attention to him, igniting a lustful flame inside him, and decided to insert a finger inside her, making her dilate her glazed eyes in ecstasy and moan in pleasure.

"Yesss…more.." She whispered weakly trembling in his arms .Shen Tian decided to tease her even further by poking his finger at different sensitive spots inside her vagina even going to the extent of using his heavenly energy to harmlessly stimulate her nerves to the utmost limits, making her drown in more pleasure, she could even feel tears gathering at the corner of her eyes, due to pleasure. She felt her soul almost expand due to the prodigal use of Heavenly Energy by her beloved prince.

"Do you like it my little fairy?" Shen Tian smirked as he inserted a second finger inside her, despite Xiao Ning'er being just 14, like him, she had the body of a grown adult, and an innocent look as if she was made to be dominated by someone.

Her body could be only described as perfect, and Shen Tian did not waste any opportunity to explore every single inch of her body, likewise, she was doing almost the same thing with his body.

Shen Tian decided to move upward, and kiss her lips again, Xiao Ning'er placed her hands behind his head, intertwining them, she madly wanted to devour his delicious lips, she couldn't help herself but to drown inside this soul stirring pleasure.

Shen Tian felt his clothes being lowered, however he did not care, and let Xiao Ning'er do whatever she wanted to do, finally her eyes were focused on his underwears, and upon seeing the sight in front of her, she gasped for words.

Her previous estimate had been wrong, it was not eight inches, even if she was not an expert at heights, she could see that this dick was at least nine to ten inches long, and about 3 inches wide.

Shen Tian smiled upon noticing her stunned expression, and let his hands ruffle her hair,"Don't worry, I will be gentle with you for now." Upon being assured, Xiao Ning'er gulped, and decided to do her part of this.

She put her hands around his dick, softly rubbing her hands over his nerves that stood out. Feeling the masculine smell emanating from it, she couldn't help but sniff it bringing her nose closer. It was not disgusting - no that was far from it, it smelled wonderful, she couldn't help but want to taste it. It was his - the one whom she loved with all her heart.

After a while, she stopped massaging it, and started to lick the tip. Tasting the pre-cum which was coming out of it, she couldn't help but be amazed by the taste of it, wanting to drink more and more of it.

Shen Tian felt a torrent of pleasure, however as he did not want to stop here, he encouraged Xiao Ning'er to put it inside her mouth. The latter was more than happy to try doing that, and she excitedly complied to act according to his wishes.

In the beginning, she could only fit about five inches inside her mouth, before feeling tears gather around clouding her eyes. However after a few tries, she managed to fit over eight inches inside her mouth.

Shen Tian couldn't help but let a relaxed moan out, Xiao Ning'er was really making him feel good. The boy felt increasing happy but wanting to reply in kind, he decided that he wouldn't fall to her temptation. Instead he decided to massage her breasts, and flipping her body upside down, he placed his face closer to her secret entrance. Her feminine smell was so arousing, he couldn't help but lick her lips at the bottom. This earned a yelp from the girl, who had not expected such a sudden assault at her sensitive entrance at all. She felt weak from the smooth caressing of his tongue and couldn't hold out, climaxing an unknown number of times.

After about thirty minutes, Xiao Ning'er was starting to feel tired from continuous climax but she was finally rewarded, as Shen Tian released his sperm into her mouth. He wanted to pull out to avoid choking her but she was in such a trance that she refused to let go of his cock, tightly using her throat muscles to grip it. He failed to bear the excessive stimulation and it became too late to pull out.

Finally removing Shen Tian's dick from her mouth, she started to cough from the amount of semen inside her mouth, however as she did not want to waste even a single drop, she slowly and forcefully drank all of it.

After a minute, she slowly calmed down,'His semen is so delicious… I can't believe I was struggling to do this for so long. I'm so dumb!' She was thinking about this, when she was caught unaware as Shen Tian suddenly hugged her and climbed on top of her.

He then proceeded to madly kiss her and at the same time they both removed any sort of clothing they might've had on at that time. The two were both soon fully naked, kissing each other with increasing passion.

Shen Tian's dick was clamped unintentionally between Xiao Ning's thighs, which boasted of clear and slender white skin, earning a blush from her. She had no hair around her vagina, making her look even more stunning as the boy blankly looked at the perfectly sculpted body before him. There was no other woman as perfect as her, felt Shen Tian, as he gazed lovingly at the cute creature trying to avert her gaze aside..

"I'll go inside when I count to 3." Shen Tian gently warned, and started to count, making Xiao Ning'er suddenly nervous and start to prepare herself to get ready for the count to get over,"1…." Shen Tian looked at her eyes which hid an anxiety almost imperceptible,"2…" He suddenly pushed his dick inside her.

"Aaah!" Xiao Ning'er felt tears coming out from the corner of her eyes,"You said you would count to 3, you jerk!" She sweetly shouted, feeling the pain wreak havoc through her body. Shen Tian did not bother to respond to her even as the angry princess pounded her tiny hands softly on his chest. Blood slowly peeked out from her entrance.

It was obvious, that if he counted to three, she would be expecting the pain, so it was better the insert it at two instead, and caused her to cry from the pain. He had noticed her anxiety and didn't want her memory of the first night to be that of pain. He gently started to thrust his dick in and out of her vagina, earning a groan at the beginning, and later on a moan. He could feel her inner walls tightly embrace his Dick as he wastefully used heavenly energy to soothe her pain even a millisecond faster.

Shen Tian changed his position while making her stay in the bed with all her limbs tightly connected to him. He started to thrust in and out, noticing that she was not in pain anymore, the blood and dew from her vagina slowly fell onto the bed from her entrance.

Shen Tian started to thrust inside her at a slow speed, gradually picking up speed, while Xiao Ning'er bit her lower lip, deciding not to be left behind, and similarly moved her hips to match his speed.

Only the pounding sound of the bodies meeting with each other could be heard in the room and obviously, the moaning of Xiao Ning'er, and the occasional grunts of Shen Tian, who was totally lost feeling the pleasure. She was very tight. So, tight that he couldn't even begin to describe the extent of comfort and pleasure he felt due to the pressure from both sides on his dick.

Shen Tian tightly grabbed her creamy ass cheeks, earning a moan from Xiao Ning'er who was feeling immense pleasure, just like Shen Tian, the feeling of having over ten inches inside her felt really nice.

The air in the room smelled of them, and both absolutely loved it, Shen Tian smacked her ass cheek, earning another moan from her, both of them were lost in pleasure, as if they were made for each other.

However, Shen Tian was an immortal, so he wouldn't fall to this so easily, he was the one who was still in control of his body, thus he controlled the pace and acts of this sexual night between the two.

Around another thirty or so minutes later, the two finally were starting to pick up even more pace, due to them being nearly at the point where he wanted to ejaculate and her to have an orgasm.

With a final thrust inside, Shen Tian ejaculated outside, not trying to risk making her fall pregnant, and used his Soul Force to make it as safe as possible, while Xiao Ning'er also orgasmed.

Xiao Ning'er wanted to rest, and let out a tired breath, using the bed as support for her tired back, however Shen Tian was nowhere done,"What have I brought unto myself...God…" She groaned as she was hugged back by her hungry boy. It was apparent that this night would be sleepless for the couple.

'I love you, Shen Tian, my dearest prince…You do love me, right? Right?'

'I love you too, Xiao Ning'er, my beloved princess.'



That day was the one they finally accepted each other as a couple and it was a very long day and night for the couple.

Let's leave it at that.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》