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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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102 What Happened...?

Xiao Ning'er yawned, as she rubbed her eyes, the sunlight hitting her eyes, rudely interrupting her sleep. 'I feel so refreshed… I haven't slept like this for… What? Maybe ten years and more.' She smiled.

She shivered as she felt the wind from an opened window hit her skin,'What's this, I usually never leave a window open… And even so unless I'm naked I shouldn't feel the cold like this.' She thought.

She suddenly froze, remembering something from yesterday. She took a deep breath, closing her eyes as she tried to remember the wild night.'I dreamed of something that weird, geez. No way I am naked and did that with HIM of all people.' She smiled innocently,believing everything to be just a dream. As she proceeded to remove the blanket to reveal… her naked body, she froze again.

Turning her head slightly to the right, she did not know what to think anymore when she noticed a letter, probably written by Shen Tian, who was no longer present in the bed. A blush started to emerge on her face, heat entering her body. " I can't believe… I actually did something like that with him…"

She immediately checked her chastity and sighed upon noticing that it was no longer there. They truly had consensual sex with each other. Xiao Ning'er had lost her chastity at the age of 14, to the boy she loved. At least that made up for some of the bitter feelings she was experiencing right now. She felt herself pathetic trying to maintain a headstrong front- with whom was she kidding, she herself wanted it.

Shen Tian knocked into her door, earning a yelp from her," I made some breakfast for you, do you want me to enter inside?" Xiao Ning'er shook her head,"Stay there for a moment please, I have to wear some clothes!" Shen Tian chuckled internally as he heard her weak protests, however he did not forcefully enter the room as he respected her boundaries. Unlike others who couldn't hold their lust and invade within a girl's boundaries selfishly.

"You can enter now…" Xiao Ning'er muttered softly,almost inaudible. However Shen Tian was a Demigod : he could easily hear what she was saying, so welcoming himself inside, he opened the door with his remaining free hand, and placed the food he brought for her on the only table inside Xiao Ning's room.

Xiao Ning'er avoided his eyes, instead she looked at the food. She was way too embarrassed about what had happened yesterday and most of the night today to muster up the courage to even look at Shen Tian's eyes. The boy sighed, extending his head forward, kissing her lips, making her freeze for the third time today. She liked the feeling of how the blockhead was suddenly so caring towards her.

Xiao Ning'er continued the kiss for several minutes, even bravely putting her tongue inside his, who was amused, doing the same. The two continued to fight for dominance for several minutes, but in the end Shen Tian won. This earned a pout from her, while Shen Tian wiped the drool from her face.

Shen Tian smiled,"Seems you already forgave me…" he softly said, trying to pin yesterday's matter on himself to lessen his girl's embarrassment.


The Demon Sanctuary had prepared a full one million troops, most of them being part of the core Demon Sanctuary faction. While a small percentage were troops controlled by Tong Zhong through his comprehension of the Law of Blood, it was evident how they were seriously trying to destroy the Underground City.

The minimum cultivation of each of the men which made up the army was at least the Silver Rank. No Bronze Rank Demon Spiritualist or Fighter could be seen in the ranks of the army. The strongest were the three Spiritual Gods, and the dozens of Demigods of the Demon Sanctuary's Core Army.

It should also be mentioned that the army used Demon Beast Mounts, each of which were ferocious and had about the same cultivation as the ones riding them. In fact, there was a very high chance that the Underground City would fall if not for the assistance of Supreme Leader or Shen Tian. It might still fall even having the assistance of both, in the worst case.

Tong Zhong walked to the forefront, glancing sideways at the Demon Patriarch, who was covered in anger from his perspective. His face did not show it but he had spent enough time with the Patriarch and Vice Patriarch to know when they were angry and when they were happy. At this moment they were both extremely angry.

"We are still far away from the Underground City. We must go faster, I want to see the city fall under darkness. How dare they rob our Demon Sanctuary of it's treasures which took more than five hundred years of gathering to reach such a massive amount of treasures and resources!" The Demon Patriarch wore a solemn expression on his face while trying to find out colourful curses to curse the robber.

The Vice Patriarch chuckled wrathfully as he replied,"We had to rush our plans too, we originally wanted to destroy the Underground City only after unleashing our Sovereign, but now with all of this happening, we can get the Seal's Key from the Devil Monarch later, first we need to destroy that city before the Supreme Heavenly Fate Realm Cultivator of the city comes to interrupt the fight."

The Demon Patriarch glared at the massive army they had gathered and looked at Tong Zhong instructing," Tong Zhong, you have managed to breakthrough to the level of a Spiritual God, comprehending the law of blood. Well done, I'm sure our Sovereign will be happy with your contributions to our Demon Sanctuary." Tong Zhong nodded, feeling slightly happy at the implied praise.

"However, I want you to create another million Puppets using your Law of Blood. Although we can do something similar with my Law of Darkness and the Vice Patriarch's Law of Fire, however your Law of Blood is the most effective one for creating puppets for our army." The Demon Patriarch continued with his request.

Tong Zhong had a slight frown on his face as he heard such an unreasonable demand,"Patriarch, although it is Indeed possible for me to create over a million puppets using my Law of Blood, that will limit my focus and I can be easily killed. My power at that time will be limited to the peak of the Legend Rank instead of my current realm."

The Demon Patriarch glared at him again. His glare only showed seriousness, not even an ounce of anger or anything else."I shall assign the peak Demigod Rank Demon Spiritualists of our Demon Sanctuary to protect you, do not worry about your safety. I won't allow such a powerful believer of our Sovereign to die so easily."

Tong Zhong felt slightly relieved upon listening to that, after all he had sacrificed decades of his life to the Demon Sanctuary, he did want to be appreciated, even if it was in this way. The Sovereign would reward him for his great service for several decades for unsealing him, or so he hoped…
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》