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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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103 The War begins!

Similarly to the Demon Sanctuary, an army of more than a million and a half were gathered in front of the Underground City, just outside the walls of it. The expression on the their face was not a happy or sad one. It expressed calmness, they knew that some of them if not all would die in this war.

The City Lord was the only one at the forefront of the army. He had gone to the abandoned castle to meet the Supreme Leader, who unfortunately for him, refused to meet him after learning of what was happening. He told him that he had far more important things to take care of rather than dealing with this. The City Lord wanted to curse out loud at the shameless old coot throwing his back towards the city in exchange for his life.

Although the City Lord was extremely disappointed, he did not let it show on his face, after all the Supreme Leader was the strongest expert in the Underground Region, if he tried to anger him, even if he was considered part of the City Lord's Villa, he would not be spared by his immense anger.

Shen Tian and his companions including Shen Xian,Jing Ye and Jian Yu did not participate in this war. The Ancestral Spirit Village was called to participate, however using Kotoamatsukami, he had forcibly persuaded Jian Yu to heed his commands. Although the method was a bit too rash, he had no choice but to do it if he wanted him to join his faction.

The City Lord did not actually blame Shen Tian and his other two friends for not participating as they were just tourists on a visit for sightseeing. After a bit of investigation, he found out that the three were not from the Underground City, there was no mention of a Xiao Ning'er or a Feng Hao let alone Shen Tian in the documents of the city records.

However, he did feel a bit astonished at the missing Zhi Ruo of the Black Lion Family, Shen Xian, a guest elder of the Black Lion Family, he had remembered everyone's name just so they wouldn't leave the army out of fear, but those two were members of a major faction, he did not expect it at all.

After a bit of thinking, he remembered, didn't Shen Xian and Shen Tian have the same surname. Wasn't Shen Xian looking for his lost son? This suddenly brought a thought which he had never considered, maybe Shen Tian was Shen Xian's lost son, which he was looking for!

Understanding everything, the City Lord shook his head. It was not time to think about the problems of other people. His position as the City Lord was at risk, in fact even the future of the Underground City was not safe , perhaps they would fall to the attacks of the Demon Sanctuary, for which they had to thank that fucker of an Ancestor.

"Alright men, we are probably going to go fight in a battle, without any way of knowing what the ending will be. You might die, you might survive, I cannot guarantee your survival; but I hope we will work as a team together, so as to let as less people as possible to die in this battle." The City Lord took a deep breath as he shouted animatedly.

The army was dead silent. The City Lord raised his spear in the air, reflecting the rays of the sun towards the soldiers,"However… We shall fight for the one thing which matters to us, our city, The Underground City!" The City Lord had a solemn expression as he let out a battle cry, the army soon followed.


Shen Tian,Xiao Ning'er,Feng Hao,Shen Xian,Jing Ye and Jian Yu were far away from the Underground City. All of them had chosen not to participate in this war, since it would weaken the Five Elemental Dragon Sect and the Void Dragon Tower. Shen Tian was going to use this time of chaos to make them rise soon…

Currently, they were in the Black Grass Field, the area where the war between the Demon Sanctuary and the Underground City would start. Obviously, they were a quite decent distance away from the two factions' armies. After all, if they were caught in the war, it would be annoying for Shen Tian to protect his friends while warding away attackers.

He used a few materials to cast an Inscription Pattern in the form of an array, which would protect them from any attack below the level of a peak Demigod. Such a feat was extremely easy for Shen Tian to do. It was enough as a countermeasure since in the first place, there would be no reason for a Demigod of any major faction to attack them, besides the Devil Seeking School and the Demon Sanctuary, which basically guaranteed their safety.

The battle started when the Demon Sanctuary sent their Flying Demon Beast Mounts to attack the City Lord's army. The defending army responded with a similar attack, however because the Beast Sanctuary actually lacked in terms of demon beasts when compared to the Demon Sanctuary, they were at a disadvantage.

Shen Tian had a wide smile on his face as he witnessed the battle proceed. When both factions would be tired from the war between the two, his own faction the Five Elemental Dragon Sect together with its other branch, the Void Dragon Tower could use the situation to their advantage. They could enter the war, and subdue both sides, making them the winner.

His smile slightly faded away, when he recalled that the Devil Monarch's Kingdom had been silent from the beginning of this fight. After all, they should be similarly worried about the ending of this war, since they were going to be the next to be invaded by the Demon Sanctuary, should they be winning the war.

He chuckled as his thoughts went on a tangent. He was going to place a bet supporting something quite crazy, yet which made a lot of sense currently. However, even if it did not succeed, he had enough power that he could still win this war at the last moment, it was a win win situation in any way he saw it. Shen Tian looked around and noticed a slightly nervous expression on almost everyone's faces besides Shen Xian.

As he was searching for prominent figures from both factions in the battlefield, he noticed how Tong Zhong was missing from the battlefield. Shen Tian noticed it as he had a stronger impression of the blood-controlling geezer. How could he not notice it, after all Tong Zhong had been the one he had first used the Shinra Tensei upon, in his fourth life. He was also a Spiritual God of the Law of Blood, equal to the first star of the Heavenly Fate Realm according to his estimates.

Shen Tian knitted his eyebrows as he started to speculate. If Tong Zhong was missing, there was something massive about to happen. He knew how formidable his Blood Law could be. The only reason he seemingly effortlessly defeated him recently was due to his incredible arsenal of jutsus and techniques he could use which were suited for both individual and crowd control.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》