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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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105 War Continues!

Shen Tian's Shadow Clone squinted his eyes, the scene in front of him was covered in steam and a massive amount of dust. The blood used by Tong Zhong had a very high temperature, while the water temperature was normal, thus creating a massive steam cloud, making it very hard to see through it.

It was very hard to guess who had won and who had lost, after all Tong Zhong was a Spiritual God equivalent to the First Fate of the Heavenly Fate Realm, while the Devil Monarch was merely a Demigod with a lot of comprehension in the Law of Water, who also had a massive advantage.

After a few minutes of waiting, Shen Tian finally got to know who held the upper hand between the Devil Monarch and Tong Zhong… Tong Zhong had the upper hand. The two started to exchange hits with each other at the speed of sound, Shen Tian's Shadow Clone could easily follow the battle.

The two exchanged over twenty five moves, before the Devil Monarch was sent flying by Tong Zhong's fist. The difference between a Spiritual God and a Demigod did not only rely on their comprehension of a law, it also relied in a difference of Physical Strength and their Law Energy reserves!

Obviously, due to that Tong Zhong was far faster than the Devil Monarch, who was rendered hopeless when he started to increase his speed of attacking. He could only try to desperately dodge or try to block his hits without even knowing where Tong Zhong was about to hit him. And, to his dismay that did not work well for him at all.

Shen Tian narrowed his eyes, if he was going to interfere against either fighter here, he could risk being discovered. That would not be good for him at all. So he just continued to maintain a safe distance between him and the battleground in front of him, only observing from afar, while still being safe.

The Devil Monarch was slowly losing the battle, he had to hand over the Seal's Key or suffer a fate similar to that of the White Monarch and his Dungeons. The choice was obvious. The Devil Monarch let out a roar as he unleashed his final attack, his strongest move upon Tong Zhong with all his will.


The City Lord unleashed a battle cry as his spear unleashed Heavenly Energy, it was a Grade 2 Artifact, which could unleash several waves of Heavenly Energy, which could not be used to cultivate, but it could be used to open the owner's Spiritual Roots, which was how he had opened his Spiritual Roots.

The Demon Patriarch was fighting the City Lord, while the Vice Demon Patriarch was helping the Demon Patriarch, he was fighting the second strongest man in the entire Underground City, the Ancestor of the Devil Seeking School, which the school itself called a God due to him immense power.

The City Lord was merely a Demigod, however he had an Artifact with was a Grade 2 Artifact, and cultivated the path to become a Heavenly Fate Realm Expert, not a Spiritual God, the Devil Seeking School Ancestor similarly, had opened his Spiritual Roots through the usage of a forbidden technique of the school.

He thrust the spear forward, shooting a beam of Heavenly Energy towards the Demon Patriarch, who widened his eyes, clearly not expecting that, and jumped behind, only to get slammed down by the Ancestor of the Devil Seeking School, who escaped from the Vice Patriarch's grasp for a moment.

The Ancestor of the Devil Seeking School was called Xi Riyu, and had gained insight in the Law of the Devil, granting him an evil version of Heavenly Energy, called Cursed Energy, with less potential but a far more powerful energy in raw battles, besides Xi Riyu was sure he couldn't improve that much more using a legitimate method, so he had no qualms about using this technique.

The Law of the Devil increased his physical and spiritual strength, but at the same time made his behaviour more ferocious, to the point he could possibly lose control of his body, but the chances of that would lessen the more he comprehended the Law of The Devil. Xi Riyu was the best when it came to that law.

Normally Xi Riyu and the City Lord would not be that friendly with each other, however when it came to this point, where the future of the Underground City was in danger, they would unite. It was concerning their own factions after all, the Underground City would be united when it came to those situations without having to wait for a single moment!

Xi Riyu roared as he integrated with his Demon Spirit, a Dark Soul Attributed Demon Beast,[Dark Tattooed Tiger] which could cultivate to the peak of the Demigod Rank, which was the rank Xi Riyu was currently. If he wanted to have a stronger Demon Spirit, he had to leave the Underground City

He fired several beams out of his mouth, aiming it at the Demon Patriarch, who was caught off guard, while the Vice Demon Patriarch rushed forward, trying to block the attacks for the Demon Patriarch, however he was soon proved to be too slow to be able to do anything. The City Lord added even more power to the attacks against the Demon Patriarch.

The Demon Patriarch and the Vice Demon Patriarch were forced to retreat as they suffered the full attack of the blasts, sending them flying away, however Xi Riyu was not about to let them go so easily, instead he sent several more blasts of Cursed Energy at the two who were getting more and more annoyed.

Two Spiritual Gods, each stronger than the other were getting playing around by two Demigods, albeit none of them were going all out, but still, if any other Spiritual God knew about it, they would lose face a lot. Such a loss was incredibly shameful to any Spiritual God- from a mere Demigod!

"You shall see our full power now, insects!"The Demon Patriarch snarled as he unleashed his full pressure upon the City Lord's Army, who were very heavily affected. The City Lord and Xi Riyu did their best to stop the pressure from affecting the Army's morale,but they couldn't really do that much right now.

The City Lord let out a roar as he gathered as much Heavenly Energy as possible from his Grade 2 Artifact Spear, sending all the gathered Heavenly Energy towards the Demon Patriarch who tried his best to stop it. The Demon Patriarch meet the attack with his full pressure as a Spiritual God.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》