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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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107 Intense Talks.

The City Lord widened his eyes as he no longer found himself in the physical world. Instead he was in the spiritual world inside his Soul Realm. Inside here he found it way easier to move his body. "Who is there?! Show yourself! Otherwise do not blame me for being rude." He shouted in wariness as he heard a voice seemingly referring to him. He ignored the ramblings of an unidentified being as they were totally senseless.

"No need to be so nervous. It's me." Shen Tian walked towards him, making him turn really cautious." Boy… I have seen you only a few times, and you never appeared to be so mysterious. How the hell did you manage to enter my Soul Realm?!" The City Lord snarled as he demanded an answer to his question.

A chair appeared behind the City Lord, similarly a chair appeared behind Shen Tian, who sat on it disdainfully looking at the City Lord,"Don't be so cautious, I won't bite you know? Just sit, we can have a calm discussion here. Ah, don't worry time is far slower here, so you won't be missing any action… Although you were about to die."

The City Lord did not relax at all after hearing his lazy voice. Instead, upon hearing what Shen Tian had to say, he was actually starting to get even more worked up."What do you mean with that?! I was about to die?! Please! I was just about to stand up and start to attack the Demon Patriarch. I am sure of that!" He was stubborn to the end.

Shen Tian rolled his eyes, amusement flickering inside them, as a teacup appeared on front of him, accompanied with a table,"Relax,BOY." He let out two words, however the City Lord felt an immense pressure engulf him, immobilizing him, forcing him to listen to Shen Tian's words. He fell on the chair dispiritedly, and similarly received a teacup filled with tea.

"Now that both of us are calm, we can have a nice discussion about the situation outside of here." Shen Tian said, and in the next moment, a massive crack appeared in the City Lord's Soul Realm, making him widen his eyes,"It is said that the Soul is the most fragile part of one's body. But it's also the part which lasts the most."

The City Lord frowned haughtily,"Are you telling me that my body is about to give up?!" Shen Tian had a slight smile, but he shook his head,"You are wrong. Your body has already given up, the only part which still is fighting is your soul, which is also soon going to give up to the Darkness…" He replied, awaiting a retort from the disbelieving man.

The City Lord snorted, "Oh please, you expect me to believe that rubbish?! I would never have fallen to a mere dark stone… Produced by an evil man like that Demon Patriarch." Shen Tian rolled his eyes at the unreasonable reply,"Stop being so stubborn, you were going to die. Friendship wouldn't have saved your ass, no matter how much you want to think it would."

"Then why are you wasting my time here?! I think you must have a reason to waste your precious time on… A dying man, am I right?!" The City Lord let out an exhausted sigh as he asked Shen Tian who smirked at him giving up his fake facade,"Actually… If you want to go fight the Demon Patriarch, I do have a way to save your life. And also make you stronger than ever."

The City Lord raised an eyebrow thinking about his proposition. It would be a lie for him to say that he was not interested, but he knew that this boy in front of him would ask for something drastically overvalued if he truly wanted to help him." Where's the catch here boy? I know you want something for me. Something of an equivalent price to my life."

Shen Tian closed his eyes, relaxing as he took the teacup on the table, sipping it occasionally as he leaned backwards on his chair. "Yes, indeed. I do require something from you. The price of saving your life will be extremely high for me, as I will have to use an ancient technique, since your cultivation is too high currently."

"Here, first take this pill. It's made from an One Thousand Years Old Snow Lotus, looted from the Demon Sanctuary, and a Phoenix Dragon's Brain. With this the backlash of the technique I will use upon you will be extremely lessened, so you won't have to die after using it." Shen Tian threw a pill at the City Lord just like he was throwing trash.

The City Lord caught it, however he slightly hesitated upon hearing where he found the Snow Lotus," Why the hell do you have raw materials from the Demon Sanctuary with you?" He found that really weird, Shen Tian rolled his eyes," I robbed their treasury after they wanted to start a war, since their defenses sucked."

Only then did the City Lord eat the pill given to him by Shen Tian. " Great. Now that you have finally eaten the pill I gave you, we can move to the next stage. This technique normally would require the presence of a physical body… But your physical body is not exactly the best body you've had right now."

The City Lord frowned,"So… The only choice we have now, I presume is my Spiritual Body then?" He asked, received a nod from Shen Tian, making him sigh." That is our only choice right now. If you do not agree to that, I can't do much besides see you suffer until your body finally gives up."

"Now for the most important question out of all the ones I could possibly ask you today. Do you agree to my terms?" Shen Tian asked. The City Lord did not even hesitate as he nodded. After all, if what he was saying was true, then he would die if he did not agree to Shen Tian's method of saving his life.

Shen Tian smiled as he extended his arm forward. A mysterious energy came out of his palm," I, Shen Tian, have agreed to save your life. City Lord, do not disappoint me." He said coldly as the energy entered the City Lord who suddenly let a scream of pain out ,"Endure! You have to endure. You wouldn't be able to imagine the consequences if you don't."

"Your fate has been already decided. City Lord, son of the Previous City Lord, descendant of the Supreme Leader of the Underground City! I as your saviour, demand you go out there and beat the shit out of that Demon Patriarch! I gave you the power to make that possible!" Shen Tian let out a shout as he started to laugh maniacally. This was going to be truly a work of art if it succeeded, He evilly thought as he imagined the consequences of his actions.

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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》