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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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108 Was it worth it?

Xi Riyu frowned as he checked the City Lord's pulse. It was slowly disappearing. If he did not do anything, the man was going to die without a doubt. He had received the attack of a Heavenly Fate Realm Expert's Artifact, it was obvious that he would be severely damaged by the artifact's attack. He gnashed his teeth.

The City Lord was about to die in battle.

"WAKE UP, Ye Shu!" The City Lord's name was finally revealed, it was Ye Shu. The now named City Lord, slowly opened his eyes, revealing vigor and hope." Xi Riyu, I always thought you were the one who did not really like talking, but you've been screaming on my face for so long. Geez."

Xi Riyu was about to feel relieved, however he remained tense as he still did not forget the fact that Ye Shu was about to die. If he did not receive Medical Attention immediately, the hopes of him surviving would probably be 0%. It was something neither him or any of the eight great factions of the Underground City wished for.

"Calm down, Xi Riyu." The City Lord started to release steam from his body, making Xi Riyu raise an eyebrow in confusion,"What the hell are you doing Ye Shu?" He asked with a frown visible on his face," Do not worry about me right now. Think about our precious city for a moment. That is the most important thing right now."

The City Lord stood up, and tightly grabbed the spear next to him,'Accompany me to perhaps our last battle, my dear friend.' He softly stroked the spear, just as if it was his best companion in his life, and his cold glare explored the battlefield,"Demon Patriarch, you did quite a number on me, didn't you?!"

Xi Riyu stared at him for a moment, before releasing a relaxed laugh out,"As expected of my greatest rival, you have indeed not disappointed me at all! I shall also accompany you on this trip to hell! And just the two of us won't be the only ones going there…" He grinned as he unleashed Cursed Energy out.

'First Gate… Gate of Darkness.'

Ye Shu got covered in an immense pressure. Dark Energy started to be unleashed by him as he burst forward, exceeding the speed of sound, going as fast as ten times the speed of sound effortlessly.

'Using this Gate without the required physique… Will destroy your Soul In less than a minute.'

Ye Shu roared as he threw a fist forward, smashing it at the Demon Patriarch's face, and thrusted the spear on his other hand towards the opponent's face. It was about to pierce the Demon Patriarch's face but ultimately he managed to dodge it.

'Second Gate… Gate of Light…'

Ye Shu was engulfed in a piercing light, making the Demon Patriarch squint his eyes, the light was too much even for a Spiritual God of Darkness, he covered his body in Dark Aura, trying to block Ye Shu's attack, however his physical strength was proven to be too much for the Demon Patriarch who was sent flying.

'With your cultivation… This Gate will slowly devour your soul, having the first gate opened at the same time, will make the process even more quicker.'

Ye Shu roared as he integrated with his Demon Spirit, sending waves of energy towards the Demon Patriarch, who started to get overwhelmed from the sudden absurd behaviour of the City Lord,'It should not have been like this… The Dark Stone should've killed you, bastard! Why am I the one being defeated like this instead of you?! CURSE YOU CITY LORD!'

Ye Shu was too focused into fighting the Demon Patriarch to even listen to the surrounding words being thrown at him. The spear on his hand started to shine brightly, indicating it was fully charged with Heavenly Energy. It was also mixed with Dark and Light Energy, creating a massive sphere at the tip of the spear.

However, before he could use the attack, Ye Shu covered his stomach as he coughed out blood, the backlash of the gates was starting to catch up to him. He let an emotionless expression enter his face. Despite blood continuing to drip from every wound on his body, some parts of his body even starting to show cracks, he took a huge decision.

'Third Gate,Gate of Chaos!'

The City Lord, Ye Shu was engulfed in chaotic energy, which also got mixed into the spear, creating a massive unstable sphere, which was hovering in the sky, waiting for him to direct it somewhere. Ye Shu was reminded of what Shen Tian told him about the Third Gate, before he sent him to the Physical World.

'The Third Gate… Is the maximum your body can reach without breaking apart. If you use it, your death is guaranteed. Even if you survive, the survival duration will be extremely short.' He let out a bitter laugh. " It seems I, the City Lord of the Underground City am not fated to continue living after today."

"But as long as I get rid of vermins like you, I will not be disappointed upon dying! RECEIVE MY LAST ATTACK, DEMON PATRIARCH!" Ye Shu roared loudly as the sphere together with the spear flew forwards, straight towards the Demon Patriarch who was focusing on surviving. The winning side had changed too suddenly!

The Demon Patriarch felt his life flash before his eyes at the last moment of his life.

'Our Sovereign is the one who will give us a new hope to our lives! As long as he is free again, we shall be the ones above everyone else, not the corrupted Underground City!'

'... Xie… My son, I entrust you the Demon Sanctuary's highest role, the Patriarch! *cough* I hope you can lead our sect… To a new age of prosperity… Free our Sovereign *cough*...' He gritted his teeth as he heard his ailing father's request.

'What?! Xie… You actually broke through to the Spiritual God Realm?! I am so proud of you! Now our Demon Sanctuary can be lead to another age of prosperity! We can finally free our Sovereign!'

"That's not it…" The Demon Patriarch muttered as the attack neared him. His eyes expressing anger. " You all have yet to tell me one thing…" He continued.

'For the Demon Sanctuary!'

'For The Demon Sanctuary, you are our only hope!'

'For the Demon Sanctuary, you are our only hope. Your breakthrough will make us enter a new age of prosperity!'

"YOU HAVE YET TO PRAISE ME FOR ACHIEVING TO BREAKTHROUGH, YOU ALL CAN GO FUCK OFF TOGETHER WITH THAT SOVEREIGN!" The Demon Patriarch roared as he gathered his massive amount of Law Energy, to create an enormous sphere, hanging above his head.

"Darkness DOMAIN!"
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》