An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
109 A surprise after another surprise
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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109 A surprise after another surprise

For probably what seemed to be the hundredth time, smoke and dust covered the battlefield. The first confrontation had ended with the Demon Patriarch winning, while this one was still unclear. The City Lord, Ye Shu had woken up from what seemed to be a life ending injury, and fought the Demon Patriarch.

Both sides waited for the dust and smoke to clear, anxiously waiting to see who had won the confrontation between the two sides. Was it the City Lord, who had fought bravely with whatever power he could muster, or the Demon Patriarch, who was the strongest existence in the Demon Sanctuary's Side?

The smoke finally cleared, the low amount of dust followed, revealing the ending of the battle between the Demon Patriarch and the City Lord, Xi Riyu was left in the corner, helpless, he could not do anything in this high level battle between the Spiritual God and a man who was ready to die for his cause.

The City Lord had...Fallen.

Covered in wounds, the former alive City Lord, could no longer be considered 'alive'. His body was covered in wounds, blood spurting from every wound. His corpse silently looked at the blue sky, no longer moving. Everyone in the battlefield was moved by this scene, and remained silent.

But his expression… Showed anything but pain. In fact, it seemed relaxed, as if there was not much else he could have done. The spear in his hand, slowly starting to disperse, from metal to dust. The final attack it had unleashed had taken too much out of the poor spear, involving the mixing of more than 4 different volatile energies.

The body, too, similarly to the spear, started to disintegrate. The two sides were still silent, now their eyes were on the place where the Demon Patriarch had last stepped on, to see if he was still alive or if he had died from the wounds Ye Shu had inflicted him, or was he still strong even after that?

The Demon Patriarch… Was in a way better shape than the City Lord, Ye Shu. The only visible wounds he had suffered were several burn marks on his body, mainly on his hands, and blood surging out from his head and chest. If he did not receive immediate medical attention, he could also possibly die.

"You bastard! That almost killed me… Despite being a Demigod, you officially are the strongest opponent I've ever had to face before! You truly deserve the title of that… I might even die right now. HAHAHA!" The Demon Patriarch laughed out, before having to close his mouth due to massive bleeding.

The Underground City's Army had dark expressions on their face. The loss of the City Lord, Ye Shu was a heavy lose to their basic power. Without him, they could only defend and not attack at all. The Demon Sanctuary, for some reason was also oddly silent. They were not cheering for the Demon Patriarch at all.

The Demon Patriarch, upon noticing that had a sullen look on his face,"As I expected, you little bastards do not even care about my well being! All you care is about that fucking Sovereign, who probably won't even give a shit about you when he is freed from the seal, you all can go fuck yourselves!" The Demon Patriarch grinned.

The Vice Demon Patriarch had a smile on his face as he walked towards the Demon Patriarch, who had exhausted most of his strength, while the former had barely used any power in this fight. " What do you want? Old man… You are the oldest in the Demon Sanctuary, a snake like you is truly dangerous."

The Vice Patriarch had a sly smile on his face, making the Demon Patriarch gain a deeper frown on his face," Do not near me any closer, or I will be forced to use my power to exterminate you, old snake." The Vice Patriarch did not care about his warning, and continued to walk closer and closer to the Demon Patriarch.

"Do not try to make me laugh, we both know that while you might look a bit formidable in the outside, in the inside your organs have been smashed together. Your only hope of defeating me is using your Fate Soul… But do you even have a Fate Soul or did you lose all of them in that fight before?"

The Demon Patriarch had a dark complexion as he took a deep breath,"Old snake, the Old Ancestor taught you well it seems. True, you might be weaker than me… But you are far craftier than I ever could be in my lifetime. However do not think you can kill me this easily." He snorted as he responded.

"You see, while I am indeed a Spiritual God in the Law of Fire… I also am a Spiritual God in the Law of Poison. For the last twenty five years, I have been secretly putting poison inside your food. Demon Patriarch, with the poison inside your blood ready to kill you anytime, and those wounds, you practically are dead." The Vice Patriarch chuckled.

The Demon Patriarch was silent, he was visibly shocked by the fact that The Vice Patriarch was a Spiritual God in Two Laws, Fire and Poison. He had never seen such a case before, the Vice Patriarch might just be the first person to ever do that." So that is why it is stated that you were deeply interested in Poison before becoming a Spiritual God of Fire then…" The Demon Patriarch chuckled, he felt as if he was a fool.

"Do not worry, the poison I used on you will not hurt you when it kills you, in fact you won't even feel it. Isn't that wonderful? You can leave the Demon Sanctuary in my hands. No one even wants you to rule us anymore, anyway. You visibly lost their support with that last comment you uttered before that last attack." The Vice Patriarch had a wide smile as he spoke.

The Demon Patriarch looked at the sky, his complexion starting to pale, while his expression showed tranquility, as if he did not care that he was going to die soon. " I just had the fight of my life, fought the strongest opponent I could've fought besides that annoying man. I do not care if I am going to die… But I am not going to fall down without a fight!"
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》