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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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110 Another Twist!

Xi Riyu snorted as he gathered the army of the Underground City. A longer fight would not be good for the city. Since he was the next strongest expert, no faction truly was dissatisfied with having him as the next leader of the army. The Young Lord was too young and weak to take up the mantle of his father.

He motioned for everyone to retreat, but was stopped by the army of the Demon Sanctuary,"Don't you have your inner problems to take care of?! Retards, let us leave." Xi Riyu was not in a mood to talk. His rival's body had been completely dispersed, not even a hint of it remaining in this realm. The last thing he cared about was the Demon Sanctuary and the war with them.

The Vice Patriarch who was talking to the now Former Demon Patriarch, looked at the next to lead member of the Demon Sanctuary, telling them to not let the Underground City's army to leave. The man nodded as he motioned to the Demon Sanctuary army to continue this blockade for as long as it was required.

"Now, I'd like you to crown me as your successor. I've waited too long to become the Demon Patriarch. Your foolish father named you it… Instead of me! The Oldest of the Demon Sanctuary, and the one with the highest cultivation after him… It took you fucking thirty years to surpass my strength!" The Vice Patriarch snarled.

The Demon Patriarch had a calm expression on his face. His complexion slowly turned normal, he felt his body feel more relaxed. He closed his eyelids, feeling the wind him hit his skin once again. " Old snake, you can have that title, I do not require a title, which only held me back instead of helping me." He replied.

The Vice Patriarch grinned,"Now give me the Demon Patriarch's Seal… I require it if I want to access the Main Headquarters of the Demon Sanctuary." The seal was the most important item given to a Demon Patriarch, however the former Demon Patriarch did not respond this time, instead he took the seal from his Interspatial Ring and… Crushed it in front of the Vice Patriarch.

The Demon Sanctuary's members were all dumbfounded. The former Demon Patriarch snorted," If you thought I would be that cooperative you were really living inside a dream, foolish old snake. I Ji Xie am not that easily intrigued by your traps, old snake!" The former Demon Patriarch, now named as Ji Xie snorted.

THe Vice Patriarch, now the Demon Patriarch had a sullen expression on his face. " I was once scared of your power… But you no longer have any Fate Soul, this is your only life you can live, if you die now, you will die… AND YOU ARE TEMPTING ME TO KILL YOU, YOU BASTARD!" A gaseous substance came out of the Demon Patriarch, which probably was poison.

After all, he had wanted to be the Demon Patriarch for so many years, yet, due to some rubbish Ji Xie just did, his hopes of bringing the Demon Sanctuary to a new age were practically shattered in an instant! The gaseous substance flew towards Ji Xie who smirked," I do not care, kill me now old snake!"

" I cannot allow you to kill him sadly." A voice rang out, gaining the attention of everyone, besides the current Demon Patriarch, who did not stop using the gaseous substance to attack Ji Xie, if the gaseous substance hit him, the poison inside him would be awakened, and probably immediately kill him.

A silhouette appeared in front of Ji Xie, using a white energy to create a shield, protecting both him and the former demon patriarch, Ji Xie who was dumbfounded at the scene in front of him,"Who the hell are you brat? Just let me die, I am bored of this life anyway, I find no meaning in living anymore."

Shen Tian glared at him and shook his head,"You are valuable for my plans, a valuable asset. I cannot allow you to die here, even if you want to. Your fate is no longer in your hands anymore." Ji Xie frowned,"You are telling me that, a Spiritual God like me, who stands at the peak of the Underground Region, can't even control his own fate?!"

An immense pressure engulfed Ji Xie who started to sweat madly,"Yes. Now shut the fuck up and watch as I smack the Demon Sanctuary around. I do not have time to talk with you all day, I'm just letting you know that you are but a mere ant in front of my eyes." Shen Tian's cold glare increased.

Shen Tian started to mutter to himself,'I've been using too many Chakra-influenced techniques… Maybe there is a need to change this shit. Let's see, there are several techniques I could use in a opportunity like this. I know let's go with that technique, it's quite destructive if you ask me.'

Shen Tian removed the shield, as the gaseous substance started to disperse, it obviously seemed that it couldn't stay in a space with oxygen or nitrogen for a very long time… Maybe it could also be poisoned using the elements which created the air in the first place? That was an interesting idea, but not one he was going to try now.

Instead he extended an arm forward, as he integrated with his Demon Spirit, the Abyssal Void Dragon. He had not used his Demon Spirit in what could be considered almost six months, mainly due to the fact he did not really require it, as Chakra itself was enough to defeat any enemy he had.

"Chaotic Void Blast"

Shen Tian snorted, as a massive amount of dark purple and dark orange energy gathered to form a perfect sphere, which hovered in front of Shen Tian's extended hand." Let's see how you fools can contain this blast, which can exterminate all of you in a matter of seconds." The sphere cracked and took the shape of a beam, as it burst towards the Demon Sanctuary.

Ji Xie was dumbfounded, he had never seen so much energy gather in one place, even when Ye Shu had used the Gates of Void forcefully, he could only unleash as much as a quarter of a quarter's quarter of the energy the gates were capable of using, and his soul had almost shattered in that instant.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》