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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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111 Bored.

The Demon Patriarch roared as he used a mix of the gaseous substance and the Law of Fire, to resist the Chaotic Void Blast used by Shen Tian. Honestly, to him it did not look that he was a Spiritual God of both laws, but he was very close to being a Spiritual God in the Law of Poison, but yet to surpass the gate.

However, obviously none of his powers he had in his arsenal could contain the Chaotic Void Blast, especially when it wildly started to blast pieces of itself to other corners, creating various numbers of dead people in the Demon Sanctuary's side, much to their anger. They couldn't do anything to stop it.

Shen Tian did not stop here. Instead he used the second ability of the Abyssal Void Dragon, the Purple Flames, and exhaled a massive amount of it from his mouth, setting thousands of members of the Demon Sanctuary in fire, the poor men and women could only let out a scream in anguish.

Then finally he used the third ability of the Abyssal Void Dragon, Primordial Breath. This attack, could age and injure any enemy, which was the main reason why he even chose this Demon Spirit for now, besides Abyssal and Void Attributes, it also had a mutated Time attribute, making it very powerful. Primordial Breath, killed another hundred thousand members of the Demon Sanctuary.

Three attacks. That was all Shen Tian used on the Demon Sanctuary… Yet over a million members were killed so easily. The Current Demon Patriarch felt his mind start to get dizzy. His dreams to control the entire Underground Region were slowly falling apart, due to a single brat, who destroy his army!

"You...You… How dare you destroy my dream like that?! I shall murder you… I shall torture you brat!" The Demon Patriarch roared as he sent a wave of flames at Shen Tian who yawned and blocked it with his finger," It seems I am being underestimating for just being a fourth star Demigod…" He said.

He burst with gaseous energy, emerging from his body, his skin turning green,"You are poisoning yourself, can't you even see such a funny fact?" Shen Tian chuckled as his expression changed to a serious one,"Fine, if you really think it's shameful for you to lose to a weak person like me, I shall reach the peak of the Demigod Rank."

The Demon Patriarch raised an eyebrow, Ji Xie similarly was confused. From the fourth star to the sixth star, there was a difference of two stars, unless you had some heavenly defying raw material, the chances of Shen Tian increasing his power by two starts was close to zero in their opinion!

Shen Tian flicked his fingers, suddenly a massive amount of energy burst out of him, the Demon Patriarch was shocked,"That's Heavenly Energy?! How the hell did he open his Spiritual Roots, that's impossible!" He widened his eyes as the shock grew, when he entered the fifth star of the Demigod Rank.

"You probably were just near a breakthrough anyway." The Demon Patriarch snorted as he ignored Shen Tian's breakthrough to the next star of the Demigod Rank, after all it was not that all to rare for cultivators to achieve a breakthrough in moments like this, but what happened next shocked him.

"You...Sixth star?! Are you crazy? Such a breakthrough requires delicate control over one's Law Energy or Heavenly Energy, and you fucking used your Heavenly Energy wildly to break the barrier! Are you crazy?!" The Demon Patriarch had a dark complexion on his face as he shouted at Shen Tian.

He truly felt that Shen Tian was crazy. After all, he who had cultivated for over 500 years, knew the importance of careful control over one's Energy, but he did not know that Shen Tian's control was perfect. No matter how long he had used an energy for, he could perfectly control it as if he was born together with it.

He did not expect Shen Tian to suddenly stop the integration with the Abyssal Void Dragon. Neither did he expect him to suddenly dash forward, almost reaching the speed of Mach 5, and slam his fist on The Demon Patriarch's face, knocking out several teeth out of his mouth, and blood together with them.

Shen Tian's fist was slightly coated with blood as he smiled,"It seems… I overestimated you, a mere sorry excuse of a Pussy Demon Patriarch." A vein appeared on the Demon Patriarch's forehead as he spat out some blood, and wiped his mouth, recovering from the powerful blow Shen Tian had inflicted him a bit earlier.

"Whath… Dith you call me?" He said, in a slightly weird tone, probably due to several teeth missing. "Did you not hear me properly? I called you 'Pussy' Patriarch. Actually, no... Sorry, should I rather call you 'Weakling' instead? I mean, even the title Patriarch is too much for people like you." Shen Tian chuckled as he trash-talked.

The Demon Patriarch's complexion darkened even further. " Fine, you brat… Luckily for you, that coward behind you has already used the Dark Stone, otherwise I would've snatched it from him and used it on you. Tch. Actually I should thank you, one of my concerns was the power inside that Dark Stone!"

Shen Tian looked at him, not even taking his talking seriously. At his current power, even if the Supreme Leader himself appeared in front of him, he wouldn't give him face at all if required. After all, if he wanted he could directly breakthrough to the Heavenly Fate Realm, and destroy every opponent of his here.

"You are taking my words as a joke! I shall show you how serious I am you bastard." The Demon Patriarch roared as he unleashed his maximum pressure upon Shen Tian who snorted, doing the same thing.The funny thing was how his overwhelmed that of the Demon Patriarch very easily, making the latter crash into the ground.

"Man, can you even do something new? I am getting bored of your so called 'threats' I'm sure even my cousin back at home can do a better job at them." Shen Tian was truly getting bored, while the current Demon Patriarch was far more scheming than the previous one, he was weaker than the previous one.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》