An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
112 This is happening too many times...
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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112 This is happening too many times...

The Demon Patriarch roared, as he put his hands forward on the ground, gaining support to slowly stand up. Shen Tian was amused,"It seems even dogs can do the impossible if they gain enough will. Well done, my pet." He said as the pressure suddenly increased even more, slamming the patriarch downwards again.

No matter how much the Demon Patriarch struggled, he couldn't even lift a single finger upwards, as if Shen Tian was pressing him downwards with the weight of thousands of tons, but if it was just that, the Demon Patriarch could easily lift it, but the pressure just made his muscles stop working completely!

"This is getting boring, here I will give you a chance at fighting me." Shen Tian flicked his fingers, as he removed the pressure on the Demon Patriarch who suddenly exploded forward,"You little bastard, I will use your blood to create a pill, and use you as a sacrifice to our Sovereign!"

"That's not how a dog should act like." Shen Tian raised his leg, at this point it seemed that the Demon Patriarch was about to unleash a blow at Shen Tian, however in a tiny instant, the raised leg was lowered, cracking the Demon Patriarch's skull, the blow also created a massive crater, several hundreds meters large.

"Alright, since this is getting boring, even with me giving you a chance to fight, I shall lower my strength to 2% of my true strength. Hopefully you can give me a good fight with the odds being changed to so low now." Shen Tian cracked his knuckles as suddenly the pressure he was sending out started to decrease by 98%.

Xiao Ning'er and the rest were inside his Kamui Dimension, due to the unsafety which the presence of several Peak Demigods and Spiritual Gods could bring to them, he did not want to risk losing any of them, after all there was no point in risking their lives in something as stupid as this war.

The Demon Patriarch did not like how Shen Tian was treating him, but it seems that the only chance he had to beat Shen Tian today, was to take the fact he was restricting his strength so much to his advantage. Still, he felt that Shen Tian was underestimating him far too much, to fight him with just 2% of his strength!

He sent several waves of flames towards Shen Tian, who now with only 2% of his strength, had to actually use his body to destroy the flames, but it still looked as effortless as before, The Demon Patriarch did not know that, Shen Tian already knew that 1% of his strength was enough to defeat him, 2% was merely to be assured.

Shen Tian thrust his fist forward,"Elemental Technique - Wind Fist." He muttered, it was time to display the techniques of the Five Elemental Dragon Sect in front of the world! This was why he was doing all of this in the first place, to give his sect massive popularity in the Underground Region as a whole.

The fist suddenly gathered a massive amount of wind, which was compressed inside a very small space, taking the shape of a fist, which burst forward upon him thrusting it, flying towards the flames, effortlessly creating a tiny hole in the middle of the flames, stopping it's advances easily.

The Demon Patriarch was slammed into a nearby mountain, which was a considerable distance away, since the field was several kilometers long. He coughed blood, and felt several of his ribs crack, it seems he had broken several of his ribs, he groaned as he spit even more blood,"You bastard…"

He shook the mountain as a whole, as his body left the mountain. His eyes definitely looked as if he was very pissed."Not only did you destroy most of the legacy of our Demon Sanctuary… But you also use such techniques to attack me… You truly are treating us as a joke aren't you?! BRAT!"

The Demon Patriarch roared as he send an enormous amount of Gaseous Energy towards Shen Tian who rolled his eyes,"Elemental Technique - Wind Breakthrough!" He put both of his hands forward, compressing wind next to them, creating two vortexes which flew towards the Gaseous Energy, he was going to put his previous theory to a test!

Upon noticing he was attacking with wind, the Demon Patriarch sent forth a sea of fire, it did seem that wind was the weak point of the Gaseous Energy, and he had a limited amount of what he could use in a single day. One of the reasons why that happened, was because he had yet to be a Spiritual God of Poison!

Shen Tian took a deep breath as he exhaled a massive amount of fire, taking the shape of a fire dragon, standing at an enormous twenty five meters, dwarfing the largest man here by more than twenty two meters. Elemental Technique - Fire Dragon, was the technique he just used right now.

Obviously, he also used chakra into it. When he used Chakra influenced techniques, he also used Spiritual Energy and the various energy he possessed, to make the technique even stronger. He had a massive amount of techniques in his arsenal, but the ones in the Elemental Nations were the ones he was the most comfortable with in all his four lives, since they weren't that hard to understand.

The onslaught continued for several hours, he tested Elemental Techniques of several elements, all being included in the Five Elemental Dragon Sect, the Demon Patriarch could only helplessly face the attacks with all his courage. Ji Xie laughed loudly at his demise, he no longer had poison in his body.

Xi Riyu had a strange expression, he had never expected that suddenly, the sides of the battle would turn so quickly. After all, with the City Lord's death, they had lost a valuable fighter to the Demon Sanctuary, who had a total of Three Spiritual Gods, even if one left them, the Underground City didn't even have a single Spiritual God!

Suddenly, Shen Tian raised an arm, to face a massive wave of blood heading towards him. On top of the wave stood Tong Zhong and an unconscious Devil Monarch, who was bleeding from various places of his body, the Spiritual God Of The Law of Blood was in a slightly better shape than the Devil Monarch.

"It seems your plan has progressed quite a lot, you actually managed to dethrone the Demon Patriarch, Ji Xie. Why am I not that surprised? You always had that tone of talking while you discussed, I always knew that you would never rest down for the simple role of a person under him!" Tong Zhong snorted.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》