An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
113 Another Twist, anybody getting tired of those?
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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113 Another Twist, anybody getting tired of those?

The Demon Patriarch groaned, his face filled with several bruises, his body was in no shape to stand up, thus he could only helplessly stare at Tong Zhong. The later continued to coldly stare at him, and stole a look at Ji Xie, before starting to laugh loudly,"I never would've thought that of all stuff which could've happened… This happened!"

"Our Demon Sanctuary is beyond ruined in front of my eyes, is there any bigger shame than this?!" Tong Zhong chuckled wiping a tear leaving the corner of his eyes."Not to mention… It seems we barely have any member alive, maybe only those at the Demon Sanctuary were still alive!"

The Demon Patriarch continued to look at Tong Zhong, his eyes showing anger. He did not like that even Tong Zhong had started to make fun of him, Shen Tian had been enough to him. "Well.. Don't worry. I got the Seal's Key." Tong Zhong smirked as he waved a golden key with his blood law.

"That's… Good! Give it to me now! We can quickly leave to where the seal is, as long as the Sovereign is here, fuck that Shen Tian, not even the Supreme Expert of the Underground City will be able to harm us! Hahahaha! You all are going to die morons!" The Demon Patriarch seemingly gained power as he stood up and shouted.

"Shut up. You are not in a place to command me. If you were at your peak, maybe I would have listened to you, but… At your current state you are even weaker than me, not even comparable to a tiny and weak Spiritual God like me!" Tong Zhong's complexion darkened as he roared at the Demon Patriarch.

" I shall become the Demon Patriarch.and unleash the Sovereign to the world again. He shall recognize my worth and give me boundless rewards!" Tong Zhong said as he revealed his ambitions to everyone, his blood energy took the shape of a fist as he slammed it at the Demon Patriarch, who couldn't defend himself. He was slammed into the ground once again.

"You are a madman! Can't you see our Demon Sanctuary, has already been through a lot?! And you want to change the hierarchy again?! Just how crazy can you be? Tong Zhong, stop this madness and give me the key at this instant, I as the Demon Patriarch demand it to be mine!" The Demon Patriarch shouted.

"Hhahahahah! Forget it, I shall summon the Sovereign here… There is no need to unlock the seal from there it seems, the Seal's Key is talking to me! The Sovereign recognizes me! HAhahahah! I am the chosen one… Not you or your demented previous Demon Patriarch!" Tong Zhong roared, as he extended his arm up the sky.

The Seal's Key started to shine brightly, unleashing a dragon from the middle of it, which flew, soaring into the skies, it did not even stop, slamming into the blue sky, making the entire ground shake. It was not a very well known fact that the Underground Region was created through An Array, this was making it slowly get chaotic!

"You are unstabilizing the Array, stop this at once, the Demon Sanctuary is indeed created by mad people, and this is only strengthening that motion!" Xi Riyu roared, however he was helpless before the power of a Spiritual God, after all he was a mere Peak Demigod Rank Demon Spiritualist!

The Dragon's parts slowly stopped to appear, but it also dispersed as soon as it hit the skies. After the Dragon, massive silver chains with a golden glow appeared from the Seal's Key, this time not heading towards the skies, it was instead spreading at various parts of the Underground Region.

"With this… The Sovereign is finally free!" Tong Zhong roared as the Blood Energy he had previously used started to slow down, drying. The Devil Monarch next to him was unconscious. However… In the next moment he started to slightly move his limbs, it was obvious that he had woken up!

"Tong Zhong…" A hoarse and very different voice came out of the Devil Monarch, his lips slowly curling. " I must thank you…" He muttered as he stabbed his saber at Tong Zhong's heart, the poor man did not even expect it, only staring helplessly at the Devil Monarch who now had a completely different aura.

His corpse fell into the ground, only serving as nourishment to the grass now. "Gentlemen, I must thank you all for coming to the event of my rebirth. It's a quite… deadly scene I see!" The Devil Monarch started to laugh loudly,"It's been so long since I've last seen so much blood, tell me… Who did all of this, I want to meet him!"

Xi Riyu and the Underground City's various powers only looked at the Devil Monarch, their eyes filled with confuse. They were not sure of what was currently happening, the Devil Sanctuary basically switched their leaders thrice, and now the Devil Monarch woke up, creating a very weird scene.

Shen Tian just continued to stare at the battlefield, not calmly sipping into his tea, and sitting into a chair which no one knew from where he had taken. The Devil Monarch quickly noticed that in this battlefield, he was the only one so close to the center to have no blood stains on his body at all. He licked his lips.

"Boy… Tell me, are you the one who did all of this?! You are quite talented at killing, hahahah!" The Devil Monarch pointed his saber at Shen Tian, who closed his eyes, not even bothering to look at him, but the Devil Monarch was not angry at all, his expression still showed the previous excitement,"You also look as if you are a bastard, I like you!"

Shen Tian raised a finger,"I do not allow ants to like me. Know your place." He unleashed a massive amount of pressure upon the Devil Monarch, who slightly felt his knees weaken, this greatly pissed him,"You brat… Do you want this majesty to kneel in front of you, not even the bastard who sealed me has that right!"

"I am in a good mood since I've been sealed for nearly a thousand years, that's ten centuries you bastard. I won't kill you… I'll slowly torture you until I hear your screams, and then I shall go look for that bastard who sealed me to return the favor he did to me… He is still wounded from our fight, while I am not!"

"Gegegege… This majesty is truly the smartest and strongest there is." The Devil Monarch extended an arm, as water flew towards Shen Tian,"Tch, seems like this body's main law is Water… You are lucky boy, my main body is still sealed inside that array, I have to go and search for it. Wait… Why is my body in the Space and Time River?!"
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》