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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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114 Continuing...

"This is indeed very odd." The Devil Monarch extended a hand towards the corpse of Tong Zhong, a massive amount of Law Energy escaped his body, entering Tong Zhong's body, and then going back to his body. He closed his eyes, and snorted,"Seems the very own faction I created, actually is responsible for weakening me in the first place!"

"Listen people, I shall reveal a tiny detail to how I was sealed, since this majesty is truly bored. None of you are able to entertain me besides that boy there, but our fight can continue another day." The Devil Monarch create a chair of his own, as he sat into it, however it was a throne instead of a casual chair.

"When I, your majesty was sealed by that rubbish supreme shit you call a supreme leader, I split my body and soul into two. My soul was sealed inside the body of a boy, the one you call the Devil Monarch was the descendant of that boy, thus my soul traveled to his after the boy I was sealed inside died."

"However, my body was another...case. The So called White Monarch is the one who I choose to give my body to. With his Space and Time Law, he kept the body new and fresh, thus he was the perfect choice! However my foolish sanctuary here decided to kill him, and now his fate is unknown."

Xi Riyu, the Underground Factions and the various remaining members of the Demon Sanctuary were utterly stunned. Ji Xie was very angry,"SO WE WERE ONLY TOYS TO YOU?! TO SERVE FOR YOUR REBIRTH, JUST SO YOU COULD PUSH US TO THE CORNER A MOMENT LATER?!"

The Devil Monarch narrowed his eyes,an immense pressure suddenly engulfed Ji Xie, who was slammed into the ground,"Do not be so disrespectful to this majesty. I demand a certain amount of respect when you talk to me, especially when you are such a traitor. I still have to give you a certain amount of punishment, don't I?"

However, a moment later than pressure was cut, by none other than Shen Tian who finally opened his eyes," I am afraid you cannot do that, he is now under my leadership, he is part of the Void Dragon Tower." He said, the Devil Monarch knitted his eyebrows, he was not sure who was stronger between the two.

"I've lived for almost a thousand years boy… But I've never seen a more arrogant person than you in all those years… If I was my old self, I would've taught you a lesson already, be thankful to that fact!" The Devil Monarch growled, a massive amount of pressure being released by him, trying to subdue Shen Tian.

Shen Tian raised an eyebrow,' His power is definitely above of that of the Demon Patriarchs or Tong Zhong… He is an expert in several laws, but it seems like… The Array creating the Underground is hiding his true strength, he definitely has Heavenly Energy inside his body, there is no doubting that.'

'Current Power… Should be around the sixth star of the Heavenly Fate Realm, but he only has one fate soul, meaning this is his only soul currently, if he dies it's over. This array of the Underground Region is indeed strange, to hold such experts so easily… Very mysterious.' He thought

"Array of Shattering Heavens." Shen Tian said as several chains spurted out of the ground, tightly tying The Devil Monarch around them, then trying to crush him under the pressure of the chains." Hahaha… Nice idea, but this majesty won't die so easily!" His body turned to water, escaping the chains.

"However, Devil Monarch, you only have access to the Law of Water, how do you think that is enough to defeat me?" Shen Tian said as he stood up from his chair, which slowly dispersed after he removed himself from it, the throne the Devil Monarch was sitting, similarly dispersed. The battle had began.

"Just die!" The Devil Monarch roared as he send a tsunami of water towards Shen Tian, who jumped higher than the tsunami, dodging it easily,"Man… You have the strength, so why bother to hide it." Shen Tian threw a massive spear of pure Heavenly Energy towards the Devil Monarch, who blocked it with his forearms. He was pushed behind several steps.

Steam escaped from the scratches on The Devil Monarch's forearms, he glared at Shen Tian with the corner of his eyes, only to see his body disappear, suddenly his fist slammed into his face, sending him flying away, but it did not stop there, Shen Tian sent several fists towards him, all clad in chakra and various other energies.

The Devil Monarch suddenly started to counter attack, slamming his fist at Shen Tian's stomach, making him cough blood slightly, indeed to skip over five small realms and one major realm was not that easy. " You bastard… I'll show you that you shouldn't have messed with me, the strongest majesty out there!"

He burst out with immense amounts of Law Energy, a small amount of Heavenly Energy mixed inside it. The saber in his hand was clad with Law Energy and Heavenly Energy, which he then threw at Shen Tian, who took out the Thunder God's Meteorite Sword, easily matching and surpassing the saber.

"That sword… Boy, that reminds me of a very strong Artifact I've seen on the hand of that supreme expert… The bastard used that to seal me! Otherwise with his strength, I could've easily killed him." The Devil Monarch snorted as he recovered from the wounds Shen Tian had dealt to him.

Shen Tian looked at him silently,"This is not the time for you to talk, after all you will die today, but if you want to talk… Who am I to deny it? But do not blame me if your head is rolling on the ground before you can finish your next sentence." He said, while the Devil Monarch burst into a long laugh.

"You like to boast a lot don't you? I still have to go all out boy, do not think you hold the advantage here." The Devil Monarch wiped a tear at the corner of his eyes, before his expression turned serious, an enormous amount of energy leaving his body, showing that he was indeed very serious about this.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》