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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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115 Bored already mate.

Shen Tian was as calm as a leaf's sound of falling to the ground. The Underground City's Army and the remaining members of the Demon Sanctuary had ran off, to a safe distance, after all if they were not careful, a single attack by either party could get them killed way too easily. They had to be careful.

The Devil Monarch's Energy clashed with the Shen Tian's Heavenly Energy. Neither were gaining an advantage over the other energy, a massive area of over twenty kilometers was engulfed in their battlefield, the surrounding armies had to retreat even more far away, to escape the battle.

The Devil Monarch took a deep breath, as his Water Law Energy turned to ice, clashing with Shen Tian's Heavenly Energy even further. Shen Tian snorted, as the Mysterious White Energy spurted out of his body, aiding the Heavenly Energy. The Devil Monarch raised an eyebrow,"This oddly seems familiar… Where have I seen such an energy before in my life…"

" I think it's about time I went all out, little boy. This majesty is going to show you all his current power, you should be proud of yourself!" The Devil Monarch grinned as he exploded with Law Energy and Heavenly Energy, taking the shape of water with a divine gold glow, Shen Tian slightly frowned.

A small amount of blood escaped the corner of his lips, making the frown deepen even further. Shen Tian started to inhale an enormous amount of air.He was currently only using 70% of his total power, if he used around ninety percent, it should be more than enough to deal with the Devil Monarch.

Similarly to the Devil Monarch, he also exploded with Heavenly Energy, a small amount of the Mysterious White Energy following, to aid it. The Devil Monarch was now in a disadvantage, much to his disbelief. "I would have never thought this majesty would be defeated here…There's no way that will happen!"

He roared as he thrust the saber in front of him,"This majesty… Is only using one Law, you should be lucky! If I was in my main body, then I could easily disintegrate your body with a swing of my saber." The Devil Monarch unleashed even more Water Energy, adding it to the current Water Energy in the sky.

Xi Riyu started to sweat terribly, the recent times had taken a toll on his body. First, the City Lord had died, the Demon Sanctuary went through several terrible inner problems, and he was the main man of the Underground City, and the worst thing of all things to happen, the Sovereign was freed from the seal, and the Supreme Leader was nowhere to be seen.

Ji Xie could only helplessly stare at the battle in front of him, his Law Energy was mainly exhausted after that main attack he sent at the City Lord, it was far stronger than he was supposed to make it, but he was surprised by the amount of power Ye Shu had showed in that instant.

His eyes widened, as he noticed a crack on the space on his left, something was opening. Something very familiar, and a thing he had seen several times recently… Could it be.. The Time and Space River?! The White Monarch was nearby, that normally would be a good thing, but as a former member of the Demon Sanctuary, to him it was the worst thing possible.

Of all possible times, that the White Monarch could've chosen to appear in, this period was the worst one. After all the Devil Monarch was searching for him, to regain his soul back, if he did… Ji Xie feared that even Shen Tian who was barely holding an advantage over him, would eventually lose.

There were two figures coming out of the space crack, Ziyu Liansheng and the White Monarch. Ji Xie knitted his eyebrows, it was only a matter of time before the Devil Monarch noticed his body being so close to him. That was not a good thing at all, he had to find a way to stop that before it could happen!

The Devil Monarch stopped his assaults at Shen Tian, upon noticing the presence of his body being so close. A grin emerged on his face as he started to laugh loudly,"Sems even fate wants to help me! Who would've thought that the White Monarch would use the Time And Space River to appear so close to me."

Shen Tian's anger hit a new level, as he suddenly exploded to a hundred percent of his current strength, without using any unique technique or any sort of, slamming all his energy on top of the Devil Monarch, who had his guard lowered, thus he was suddenly slammed into the ground, not expecting this at all.

Shen Tian's silver and orange eyes changed to the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, and he was coated in a massive Perfect Susanoo, grabbing the Thunder God's Meteorite Sword, with this power he could cut the entire Underground Region in half if he was at full power, which he currently was at!

Shen Tian was truly angry, he was being treated as if he was a mere kid, he was going to let out some steam today. However, unexpectedly the White Monarch's unconscious body flew towards The Devil Monarch, without the latter even moving a single muscle, and united with the body of the Devil Monarch.

The incredibly wounded Devil Monarch's body suddenly started to shine, uniting with the flesh and muscles of the White Monarch, their constitution mixing together. His eyes shone in a white light, it did not take that long for the transformation to be finished, Shen Tian took another deep breath.

He had gathered the energy of over ten million Shadow Clones inside the Undying Cycles Realm, with that amount of Heavenly Energy, he could go on for almost a decade without running out of Heavenly Energy. The current Devil Monarch felt way different compared to a moment before.

"This majesty is finally united… No longer call me the Devil or White Monarch, this majesty is called the Chaos Emperor! I've cultivated the Chaos Law, but since both of them cultivated different laws, I also have understanding in the Law of Water and Time And Space, I'm so lucky hahahah!"
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》