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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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Shen Tian sighed,"Let's stop here, there is no use to continuing this battle, neither one of us is willing to end it." He could indeed kill the Chaos Emperor, but it would take far too much effort, and he was not willing to put himself into a bad position, he could use other techniques, but he was too rusty, not having practiced them in a long time.

The Chaos Emperor raised an eyebrow, before snorting,"Fine, this majesty shall give you the tie for now. But do not think It's because I would've lost, it's merely because I'm a bit tired from this much fighting, this majesty requireds to rest for a bit!" He stated, as he created a chair to sit on comfortably.

" I would also like to talk to you two calmly, I Do not want to fight two extremely strong experts like you two after all." A gentle and feminine voice rang out, most people would mistake it for the voice of a woman, but it was actually the voice of a young man, the Supreme Leader of the Underground Region.

The Chaos Emperor froze, before growling."You bastard… Xian Long!How dare you appear in front of me like this, I shall exterminate you now that I was given the chance to do it…" He rose from his seat, his hands being coated in flames, ready to fight Xian Long, the Supreme Leader who sighed.

Xian Long smiled as he walked towards them," You are as energetic as always, and arrogant too. I had hoped that a thousand years of being sealed would have fixed that messed up brain of yours… But it seems I have to be disappointed, you are still the same… Even after a thousand years."

The Chaos Emperor glared at him,"What the hell is that supposed to mean, you bastard?! You sealed me because I was a threat to your cultivation resources, and now you think I shall be a saint, just because a thousand years passed?! Obviously I want to tear apart your body, and torture you."

Xian Long never lost the smile on his face,"That's natural! Our master wanted to chose the one with the most talent between the two of us. That was obviously you, after all you cultivated to that level so quickly, while I was stuck at the peak of the Legend Rank even at the start of the Age of Darkness, I had to get rid of you."

"What better way to get rid of you, but to accuse you of ruining the peace inside the Underground Region, you even did something as foolish as to name your faction, the Demon Sanctuary which only strengthened my earlier point, it was obvious the elders were very angry." He chuckled.

Shen Tian silently looked at the two, as they continued to argue. From what he could understand, the two were the disciples of a peak Demigod Rank Demon Spiritualist, who had lived through the Age of Darkness, the Chaos Emperor was more favored by him, and Xian Long was jealous of that.

He then had used the Demon Sanctuary, as a way to divided the attention of the elders from his talent, after a while of spreading rumors about his evil deeds, the Chaos Emperor was actually not as bad as he looked in the surface. Shen Tian did not chose to interrupt the discussion between the two.

Xian Long stared at Shen Tian shortly after his last words towards the Chaos Emperor. He had heard of the boy through his spies, mainly Zhi Ruo, who was actually his spy in the Demon Sanctuary, who the sanctuary thought was their spy in the Underground City, and the City Lord, Ye Shu himself.

"Aren't you Shen Tian? Little boy I've heard quite a lot from you as a person. You are quite talented, if only I had your talent when I was a little boy like you… I would've truly reached a lot in my life." Xian Long continued to stare at Shen Tian, who had a calm expression, but inwardly he was disgusted by him.

Shen Tian looked at him, before responding with a shake of his head. " If one has the determined personality, no matter how weak they are, they can still reach something in life. Talent is not what always determines the future of a person, Supreme Leader…" He snorted at the last words.

Xian Long smiled at Shen Tian, he truly had a feminine appearance however, he did not achieve to attract Shen Tian, because he was not attracted to men, that would be very weird, after all he was an one billion years old immortal, people like this weren't that extremely rare in his other three lives.

"Boy, you have not lived for even a quarter of a quarter of what I have lived through, do not try to question what I say, I am the supreme leader of the Underground City, and the strongest existence there has ever existed in this Underground Region, and will ever exist!" It seems his ego was quite high.

Shen Tian glared at him, and checked his cultivation through his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, he was not joking when he said he was the strongest inside the Underground Region. His cultivation had actually reached the next realm, surpassing the Heavenly Fate Realm, or rather, he was in the middle between this realm and the Heavenly Star Realm.

However, his Fate Star was only half formed, thus he was still not considered a Heavenly Star Realm Cultivator, probably due to the lack of instruction he had to breakthrough to the next realm, it was actually quite amazing that he had arrived to reach this point of power without any help from anyone else.

The Chaos Emperor felt quite angry that Xian Long was ignoring him, and instead was focusing on Shen Tian, thus he slammed his hand on the ground, finally regaining the attention of both,"Do not think you can beat me just because you are slightly ahead of me… Xian Long you bastard."

"It's time for me to finally take revenge against the injustice done to me. Xian Long, are you ready to die?!" He roared as he unleashed his full killing intent on Xian Long, who seemed to be unaffected by it. Shen Tian could see that neither were as simple as they seemed to be in the surface, he would have to be a bit more careful around them.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》