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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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118 Send More Power!!

Xian Long chuckled,"Little foolish junior disciple, do not think you can win against me, but you both are indeed a troublesome issue in front of my plans… I need to get rid of both of you to feel more comfortable with the progression of my plans." Shen Tian narrowed his eyes upon hearing 'plans'.

It seems even the so called Saint and Guardian of the Underground City and Region was not as saintly and kind as he was said to be. Instead, from his current perspective of him, he looked very selfish and obsessed with talent. But his strength was indeed not too low, especially in such a place like this, Shen Tian would have to go all out to defeat him without breaking through to the Heavenly Fate Realm.

Hopefully, it would not lead to an all out battle, if it did Shen Tian was still confident he could win, he had too many hidden cards up his sleeves that he had yet to use, after all it was not needed, since his life had yet to be risked even once. Xiao Long started to laugh loudly,"Do you know why I want both of you dead?"

The Chaos Emperor couldn't care less, after all he had known his senior disciple for more than a hundred years before dying, knew that any plan Xiao Long had, was truly evil and not someone with a clear head would try to do. However Shen Tian was slightly curious to know, since he seemed to be unstable in his head.

"It's actually quite simple, why would I want to protect a few million people for no reason? There is no massive or major danger in the Underground City or Region, i could easily destroy the Demon Sanctuary to avoid you being freed, but I never did that, don't you all find that a bit too weird?"

"The sole reason I did all of this was… To strengthen the Underground Region, so everyone could increase their power! I even unleashed a small amount of Heavenly Energy into this space through the use of the array which created the Underground Region, something I can barely comprehend as of now."

"But why would I strengthen the Underground Region you may ask? I can also explain that… When I was exploring a few ruins left behind by the creator of the Underground Region's Array, I found out that there was a function of this array, which could absorb everything inside it, and turn it to pure Heavenly Energy."

Shen Tian chuckled,"So you, who was unable to breakthrough any further, and was getting desperate to enter the Heavenly Star Realm, thought that if you gathered a massive amount of Heavenly Energy, you could finally achieve that legendary breakthrough which was lacking before?"

Xiao Long faintly nodded,"Especially since people like you with so much power exist… I cannot even imagine the amount of Heavenly Energy you can give me if you are turned into pure Heavenly Energy… Such an amount can easily give me that much desired breakthrough I have yearned for."

The Chaos Emperor started to roar," I cannot stand for this any longer! You only want to discuss with us so we can peacefully allow you to turn us into mere Heavenly Energy or what?! You managed to cultivate in that other way…. Through your Spiritual Roots, while I had to use a broken method, which granted me Heavenly Energy, yet still made me a Spiritual God at the same time!"

Xian Long chuckled,"What do you think you can do to me? Although there is only technically a short distance between the two of us, when actually speaking, the difference is enormous, you alone with your depleted reserves cannot do anything to me, and neither can you Shen Tian, just surrender."

"This is where you are mistaken." Shen Tian said as he also similarly stood up. "I am not tired at all, in fact I could've continued that fight with the Chaos Emperor for several more days without even getting tired, but… This fight seems much more interesting than that one, or hopefully you will make it more interesting, won't you?"

" I don't like it when people try to bluff their way out of a situation, Shen Tian,junior disciple, do not think you can defeat me, if you fight me with that in mind you will be disappointed immensely, and you won't even be able to blame for it. I gave you two a choice, you both decided to refuse it." Xian Long said.

Shen Tian did not wait any longer as the Thunder God's Meteorite Sword appeared on his hand, and he swung it towards Xian Long, producing a massive amount of lightning, which he dodged by jumping on the air,"You do indeed have a lot of destructive potential hidden inside you…" The supreme leader said.

"It seems me and you will have to cooperate for the moment, Chaos Emperor. We can continue our fight after we kill Xian Long, he won't hesitate to attack any of us if we try to kill each other first." Shen Tian tried to persuade the Chaos Emperor, who snorted before unwillingly nodded,"I think I agree… He's stronger than me."

"Fine, I shall attack from the right, while you can attack from the left, form the two of us, your 'majesty' has the least amount of Heavenly Energy, I haven't used that much of my Heavenly Energy, and I still can use the Mysterious Energy you saw earlier to attack Xian Long." Shen Tian said as he dodged an attack.

"Let's see where our partnership can lead the two of us to! Chaos Emperor, do not disappoint me." Shen Tian coldly exclaimed as he used an Elemental Technique at Xian Long who blocked it with the use of his own Heavenly Energy, despite his powerful cultivation, he did not have many techniques to support his cultivation rank.

Shen Tian's fist shone with a white color, signifying the use of the Mysterious White Energy, he was going all out in this battle. The Chaos Emperor similarly used all his Chaos Energy he could afford to use, while at the same time trying to save a bit of Chaos Energy, when he had to fight Shen Tian later.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》