An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
120 Leaving the Underground Region
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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120 Leaving the Underground Region

Shen Tian used Kamui, to return the people inside to the real dimension again. They included Ji Xie,Jian Yu,Jing Ye,Xiao Ning'er,Feng Hao and his father Shen Xian. Upon reuniting with his dear ones again, Shen Tian organized a final event, before they had to eventually return. At the end of the night, he shared an intimate night with his girlfriend.

He immediately worked into making the Void Dragon Tower and the Five Elemental Dragon Sect part of the new reformed Underground City, which lacked many of it's previous factions, which fell in the battle against the Demon Sanctuary, for example the Fighter and Alchemy Guild, the latter only lost their fighting capabilities.

The Young Lord, who had been depressed for a very long time had to take the lead as the new ruler of the City Lord's Villa, no one knew that the Supreme Leader was dead, besides the Young Lord himself. The Chaos Emperor and Shen Tian had defeated and exterminated the final Fate Soul of the Supreme Leader yesterday.

There was still the issue of stairs. Shen Tian could create his Susanoo, and easily hold all people, including Jian Yu and Jing Ye, leaving only Ji Xie behind, just to manage the Void Dragon Tower, since he was very familiar with how a faction worked, in fact the man was quite comfortable with that.

The Chaos Emperor left one of his Fate Souls behind here, and also went with Shen Tian, in fact it turned out there was a second pathway to leaving the Underground Region, which was not destroyed by Xian Long, one which he personally had hidden from the City Lord's Villa a thousand years ago.

Currently Shen Tian was nearing the Heavenly Fate Realm, extremely close to creating a Fate Soul, in fact he no longer could be considered a Demigod, through the usage of the Spirit Stones produced in the Undying Cycles Realm, he found out that they contained pure Heavenly Energy. He gave a few to Xiao Ning'er,Shen Xian and Feng Hao.

A total of three months had passed since Shen Tian,Xiao Ning'er and Feng Hao had entered the Underground City through the enormous black hole in the Dark Ruins. This all started due to the Scout Division giving them a mission.

Shen Xian felt awkward to know that the Sacred Family was destroyed by Shen Tian, who had also killed his brother, who he utterly detested and his sister and Shen Tian's aunt, Shen Xiu was currently in jail inside the Prison of the Glory City, tightly protected by several Black Gold Rank Experts.

Upon using this secret pathway the Chaos Emperor told them, it took about a few dozens of minutes for them to reach the surface, unlike the massive dark hole they had used to enter the Underground Region, this one was not a hole, but stairs, which took a very long time to reach the top of.

Xiao Ning'er stayed very close to Shen Tian, while Feng Hao had to sadly leave the girl which he had liked in the Devil Seeking School, it turns out she was merely using him for some gains. But he was not too bitter about it, since he did not truly love her, and it was just a small crush, something he could easily forget.

Honestly, by now both Shen Tian and Xiao Ning'er could calmly accept the fact they were a couple, Shen Xian could only snicker to himself and self-praise his previous thoughts, calling him a great dad for giving his son such a beautiful and kind wife. The others could only silently ignore his comments.

Shockingly, the pathway they used send them directly to the Heavenly Fate Plateau, or to be exact just below the mountain the Heavenly Fate Plateau was locked inside. Shen Tian, immediately sent a few shadow clones to scout the zone here, after all there could be strong demon beasts, which would be troublesome to deal with.

Underneath the Heavenly Fate Plateau, they found a very terrifying place known as the Black Spring by the locals, they purposely avoided that part for now, instead they blended as people of the village of this certain tribe they found inside the Heavenly Fate Plateau, but only Shen Tian entered it, wanting to check if it was dangerous or not.

Due to the height of the Heavenly Fate Plateau, despite their low cultivation they had somehow managed to keep being alive, due to the low amount of food Demon Beasts could secure here, the natural obstacles were truly amazing, they had managed to keep the few tribes here alive for so long.

Shen Tian walked into the Market, noticing that it was very popular, seemingly having a few dozen to a hundred people wearing worn out clothes. In fact, even his old clothes looked to be in a way better shape compared to theirs, it seems even he had underrated the massive money problem they had here.

Upon walking around the market, he found something very shiny, something which piqued his interest a lot. A pair of curved blades, without hilts were being sold in one of the market stands, for a very cheap price of just less than two hundred copper coins, something he was certainly not lacking right now at all.

"I want to buy those curved blades, how much do you require?" Despite the price being shown, Shen Tian wanted to know it directly. The shopkeeper who had not received that much business today was immediately awoken by his voice,"Oh, youngling. For those curved blades… I'd say a hundred and seventy copper coins, they are my family's heirloom weapon."

The shopkeeper was indeed a very sly seller, the curved blades had been here for almost two months, in fact if not for Shen Tian appearing right now, he would've just thrown them away, he was just about to do it actually.Shen Tian nodded, he did think that was a quite decent price, and waved his hand, allowing the amount of copper coins to appear on the market stand.

The shopkeeper widened his eyes, in fact there were more than a hundred and seventy copper coins here, but Shen Tian was not that petty, as to not even give the poor shopkeeper a tip, he gave him a total of two hundred and twenty copper coins, he was feeling a bit happy today, resulting in this.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》