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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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121 Liu Dan“s Service.

The shopkeeper immediately thanked Shen Tian, after all this amount would be enough to feed himself for a decent amount of time,"Thank you young master! This tiny one's name is Liu Dan, you can come to me if you need any sort of information, a lot of people pass through here, and if I claim to be second in terms of eavesdropping, no one dares to claim to be first!"

Shen Tian chuckled, he had rarely seen people like the shopkeeper before, he found it quite amusing. With a wave of his hand there was an array created around this stand, preventing others from hearing what was being said inside this space, and he started to ask questions about the tribe.

It seems, this tribe was controlled by the chief and an association of elders. The Heavenly Fate Plateau was infertile, their lands were some of the worst in the entire St.Ancestral Mountain, they lacked quality food resources, another thing he did not lack, as he could create and multiply food inside the Undying Cycles Realm.

He could sell them bags of food, including rice, but the question was for what… There wasn't much he could benefit from this place. His eyes wandered around the stand, and noticed a purple rock,"Liu Dan, what is this rock here, mind telling me?" He curiously asked as he observed the rock.

"Young Master, I do not want to sound weird, but those rocks are completely useless. They are called Purple Smoke Rocks, not only are they as common and useless as rocks, but they even contain a little amount of poison." However, Shen Tian was not so easily fooled, he could sense Soul Force inside those Rocks.

"Mind if I take one as a souvenir?" Shen Tian smiled as Liu Dan nodded,"Of course, you can take all of them if you want to! They only look a bit nice, so I used them as decorations for my stands, I can find new ones easily." Shen Tian immediately took and observed one of the rocks carefully before his lips curled.

Shen Tian immediately discovered the mystery behind the rocks. Those were called the Purple Catrop Rocks, actually they were very special and precious stones. In the ancient notes the found in the Underground Region, he found a special method he could use to help his people there to make their cultivation to receive a boost.

"Liu Dan, here is a deal." Shen Tian waved his hand, and his Interspatial Ring shone and a white bag filled with rice appeared on the market stand, making Liu Dan's eyes to shine with a certain light. He saw an opportunity to make money here." I will give you a bag of rice for each fifteen Purple Smoke Rocks you bring me. This young master here feels they are quite nice as decorations."

Liu Dan was extremely excited, he couldn't wait to sell this information to others, he could make a massive amount of money through this, he could also secure so much food for his family, as a shopkeeper his greatest fear was not to produce enough money to keep food flowing in his family anymore!

"Then, I shall be back here at the same time tomorrow, do not disappoint me Liu Dan, I have great hopes for you. " Shen Tian said as he put on his cloak, and started to leave the market stand, not noticing the excited gleam on Liu Dan's eyes. This was a massive opportunity, he had to start working immediately.

The very next day, Shen Tian managed to earn several thousand Purple Catrop Rocks, by selling several dozens of bags of Rice, and occasionally he even sold meat, the citizen of the Heavenly Fate Plateau He managed to also get a map of the place, after using several Shadow Clones to survey the place.

He had a few people try to make trouble for him, however they failed to even move him, instead they were beaten by the men Li Dan had hired, but when the background of the people was to large, Shen Tian himself decided to take care of the problems himself, defeating every person himself, he slowly got pissed.

One of them got angry, his name was Xiao Kuang, being the second son of the chief, with the cultivation of a 3rd Silver Rank Cultivator, or also called Silver Obsidian here, however he was also helpless, despite demanding he paid 'Business Tax' to them, he couldn't even deal a single hit on Shen Tian.

Despite that, he was a very smart man, so he quickly was able to adapt to Shen Tian's presence here, so he even started to call him 'his friend' and even arrange for a residence for Shen Tian. He kept pestering him about the location of his homeland, but Shen Tian always refused to tell them about it.

If it was someone else they would probably show them the way to Glory City, to strengthen the city's personal strength. However, Shen Tian did not really care about the city as a whole, after all they had never contributed anything great to his cultivation, they had only supported him due to his talent and strength.

To Shen Tian, the Purple Catrop Rocks had no other use but to strengthen his factions, the Void Dragon Tower and the Five Elemental Dragon Tower. However, they were completely useless after breaking through to the Black Gold Rank, but it still could serve as a decent boost in power to the various members.

Shen Tian knitted his eyebrows, he saw a familiar orange haired young boy in the middle of the crowd in the market. He widened his eyes, no wonder he seemed familiar, it was actually Nie Li! However it was a mystery to why and how exactly he had arrived here, but for now that was not the main concern.

He started to walk towards Nie Li, who had yet to notice him, from behind and tapped into his shoulders,earning Nie Li's attention who similarly widened his eyes upon seeing Shen Tian, he definitely was not expecting to see him here, after all he was supposed to be in a mission in the Dark Ruins.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》