An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
122 Nie Li and Shen Tian talk.
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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122 Nie Li and Shen Tian talk.

"Shen Tian, what are you doing here?! Aren't you supposed to be near the Dark Ruins, or did you lose your way there, or have you already completed your mission and wanted to explore the St.Ancestral Mountain Range?" Shen Tian sweatdropped as Nie Li fired several questions at him without stopping.

"Calm down, I am here because of my mission. I just came here from the Dark Ruins." Shen Tian explained, making Nie Li frown,"Is that so… I'm pretty sure the Dark Ruins are in literally the other corner of the St.Ancestral Mountain Range, so how did you appear here from there then?!"

Shen Tian inhaled and exhaled, feeling the annoyance in the air. He was not in the mood to explain what he went through, and he did not want to reveal the existence of the Dark Ruin's mysterious Underground Region to anybody else, especially Nie Li who was still a mysterious reincarnator to him.

Nie Li coughed, feeling the awkward feeling in the air. He silently looked at Shen Tian, and narrowed his eyes,"Where are you even heading? Do you even know what this place here is?" He started to question him again,"Can you stop for even a single moment? Obviously I know where I am, I am not that dumb!"

"This is the Black Spring, the most dangerous spot in the Heavenly Fate Plateau, well doesn't really look that dangerous to me after all." Shen Tian said as he started to sharpen his curved blades, the two were now sitting in a corner of Old Man Yun's Congee Shop, Nie Li had lead him to here.

Speaking of the curved blades, he had named them, in fact the name of the Curved Blades was written in the blades themselves, a quite weird name if Shen Tian was to be asked about it. [Dual Blades of Divine Ice and Fire ] according to what he could find about them, he could sense an aura, equal to the Thunder God's Meteorite Sword.

For now, he had yet to get that familiar with them, but due to the Undying Cycles Realm giving him the ability to completely be able to use foreign energies to the maximum as if he always had been using those. But he hadn't had enough time to unlock the energies inside the Curved Blades to do that.

But from what Shen Tian could see, the Dual Blades of Divine Ice and Fire, or just Divine Blades for short, were capable of quite a lot. After all the Thunder God's Meteorite Sword had been a decent help to him, another weapon which could do equal damage was a very good thing for him right now.

What Shen Tian lacked were good weapons. While he took quite a lot of Demon Spirits with him inside his soul, weapons which could be soul branded were quite few, and every single one of them were almost impossible to be wielded at such a weak strength like the peak of the Demigod Rank.

Nie Li was eating rice he had brought with him, and meat, while the others continued to stare at the sight with hunger visible on their eyes,or rather one could say with greed. Most people here probably had never tasted something as good as rice in their entire life, which could explain the greed in their eyes

Nie Li had sharp eyes, so he immediately recognized that what he was sharpening was a very rare and powerful treasure. It seems that due to him being slightly behind Shen Tian to coming to the Heavenly Fate Plateau, had resulted in his losing a potential treasure he could've had, regret entered his face.

However, he wouldn't be as petty as to get angry over a treasure. Shen Tian had helped Glory City several times, and had made his job easier… Or not, he still was angry over how he was not in Glory City when the Demon Horde attacked Glory City, that was quite a hard battle to win at the time.

But, Nie Li was now a Legend Rank Demon Spiritualist. His speed could be attributed to the money Shen Tian had given him early on, otherwise he estimated he would only be around the peak of the gold rank by now, nowhere near the Legend Rank, this gave him lots of time to tease Ye Ziyun.

"The Black Spring is certain to give you a quick death, with your current cultivation…" Nie Li widened his eyes, an absurd scene was happening in front of him. He couldn't see through Shen Tian's cultivation! This could only mean two things, Shen Tian's cultivation had surpassed his by a massive amount, or he was concealing it with a special method.

"What is your cultivation rank right now Shen Tian?" Nie Li raised an eyebrow, however Shen Tian started to whistle,"Why should I tell you? Well, let's say it's far above yours for now, you are a 2nd star Legend Rank Demon Spiritualist, but I am not a Legend Rank Demon Spiritualists like you though."

Nie Li snorted,"Anyway, the Black Spring, is very dangerous, just like I said!" Shen Tian did not care and entered the forest, finding many Black Oil Trees, which released a type of toxins, which created poison, thus even Demon Beasts were scared of entering this area due to fear of dying to it.

Even the ground was not good to walk on, so Shen Tian had to use Chakra to walk through it, but Nie Li could not, so he had to use primitive methods, walking through trees, Nie Li had been here before, was the conclusion Shen Tian reached, because the orange haired young boy seemed to be way too familiar with the Black Spring.

The two found a pond, which released a scary aura, as if trying to send them away, it seemed like an endless abyss. However, who were Nie Li and Shen Tian, they both were reincarnators, this could not scare them. They also heard the roars of Demon Beasts, but with their cultivation they did not care at all.

Although Nie Li was not sure, Shen Tian was sure that there were Demon Beasts inside the pond, a very terrifying one, but with his cultivation at the peak of the Demigod Rank, halfway to the Heavenly Fate Realm, did he truly have to be scared of a mere Demon Beasts, the answer was obviously no!
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》