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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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123 Spiritual Gods

Shen Tian started to near the pond, not even scared that he could fall inside it, he trusted his Chakra Control. The chances of it failing him were simply 0, because he had Perfect Control over any Energy he used. Nie Li slowly neared him with a front visible on his face, he did not like this at all.

"There are so many Inscription Patterns here, Nie Li do you recognize any of them? I don't think I can really see through them with my Inscription Pattern knowledge." Shen Tian asked Nie Li who nodded, telling him about each Inscription Pattern, Shen Tian was weaker in that department, since he was used to Runes and Arrays.

"According to what you have told me… There's no denying that the one who set up those had the cultivation of above the Legend Rank. He should be an Inscription Master." Shen Tian exclaimed, Legend Rank Demon Spiritualists were not a common existence beyond the Underground Region, Glory City only had one.

However, a Legend Rank Inscription Pattern Master was even more rare than a Demon Spiritualist. The Underground Region had less than ten Legend Rank Inscription Pattern Masters in their ranks, even the City Lord's Villa only hosted less than four of them, their status could be seen through that.

"Alright, let's work on breaking those Inscription Patterns then." Shen Tian said as Nie Li nodded, the two started to break one after another Inscription Pattern, after a while they had gotten rid of every one of them. Due to there being two of them, the process took less than a hour and a half.

The cliff wall started to tremble, opening a pathway to a deep cave, the two hesitated for a moment, before Shen Tian walked towards it, not even caring if there was danger inside it, his skin was tougher than a Dragon's Scale, there was not much which could damage his body anyway.

The cave was filled with purple crystals which shone. In the middle of the cave there was a pond filled with black spring water. Nie Li started to get excited, thinking there was a treasure inside the Black Spring, Shen Tian was much more casual about it, it did not really matter to him at all.

They noticed the the bones of several people, Shen Tian counted over six people, but they had rotted so much that barely any bone was left, remnants of the bones one could truly say. They could feel an energy similar to Soul Force, actually a level above it. The bones were covered in various weapons and armors.

Although they were a bit damaged, who were Nie Li and Shen Tian? Such high level weapons, Legend Rank weapons and armors should not be wasted. Although Shen Tian himself had no use for them, the Five Elemental Dragon Sect and the Void Dragon Sect might require them in the near future.

Upon searching the bones a bit more, they found out they also had Interspatial Rings on their fingers. Although most of the stuff inside were already useless, Shen Tian and Nie Li decided to divide the corpses with each other evenly, not trying to gain more than the other, that was the deal they did.

They then started to observe the barrier on the Black Spring, although Nie Li and Shen Tian were not familiar with it, Shen Tian was more knowledgeable about barriers like this, so he started to look behind the array used to create it, he was certain this was not written in the Sacred Empire Era language.

Upon him starting to decipher the array, a silhouette appeared above the pond, slowly creating the figure of a woman, or to be more exact a beautiful woman, with an appearance above most other women. She wore a black muslin, and appeared to be asleep, the two continued to stare at her.

The two could see that her physique and constitution exceeded the level of a Legend Rank Demon Spiritualist, it was obvious that she was at the Heavenly Fate Realm at the very least, to Shen Tian she reminded him of the Vice Demon Patriarch, who was killed by Tong Zhong in a single hit from his wounds.

He was wondering if she was a Spiritual God, and if so what law was she a Spiritual God of? His questions were answered, when she started to wake up, and flames started to accompany her, as if to protect her. It seems she was a Spiritual God of the Law Of Fire, oddly, Shen Tian remembered there could only be a Spiritual God for each law.

"After several dozens of thousands of years, someone finally came here after all." She let out a voice, which added even more charm to her appearance. "Can you two tell me what is your name? I am quite curious about the names of the young men who have been the only to visit me in such a long time."

"This one's name is Shen Tian, while he is Nie Li." Shen Tian answered for both of them, his voice neither contained respect or anger, simply it was calm, the tone he used to speak with almost every new person he meet. However, it seems this beautiful Spiritual God did not really care.

"My name is Yu Yan, I am the Spiritual God Of Fire."

Nie Li was not sure of what a Spiritual God was it seems, Shen Tian could see that from his expression, Shen Tian had fought Spiritual Gods before, Tong Zhong,Chaos Emperor or the Vice Demon Patriarch being some of them, so he had also prepared quite a lot if he meet other Spiritual Gods in the future, the ancient notes spoke of them.

Yu Yan started to explain, that her Divine Spark had been destroyed, but she said it would eventually recover and create a new physical body for her to live in. She proclaimed that Spiritual Gods were impossible to be killed, but Shen Tian disagreed, the Chaos Emperor had killed Tong Zhong.

Shen Tian himself received some new knowledge. It seems a main world can only contain 36 Spiritual gods,a small realm can only have one. Then, there was a war between the Spiritual Gods, mainly the demon beast clan which tried to gain the power of the law from the other Spiritual Gods.

Those who were lucky, had their Divine Sparks shattered like her, it seems her Divine Spark had only recovered around a third of its total original form. If she tried to leave, she would be attacked by Pinnacle Legend Rank Demon Beasts, thus having her physical body shattered once again.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》