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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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124 Primal Chaos

Yu Yan was very conflicted currently. In the long term, Shen Tian seemed a much more calm and powerful person than Nie Li, even currently Shen Tian was far more powerful than Nie Li, you couldn't even compare the two. When she started to explain about the Time and Space Spiritual God, and the war Shen Tian was far more calm.

"Yu Yan, get to your point. I do not think you are explaining all of this to us for no reason. You have a motive for all of this. I want to hear it." Shen Tian's cold eyes oversaw Yu Yan's eyes, she was ashamed to admit that for a slightly short moment she felt her power was inferior to his power.

"Fine, you are a bit impatient boy, but I shall accept your demand." Yu Yan said with a chuckle, trying to erase the tension in the air, it clearly did not work. Neither Nie Li or Shen Tian were children, they both saw that Yu Yan had a deeper reason for explaining so much about the world to them.

" I want you two to comprehend the power of the laws. How much you can comprehend after I pass them to you, is solely left to your own, I cannot influence it." Yu Yan said after taking a deep breath. " In our human clan, there are six fallen Spiritual Gods, you can cultivate the laws they did."

Primal Chaos, was the one which intrigued Shen Tian the most, the Chaos Emperor cultivated the Chaos Law, but it seems Primal Chaos and Chaos Law were two different things. Primal Chaos was far more dangerous to comprehend, and could potentially kill the user far more easily than the Chaos Law.

Shen Tian also planned to teach Xiao Ning'er the Law of Lightning, it would benefit her greatly. Since he already had control over several laws, the Primal Chaos Law wouldn't really be a bad choice to add to his already existing control of laws. Nie Li was also not very sure of which law to chose.

In the end, both decided to stay here for around a month, Shen Tian send a message to Xiao Ning'er and the rest, telling them he wouldn't be able to contact them for around a total of one month. He did not send any other message, he and Nie Li were told to enter the Black Spring to strengthen their physical bodies.

Nie Li achieved a single breakthrough, while Shen Tian merely felt the gap between the Demigod Rank and the Heavenly Fate Realm lower, he was far stronger than Nie Li, Yu Yan was astonished at the amount of endurance and strength both of them were showing at this moment.

The void inside Shen Tian's body started to stir up, but there was no other reaction, it seemed that even this pure energy was not even close to being enough to affect it that much, in fact the reaction was only to taste the pure energy Shen Tian was currently absorbing through the Black Spring and nothing more.

The Law Energy was far more pure than Soul Force, but to Shen Tian who cultivated using Heavenly Energy, Law Energy was nothing new, after all the Undying Cycles Realm had also received several doses of it after fighting Tong Zhong and the Chaos Emperor, but this Law Energy was a bit different.

Yu Yan was speechless, she wouldn't have been shocked if the two exploded from the amount of Law Energy they were absorbing, but instead they were comfortably absorbing it, Shen Tian, was doing it at a far faster rate,"Does he have an Indigo Soul Realm? No… That's a far higher grade than just that!"

Nie Li started to go fall deeper and deeper inside the Black Spring, Shen Tian substituted himself with a Shadow Clone, and also similarly started to go deeper inside the Black Spring, Yu Yan felt that the two were indeed crazy, they were volunteeringly going deeper inside the Black Spring.

"Get out of there, now, both of you! It's too dangerous!" Yu Yan, despite seeing the Shadow Clone of Shen Tian float in the Black Spring, did not feel convinced, after all she knew the original and Nie Li were still exploring the depths of the Black Spring, which was not safe to them at all!

Unlike Nie Li, who despite having difficulties feeding the vine inside his soul realm, Shen Tian could not even shake the void inside his soul realm, it was simply an almost impossible deed currently. Upon reaching the bottom, the two saw Yu Yan's Divine Spark, which was slowly gathering energy to recover.

Nie Li played with her Divine Spark, while Shen Tian emotionlessly looked at the scene, not really affected by her Divine Spark. Yu Yan was very shocked when she sensed the incredible source of the Power of Law inside Nie Li's body, she immediately thought there was a hidden power inside him.

After a while, both of them left the Black Spring, Yu Yan had a dark complexion, she felt that she was violated by Nie Li, but he was just an innocent fourteen years old teenager, it was normal for him to feel curious about her body, but Shen Tian did not even have the slightest reaction to her beauty.

The three started another conversation, and then they had to sense the laws they felt they wanted to comprehend. Nie Li sensed the Law of Light, while Shen Tian did not have much trouble sensing the Primal Chaos Law, but something went wrong with Nie Li's time of sensing the law, and started to scream.

Yu Yan was shocked at the level of comprehension Nie Li had managed to enter through sensing the law of light, she did not know that Shen Tian, had fully comprehended the Law of Primal Chaos, to a far more deeper comprehension that Nie Li, in fact you couldn't even compare the two.

Quickly, a month passed. Shen Tian and Nie Li had reconstructed Yu Yan's body, making her feel extremely happy at the moment. Both of them had seen Yu Yan's mysterious background, but Shen Tian was far less interested on her when compared to Nie Li, he only saw her as a troublesome matter.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》